New Cannabis Strains For Your Springtime Growing Season

Can you feel that springtime vibe building up around us? Here in Amsterdam, we’re happy with every last shred of blue sky we can get right now, and we have a feeling you’re on the same page. Those early signs of nature’s reawakening are a perfect cue to come and check out the brand new cannabis strains we have here waiting for you to try out. They all fit into this month’s April 420 Deal, where you’ll get one pack of cannabis seeds FOR FREE with every two packs you order online. Plenty of reasons to focus on personal growth this season. Let’s take a little tour and meet the new generation of fresh Amsterdam Genetics, shall we?

Blue Monkey CBD

We’re starting off with Blue Monkey CBD. This little green gem owes its heritage to famous ancestors. Afghan #010 and our extra special Kompolti CBD strain made a lovechild this year, and this baby is beaming with health that you can use for yourself.

This sativa-dominant strain perfectly meets the growing demand for quality CBD weed in mind. With CBD content skyrocketing well into the 11% range, you’ll get all the health perks in terms of stress, anxiety and depression relief you can ask for. That guarantees relaxation once you get your harvest in. The great resistance to mold and other troublemakers incorporated in these genetics make for a pleasant and smooth grow. Blue Monkey’s flowering sweet spot is around mid-September, so this is a fine time to meet up with this new, high-yield CBD bomb in the Amsterdam Genetics family tree!

Blossoming Cannabis Plant Amsterdam Genetics
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Skywalker Saga

If you thought the Star Wars cycle was complete with the release of its ninth episode last winter – think again. As one Jedi Master famously put it: “There… Is… Another… Skywalker!” Meet our new Homegrown Skywalker Saga strain: you can bet that the Force is strong in this one.

As Skywalker Saga is part of Amsterdam genetics’ special Homegrown series, it’s great for both outdoor and indoor cultivation. With Kosher Kush and OG 18 as its Jedi Master ancestors, you can bet that its 22% THC content will get you a happy, relaxed high. Skywalker Saga seeds are fully feminised. This ensures maximum yields as you watch their huge buds start to gleam with opulent resin gland coverings. Don’t be alarmed if these beauties render up to 500-650g per square metre. After harvesting, you’ll be taking off to galaxies far, far away…


Grapefruit Superstar

Make sure you get plenty of fruit each day with your own crop of Grapefruit Superstar. Another new offspring from our Homegrown series, this Little Miss Sunshine brings you uplifting, euphoric sensations. That’s copious 20% THC levels packed in yummy bittersweet citrus flavours just for you!

Our Homegrown Label Grapefruit Superstar is not for the faint-hearted, as its potency is at the strong end of the cannabis spectrum. Still, growing this Cinderella 99 X Superfast Sativa mix is relatively easy. She’s fully feminized too, so you can just order online, let your seeds germinate and start looking forward to a summer where not just the temperatures are aiming for record highs…

Amsterddam Genetics Cannabis Seed
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Here’s another example of two classic summertime delights rolled into one: chocolate meets ice cream in one smashing weed strain! Chocolato combines the genetic marvels of our White Choco and Gelato strains inside. And if that’s not enough on its own, the feminised seeds of this Homegrown Gelato goodness represent a pleasant balance of 60% indica/ 40% sativa background for a thorough best-of-both-worlds experience.

The summer is gonna be sweltering hot if you get your hands on some of these Chocolato cannabis seeds. We’ve measured THC contents of up to 24% in this strain – better find yourself a place in the shade once you harvest these plants. Prepare for a strong, creative and lingering high.  Due to Chocolato’s indica/sativa ratio, the aim is euphoria rather than relaxation .


Fatkid’s Cake

This rapid-growth, THC-heavy Homegrown Range strain lets you have your Cake and eat it. Sink your sweet tooth into Fatkid’s Cake! The recipe behind this new creation is Girl Scout Cookies X Cherry Pie genetics, and oh my goodness, does this cake come out swinging. Our tests came up with THC levels at around 30%. You better believe this Kid ain’t skinny.

The sativa and indica balance is 60 and 40%, respectively. Relaxation, happy moods and stress relief are all represented in our Fatkid’s Cake. The ease of handling this member of Asterdam Genetics’ Homegrown series is set to medium. That makes Fatkid’s Cake relatively suitable for New Kid growers. Outdoor harvests can reach 800g in optimal conditions, with built-in resilience to climatic, viral issues and fungal threats.

Get That Grow On The Road

With these introductions out of the way, you’re all set to start up your home growing season. Raising your own cannabis is easier than you think. Can you taste that fresh crop of Amsterdam Happiness yet? Well, go on then: hop over to our entire range of world-class seeds, choose three seeds and pay only two and get that grow on the road!

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