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Ordering Cannabis Seeds Online: Our Tips

Anyone looking to buy quality marijuana seeds online easily winds up stuck in a labyrinth of countless seed banks. Ideal as this may sound with a new grow season up ahead, but with so much to choose from, how do you know which is your best choice? This blog sees you off to a good start with some handy tips that allow any grower for ordering the best matching cannabis seeds online.

Ordering The Best Cannabis Seeds Online

There are plenty of seeds suppliers out there. In fact, the internet seems rife with them, but some seed banks are simply better than others. You’ll stumble upon businesses that only remain active for a year before vanishing without a trace. Other suppliers have been active for years, with lots of satisfied customers and great, stable genetics that keep even veteran growers coming back for more.

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The Main Concern: Finding A Reliable Seed Supplier

First off, the most important step is finding a good, reliable seedbank. It’s the only way growers can get their hands on the finest strains that live up to expectations. Since the sector is dominated by online stores that sometimes operate almost anonymously, this is an attractive market for online scammers and other dodgy subjects. Even though it may seem attractive to get your seeds at the lowest prices, there are other important factors to consider. You can verify the reliability of your chosen seeds suppliers by checking their Trustpilot ratings. The reviews you’ll find will show you whether they are a wise choice for buying cannabis seeds online.

Check Out The Customer Service

Shipping organic materials is always tricky business, especially for seed banks that operate on an international level. Shipments can get lost in the mail, or become damaged to the point where the seeds are no longer fit for use. That’s why good seed banks invest in proper customer service, taking care to work with their clients to find fitting solutions in case anything goes wrong – even if the company isn’t to blame.

Here again, reviews are your go-to check. Pay specific attention to reviews starting with a dissatisfied customer and ending with a smile. These can tell you a lot about an online store’s customer service. Also check websites for reliable shipping options and safe payment methods. Taken together, these factors determine the stature of online seed banks where satisfied grower customers happily order their cannabis seeds.

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Does The Supplier Provide Solid Information?

Another important criterion to look out for is the quality of information provided. Does a seedbank only give a summary of seeds and a simple order page, or do they have a lovingly created and stylish website? Any serious enterprise will invest in a great user experience. The site ought to appear well-tended, with its own characteristic look and feel. Be sure to pick a company that is not afraid to share information, too. This includes information on all the strains as well as blogs with tips and info on growing cannabis, useful for novice growers and experts alike. Good images instead of stock photos are an indicator, too, as is the number of recent blogs. This is another substantial investment for any serious seedbank that serves as an indicator of their sincere business approach.

Regular, Feminized, Or Autoflower?

To make growing as easy as can be, a whole army of experts have been working hard to develop a dizzying range of cannabis varieties. The regular cannabis plants represent the original stock, which were then used to develop feminized and autoflower cannabis strains tailored to the needs of regular growers. We’ll explain the differences below.

Ordering Feminized Cannabis Seeds Online

Only female or feminized cannabis plants produce the much-coveted flower buds loaded with THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Females develop these for males to pollinate, in order to raise new generations of plants. Most growers have no use for male cannabis plants, as these contain little or no active cannabis compounds. Chances of new plants being male or female are about fifty/fifty. If you want to avoid having to discard half of all your plants, feminized cannabis seeds are your best option. This ensures your plants are females almost 100% of the time.

A flower bud’s feminine curves.

Buying Regular Marijuana Seeds

In contrast to feminized seeds, regular cannabis seeds contain both male and female specimens at about equal rates. Statistically, that would make 50% of all seedlings males – and why would anyone want that considering their lack of harvestable flowers? Well, thing is, you need males for crossbreeding. That makes growing regular seeds a creative connoisseur’s choice, most suited for those already familiar with the art of cannabis growing. Any grower looking for a new challenge or anxious to add their own unique strain to their name: feel free to give them a try!

Ordering Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Online

Unless stated otherwise, the seeds you are considering will yield photoperiod plants after germination. This means the plant switches from growth to flowering as soon as it receives fewer hours of light; a natural sign that summer is past its peak. This property makes it tricky to find the right time for planting seeds outdoors, particularly so in countries where the weather can turn in early autumn. Autoflower cannabis plants, however, will start flowering once they have reached a certain point in their vegetative stage. They obviously still need light to thrive, but the light does not determine when they start flowering. They also tend to require less time before being ready to harvest; this could be as soon as after nine weeks. Some photoperiod plants, by contrast, can take four to six months before the growth and flowering stages are complete.

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Choco Kush Auto flowering.

On the other hand, most autoflower plants don’t grow as big as the average photoperiod plant. Then again, this property of autoflower marijuana seeds may in fact be an advantage for hobby growers. Smaller plants are easier to squeeze in on a tight balcony, grow tent, or vegetable plot.

Parent Strains And Ordering Cannabis Seeds Online

Most seedbanks give an overview of their strains’ effects. However, trustworthy suppliers also reveal the parent strains used to produce their seeds. That gives growers an indication of any celeb genetics used, genetic stability, and steady grow results.

Fatkid's cake genetics
Fatkid’s Cake packs some hot parent genetics – we’re happy to share them!

That’s always good to know: not just in view of future effects and harvest yields, but also for estimating reliability of germination, growth, and flowering prospects. This type of strain info really helps increase any grower’s chances of a well-deserved prime homegrown harvest!

More Isn’t Always Better

When it comes to weed seed genetics, more isn’t necessarily better. That means an online seed bank offering two hundred different strains is by no means ten times as good as a supplier listing twenty different cannabis strains to order. Strain strength, stability, taste and effects are the key criteria. Compare it to restaurants. Even though a menu with over a hundred different dishes may be impressive to see, wouldn’t you prefer a chef with ten amazing recipes that are cooked to perfection, because the whole kitchen crew knows exactly how to prepare them just right?

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Find That Perfect Match

Last but not least, all growers should pick the strain that is the best match for their personal taste! We all have our preferences for specific highs; and fortunately, cannabis plants offer ample variation to meet any individual need. If, for instance, you’re looking for medicinal plants suited for pain or depression relief, you may want to look for high THC strains or specific terpene profiles, although CBD plants could be the right solution, too. Such CBD cannabis strains tend to contain low THC levels while offering plenty of medical potential. For recreational users, the range of options is even more extensive, from happy effect strains to relaxing genetics, and from an uplifting buzz to creative highs.

With these tips handy, even rookie growers can succeed at ordering the best cannabis seeds online. Well alright, here’s one more tip to see you off: your most convenient next step is to simply click the button below – success guaranteed!

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