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Nibameca’s Grow Guide 2: White Choco

After the initial germination success of his White Choco seeds, Nibameca’s fresh genetics have been booming. That’s not just due to their premium Amsterdam Genetics heritage, though. Nibameca has been spoiling his little ladies over the past few weeks. They got some fancy new toys to boost their natural development. Now, a few weeks after the first peek at these ten beauties under the loving guidance of Nibameca, we’re having a look at how his White Choco grow is getting along.

Watching The Girls Grow

We left Nibameca at the point where his White Choco plants were snug in their pregrow tent, having made the leap from seedlings to a more mature stage. Back then, they were still basking in the light of the lamps Nibameca had been using for some time. Although his results have been pretty impressive so far, there’s always room for improvement in the mind of a true cannabis fanatic. So our grower went on a bit of a shopping spree and ramped up his equipment setup…

After the seedling stage comes the vegetative stage of the cannabis life cycle. At this point, when the first side branches and extra fan leaves start to show, weed plants grow hungry and thirsty. Vegetation is dominated by rapid growth of roots, stems, and leaves. The true power of a strain’s genetics kicks in once the vegetative stage begins. Since White Choco plants carry some of the most successful Amsterdam Genetics genes developed so far, these girls did not disappoint once they started booming. They grew at a rate that was surprising even for this veteran grower. Obviously, that called for some additional nutrients and plenty of water. These greedy girls needed more than just a drink and a bite to eat, however. It was about time to give them their rightful place in the spotlights.

White Choco grow guide

Bright Lights, Low Impact

Nibameca decided it was time for a little investment. His go-to grow equipment supplier had just the thing ready for him: a fancy set of Zeus Pro LED lights. These beauties yield enough lumen to light up a small rural village on a winter night, and yet they are incredibly efficient when it comes to power usage. Perfect for conscious indoor growers like Nibameca, who care about low environmental impact as well as about minimal heat signatures to avoid detection!

Topping The White Choco Plants

With the new lighting in place, the White Choco batch was ready for some hardcore growing action. They got a new, full-sized grow tent to give them the space and air they needed. Having developed a few sets of side branches each, it was time to do some topping. This technique is a common way to increase the number of buds developed by cannabis plants. Topping works for many different plants, and the principle is elegantly simple. You just clip off the top section of the plants early on in the vegetative phase. This will prompt the plant to develop more lateral growth instead of shooting up towards the tent roof, or over the hedge in case of outdoor grows.

The new side branches will yield extra buds or colas, which is good for harvest results. Without topping, you’d have one big central cola and a few smaller side buds; topping forces the plant to grow a multitude of slightly smaller buds instead.

white choco grow guide

Don’t Top ‘Till You Drop!

If you like, you can repeat the topping process once the plant has recovered from your first intervention. Be careful though, as you can easily go too far in repeating the technique. Topping causes severe stress in your plants. Just imagine having your head chopped off your shoulders to force you into growing another set of arms – you’d be stressed out, too! Stress is bad for your plants, because it could cause them to change into hermaphrodites. These are plants that feature male and female reproductive organs. Male organs will produce pollen, which will fertilise your females plants and ruin bud growth. You don’t want that, so always keep a close watch on your plants in the weeks after you top them. Also, Nibameca warns against topping autoflower cannabis plants, as they are more likely to become gender-fluid when hurt.


Next Technique: SCROGging

Next up, Nibameca applied another crafty technique to his White Choco grow. Of course, having superior lighting in your tent is useless if your plants don’t get to catch all that light for growing big and strong. That’s where scrogging, also known as trelling, comes in. Trelling is another common gardening trick that gardeners have used for centuries on all sorts of vegetables and other crops. The cannabis growing community calls trelling scrogging, because hey, it’s a much fancier term, and us weed growers are a fancy bunch of people…

SCROG stands for SCReen Of Green. The technique revolves around catching plants in a grid or framework. That way, you can control the direction in which they grow. A trellis, as regular gardeners call these scrogging frameworks, can be vertical or horizontal. Trellises come in all kinds of different materials, from bamboo and plastic to wire and netting. In this case, Nibameca opted for horizontal scrogging using nets supported by a metal frame.

scrogging white choco grow guide

First, the weed plants were neatly lined up in their tent. Then, the metal frame was used as support for the nets. Once the nets were in place, every stem and branch was carefully guided through its own opening in the net. This way, all the prospective buds are evenly spaced out. This ensures that all the branches, leaves, and colas receive the same amount of light under the Zeus LED installation overhead. In effect, the plants now form a neat screen of green, which should clarify the concept of scrogging if you hadn’t made the connection yet. In addition, the scrogging net supports the branches as they develop, propping up the plant in case its buds grow too heavy for the branches to carry.

Good To G(r)o

As you can see in the pictures, Nibameca’s White Choco grow is all set to put on some serious weight. The shiny new LEDs are good to go, and after topping and scrogging, the plants are in the perfect position to use all that light for photosynthesis. Automated nutrient supplies, a sophisticated watering schedule, and ample ventilation should do the rest. Well, all that plus a daily dose of love and dedication from our grower of course….

white choco grow
Scrogged and ready to catch some light!

The Future Is Looking Bright

At this point, the future is looking bright for Nibameca’s gals – and it isn’t just because of his fancy bright lamps. Their genetic makeup is becoming apparent as they grow like mad in their pretty grow tent. Nibameca is noticeably impressed by their lust for life. They are currently racing through their vegetative phase at breakneck speed. It won’t be long before their lighting regime switches from 16/8 to 12/12. That means we will be watching these green darlings closely for the first signs of the next and crucial period in their lives: the flowering stage!

Keep an eye out for the next episode of Nibameca’s White Choco Grow Guide to see whether these ladies from Amsterdam start to put on some buds!