Nr. 1 Best Edible – Amsterdam Genetics Wins Jack Herer Cup 2019

We’ve got the BEST EDIBLES in Amsterdam and beyond. According to the elite judges and all who voted for us in the Jack Herer Cup 2019. That’s right, our effort in the kitchen is finally rewarded and our Special Edition Spacetry, available at Boerejongens Coffeeshops, won FIRST PRIZE during this prestigious event.

Jack Herer Cup

Last Friday the 17th of May, Amsterdam had the honor to host the first ever ‘Jack Herer Cup’ in the Dutch Capitol. A prestigious cannabis cup and networking event, in name of the late ‘Hemperor’ himself and creator of several classic weed strains. Jack Herer was an American politician and known activist for the legalization of cannabis. About which he wrote two books: The Emperor Wears No Clothes and Grass. Although he’s best-known for creating the sativa-dominant classic strain: Jack Herer.

jack herer
The late legend Jack Herer

Now his widow Jeannie adds another milestone to Herer’s legacy, by organizing this cup in his name. With that, we can finally say that Cannabis Events in Amsterdam are slowly starting to mature. As the whole Amsterdam Genetics and Boerejongens Team had an amazing time at the Jack Herer Cup award show. Thanks to Jeannie Herer, Mark and the entire organization. And of course all sponsors and contestants; and the Hard Rock Café for their hospitality at the perfect location for this event.

The event had every ingredient to turn in to a great party, with visitors from all over the international cannabis community. From coffeeshops to breeders, extraction artists and cannabis influencers (indeed, that’s a thing now). All enjoying great cannabis, delicious food and drinks provided by the hosting party. Though we came to the party with only one mission: to win as many awards as possible!

jack herer cup winners
We came to win awards, and did we! [Picture by: Damconnections]

Winner ‘Nr. 1 Best Edible’

As you know, we at Amsterdam Genetics (often in collaboration with the Boerejongens Coffeeshops) do our absolute best to provide top quality weed, hash and edibles to the public. That’s why we participated in several categories in this year’s (and first ever) Jack Herer Cup in Amsterdam.

Thanks to everyone who’s voted for us, including the public and elite judges, we were able to take not only one, but FOUR Jack Herer Cup’s home! The one we’re most proud of, of course, is the 1st Prize for BEST EDIBLE; won by the Special Edition Amsterdam Genetics Spacetry.

Besides that, we’re happy to have placed in the Top 3 for Best Coffeeshop with Boerejongens Sloterdijk, Best Pre-Rolled with our White Choco Block & Best CBD Flower with the Green Magic CBD strain.

Again, we’re thankful to everyone who’s voted and look forward to next year’s Jack Herer Cup in Amsterdam!