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Nibameca’s Grow Guide 4: White Choco Harvest

This past summer, we’ve been reporting on a home growing project that is now nearing its lush green conclusion. It’s been almost a month since we last heard from our latest White Choco fan, so this new episode of Nibameca’s Grow Guide comes at exciting times. As you may recall, last time we checked on the progress, the White Choco plants were well into the first weeks of the flowering phase. With two different phenotypes emerging, Nibameca tried to contain himself as he waited for the next and final step in his Amsterdam Genetics grow adventure… The time was nigh to enjoy the fruits of his labour as every day brought him closer to glorious, bountiful White Choco harvest time!

Checking Up On The Ladies

It’s always a pleasure to check up on Nibameca’s Grow Guide progress. No matter when you get in touch, there’s always a cheerful voice on the other side of the line, ready to share a true grower’s enthusiasm with anyone who appreciates his passion. This time, we spoke just after receiving some mouth-watering pictures of thick, swollen buds. Every single shot showed giant colas bristling with bright orange pistil hairs. These ginger ladies were definitely good to go. Obviously, so was Nibameca: he was just completing the flushing process while he painted us a picture of things to come.

Nibameca white choco harvest

The Lovely Stink Of A White Choco Harvest

“You wouldn’t believe the stink in this place!”

If you didn’t know better, you might believe this was a complaint. Actually, this was a compliment on the potency carried by our award-winning genetics. “I’ve never had a batch that smelled like this before. It’s a good thing I got these heavy duty air filters in place, or I might as well start advertising by putting billboards up on the lawn.” Oh yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen: all the signs tell us that we have another satisfied grower on our hands…

white choco harvest

Just as glaringly obvious as Nibameca’s enthusiasm is the readiness of his plants. The stage is set for some serious harvesting, and for that long-awaited first taste of his unique White Choco Grow Guide yield. Yes, we said unique: make no mistake, because even with the most stable genetics, every grow result is unique. That is actually one of the greatest things about growing your own cannabis at home. Every little thing you do, from the lighting to the placement of plants in your grow tent or garden, down to the exact mix of nutrients and water you provide, is a tiny personal push on the buttons that only you get to control.

The Joy Of Playing Ganja God

That means you never know exactly what you’re going to get after months of careful plant management. In fact, one of the great joys of home-growing is that feeling of tension building up while you watch your beauties develop. Do I add a little more nitrogen to the nute mix? Should I ease down on the water supply? Is this the perfect time to switch from growth to flowering lighting? Some may think it’s stressful business making sure everything goes just as planned. True growers are different, however: they know they are working with natural materials. They also know that the trick is getting the best cannabis seeds out there and finding out what you can make of them. As long as you have your genetic fundamentals covered, you’re all set to play ‘ganja god’ and see where your personal blend of love, expertise, equipment and dedication takes you.

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In this particular case, though, one thing was perfectly clear. Nibameca’s personal blend was a rich and plentiful mix, judging by the impressive results of all the particular buttons he’d been pushing. From his careful low-tech germination using his custom sandpaper tube, through his newly purchased Zeus LED lighting set and his fancy automated water and nutrient supply, the entire grow smacked of extensive experience in making cannabis feel at home. The luscious SCReen Of Green he had crafted out of the expanding White Choco foliage was another helpful twist, as were the twin rounds of topping required to keep the girls from bursting the tent at the seams.

A Million Nudges And Tweaks

A dynamic melange of plant nutrients completed the cocktail of green goodness enjoyed by our genetics, along with a million tiny nudges and tweaks we can only describe as brilliant personal touches. Taken together, all these miniature interventions paid off. The time had come to reap the rewards of the Nibameca’s Grow Guide Harvest!

The flowering stage of this White Choco grow matched the predictions pretty neatly. In fact, with an estimate of nine weeks flowering required for fully mature buds, they had completed their development slightly faster than expected. Perhaps this was their way of compensating for making their grower wait for the first signs of flowering. No matter what, though, flushing the root system was almost done now. Time to get out the shears and clippers for the real deal: cutting the branches off the stem and setting the first steps of drying and curing cannabis in motion.

The Downside Of Being An Expert Grower

white choco harvest

There is one drawback to being an expert amateur grower; one you can easily overlook when you’re just getting started. Having an amazing result of ten plants bristling with humongous buds is great, until you realise how much time you’re going to need for cutting and manicuring all that ganja! Completely unfazed, however, Nibameca got his tools and set to work. After taking some last snapshots of his gorgeous ladies fully intact, he began the brutal business of amputating every single limb from the stems. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs and the same applies to cannabis: no chance of smoking buds without cutting up those plants. Deep breath, then –time to kill your darlings, Nibameca…

Cut Out For The Job

Okay, so much for the drawbacks: time to focus on the very concrete benefits of homegrown weed. After cutting the branches and fan leaves, the cuttings were allowed to dry for one week. Then the detailed work started. Once Nibameca got his cutting game going, the results started to pile up in a very literal way. Yes, he had to spend two whole days to complete the job of manicuring his White Choco buds, but he could see what he was working for as a huge stack of green and orange buds formed before his eyes.

white choco harvest
The White Choco harvest in all its glory…

The final count? A whopping harvest of almost a full kilo: 948.6 grams of first rate cannabis, to be precise. In terms of return on investment, that translates to 1.53 grams for every Watt of energy invested. Not at all bad for a first attempt at growing Amsterdam Genetics seeds, if we may be so bold…

Finding The Cure

With such splendid crop yields, Nibameca decided to take things one step further and add a final technical innovation to the journey. He gathered his entire harvest, took in one last deep whiff of delicious White Choco aromas, and put the entire batch into special containers for the curing process. This was a bit of a novelty for our expert, because he normally proceeds straight to the production of medicinal edibles after harvesting is done. For this special occasion, however, he decided to go all the way. That meant tasting had to be postponed until the buds had ripened to perfection. Surely, a few more weeks of waiting would only make the reward sweeter in the end. It goes to show that if there’s one thing anyone can learn from a dedicated grower, it is the timeless and universal virtue of patience.

The Taste Of That White Choco Harvest

The big question remaining, of course, is how Nibameca’s White Choco harvest will taste, and what its effect will be. To be fair, we are pretty desperate to find out, and we can imagine you’re feeling the same. Well folks, there’s nothing to it but to sit tight for another week or two and read all about it in the final chapter of Nibameca’s White Choco Grow Guide.

Don’t worry about what will happen after that, though: we are happy to inform you that our esteemed grower already has two other Amsterdam Genetics grows underway in his grow tent! What’s more, he just started germinating his second batch of White Choco plants based on the success he’s had with their elder siblings:

“I can honestly tell you that I’ve never ever grown the same plant two times in a row. This batch is different though. I’ve fallen in love with these genetics. They have a wonderful sense of unity and uniformity, even with the two phenos I’m seeing here.”

On To The Next White Choco Harvest!

So what’s in store for the second generation, you wonder? Well, there’s plenty of options left to try!

“Their structure and growing power are equally impressive. The internodal spacing is just fabulous, and the spread this provides is perfect for the ginormous buds they produce. The way the plants stretch is almost scary.
Overall, I’ve learned a lot from this first White Choco grow. I can’t wait to start a more experimental approach on my second batch, to see how far these excellent genetics will take me…”

We’re mighty pleased with both the results and how they keep making Nibameca happy. So hang tight for his final verdict on the fully cured White Choco weed, and get ready for a whole lot more of Nibameca and Amsterdam genetics cooperative growing!

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Next White Choco grow, coming up!








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