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NEW SCAN Collection Clothing: ‘It’s Not A Drug, It’s A Lifestyle’

It’s not a drug, it’s a lifestyle! Amsterdam Genetics presents the new SCAN Collection Clothing line. The collection currently consists of high quality sweaters and T-Shirts with unique ‘SCAN’ designs. Representing Coffeeshop 2.0, the SCAN Collection designs translate the Seed-To-Sale mentality of Amsterdam’s best coffeeshops:

High Fashion Lifestyle

‘It’s not a drug, it’s a lifestyle’. In fact, the text on one of the T-Shirts from the SCAN Collection says it all. At Amsterdam Genetics we believe cannabis is more than just getting high – it’s medicine, it’s a lifestyle. However you see cannabis, at least it’s much more than it used to be.

Luckily we’re not the only ones who think that way. As consumers and cannabis-entrepreneurs worldwide are slowly moving towards a new standard. A cleaner, welcoming environment; offering fair products of proven and tested quality. Specifically speaking, we’re moving towards ‘Coffeeshop 2.0’. Proudly led by revolutionary coffeeshops as Boerejongens, CoffeeshopAmsterdam and Tweede Kamer.

cannabis lifestyle brand Amsterdam Genetics
Cannabis is more than just a drug, it’s a lifestyle.

Our new SCAN Collection represents the level of transparency needed to form this concept, Coffeeshop 2.0. In other words, it represents the Seed-To-Sale mentality. Considering every strain sold in one of Amsterdam’s best coffeeshops is trackable and accounted for from start to finish. Next level coffeeshops – like the Boerejongens – use this technology as they aspire to reach the highest level of service, while providing products of guaranteed quality.

SCAN Collection Items

The SCAN Collection items all carry unique designs. Take the ‘BARCODE’ T-Shirt, for instance. A stylish black T-Shirt, featuring the text ‘AMSTERDAM x Amsterdam Genetics – It’s not a drug, it’s a lifestyle’ on the chest and the ‘BARCODE’ design on the back. To illustrate, the BARCODE design on the back depicts actual purchases from some of Amsterdam’s best coffeeshops and CBD Store.

However, the SCAN Collection also includes less cannabis-minded designs which you could easily wear to work. The ‘CONTINUE’ sweater for example, only features the repeated text ‘Amsterdam Genetics’ on both the chest and backside. Subtly referring to Amsterdam’s favorite cannabis lifestyle brand.

Meanwhile, you can also choose to show ‘CHOCO SKUNK’ on your chest with the ‘CONTENTS’ sweater design. A design from the SCAN Collection symbolizing a single purchase at one of Amsterdam’s first coffeeshops: Tweede Kamer.

Last but not least, find your way to Amsterdam’s best coffeeshops with the ‘POSTAL CODE’ T-Shirt. Listing the postal codes to our Coffeeshop Info Centre (Prins Hendrikkade 10), as well as all postal codes for the four Boerejongens locations, Coffeeshop Tweede Kamer and CoffeeshopAmsterdam.

What is your favorite item from the SCAN Collection?