Nibameca’s Grow Guide 1: White Choco

Having introduced our new grow expert Nibameca, it’s about time we had a look at how his White Choco seeds are doing. As we mentioned, we’re dealing with a highly experienced grower here. He’s also a grower whose cannabis approach is quite different from our outdoor grower Sista Mary. We jump straight in to find out how germination and the seedling stage of Nibameca’s Grow Guide are going.

Natural Options

By now, Nibameca has tested his fair share of grow techniques. He’s seen enough to know that he’ll go for natural options whenever possible. “You don’t want to know what some growers use to boost their harvest. Personally, I want to add as little as possible and get the most natural result. In the end, if you’ve got good genetics to work with, most chemicals are unnecessary in the first place.”

A Tent Full Of Biology

Despite his natural inclinations, this grower tackles things differently from how Sista Mary treats her plants. For his current grow, he has an impressive high-tech installation waiting to go. Once they get to their private grow tent, these White Choco plants will enjoy fully automated irrigation, sophisticated LED lighting, and air trimming. Of course, everything is done as efficiently and as organically as possible. More about that later, though: we’ll start at the beginning, and all good grows start with great seeds.

Germination Tricks

Those first-class cannabis seeds were delivered to Nibameca’s doorstep in the form of our White Choco genetics. They went straight into germination, because our grower was keen to get this Amsterdam Genetics co-op on the road. To promote the germination process, he used a few tricks from his personal repertoire. To roughen up the hard seed shells, he uses a small piece of tubing with a piece of fine sandpaper (grit size 120) glued inside. Just put the seeds inside and shake gently: this is low-tech growing at its finest.

White Choco germination
Low-tech Tools: Sandpaper Tube.

After this treatment, the seeds went for a swim in 27°C water. A few drops of hydrogen peroxide were added to weaken the seed’s external coat. It worked: 24 hours later, all seeds revealed a tiny green protrusion and a miniature white taproot.

100% germination!

Plugs, Pots, And Beyond

Right after germination, Nibameca placed the seedlings in grow plugs. These plugs contain root stimulant to let the roots develop as if they were planted in rich soil. Next up, these plugs go straight into a pot of soil, seedlings and all. These will be small ‘pregrow’ pots at first. Once another week’s growth makes them big enough, the plants are transplanted to textile pots, allowing the air to ‘trim’ the roots into perfect shape. We’ll discuss air trimming in greater detail later. For now, all ten little White Choco ladies are beaming with health in their private little pregrow tent!

Nibameca's grow guide grow plugs
Grow plugs.

Treating The Ladies Right

As Nibameca brings a whole lot of experience to the mix – and because he’s a gentleman, obviously – he makes sure to treat the ladies right in this fragile stage between seedling and full vegetative growth. About two weeks after germination, he regularly treats them to a splash of foliar feed spray. This is a quick way to deliver extra nutrients that the leaf’s pores can absorb efficiently. Of course, roots are the main points of nutrient uptake, but a little added power goes a long way. Just don’t use it after the flowering stage begins: it’s mainly helpful in the vegetative stage. If you plan to try foliar feeding yourself, be sure to avoid broad daylight: sunlight can fry the damp leaves. The best time for foliar feed spraying is early in the morning or after sunset.

Soil Improver

Now that the grow plugs are snug in their soil-filled pots, Nibameca is giving their soil life a bit of a kickstart, too. Good soil is living material: it’s full of bacteria, fungi, and other (micro) organisms essential for feeding the plant. A bit of soil improver can help get that soil life going, although it’s not strictly necessary. Especially when you’re growing outdoors, the natural soil itself should have plenty of organic activity for your plants. Still, having some soil improver handy is a good idea in case your plants start to look unhappy as they grow. It’s just one of those personal preferences, really: that’s part of the fun when you’re ‘behind the wheel’ of your homegrown weed plants!

White choco grow guide

Bright Green

By now, two weeks on, the girls stand about ten centimetres tall, bright green and brilliant in their pregrow tent. They’re definitely feeling at home with Nibameca. For now, lighting still remains modest at high air humidity of about 80%. One of the benefits of grow tents is the ability to control all these conditions: try that in your back yard… On the other hand, a sealed and controlled environment is also vulnerable to fluctuations and factors such as fungi, for instance. It’s the same for this White Choco grow guide as for any other: there’s pros and cons to every approach.


Nibameca's grow guide grow tent

Up Next In Nibameca’s Grow Guide

Now that the plants have made such a great start, several important steps are ahead for the coming weeks. At this growth rate, it will soon be time to top the plants. Topping creates more lateral growth, ore branches and, therefore, more flower buds eventually. Nibameca also plans to prune away the lower leaves of his plants. It allows them to spend their growing power more efficiently, since the bottom leaves catch less light than those higher up. Once they’re in their ‘fabric pots’, we’ll take a closer look at the equipment used for this grow. In other words, there will be a new episode of Nibameca’s grow guide soon. No matter what, though, this first glimpse sure made us feel relieved. It’s clear to see that our White Choco genetics are safe in the competent hands of NIbameca!

White choco top cannabis

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