Our New HOME GROWN (HG) Weed: In Selected Shops Only

Amsterdam Genetics is proud to present our new ‘Home Grown Selection’ (HG) of weed strains. A selective range of organic and carefully grown strains from the new Amsterdam Genetics breeding program. Available at selected coffeeshops NOW:

Home Grown Weed

If there’s one thing we care about here at Amsterdam Genetics, it is high quality cannabis. That’s why in most Amsterdam Genetics-related coffeeshops you’ll find a wide range of different cannabis strains and hash varieties, with an outstanding price-quality ratio. And our cannabis seeds are enjoyed by many growers around the world for that same reason.

home grown
Our new ‘Home Grown’ Selection, pure quality.

Though our love for unique weed strains and high-performance genetics keeps pushing us to develop new and better variations compared to the ones we offer today. After all, we know consumers are always looking for more flavor and harder-hitting strains on the ever evolving cannabis-market. But because of our new breeding program, we were able to step our game up significantly. The result: our new Home Grown Weed Selection. A selective range of carefully grown, organic and pesticide-free cannabis strains. Available at Coffeeshops:

Breeding Program

Our cannabis breeding program – of which we’ll share more details at a later stage – allowed us to freely integrate both unique genetics from Amsterdam Genetics seeds as well as proven classics and novel strains. Each carefully selected by us and further developed for an incredible taste-sensation.

Without getting into too much details, we can say the program partially consists of a government approved scientific study in collaboration with the University of Leiden. This obviously unique opportunity makes Amsterdam Genetics one of the first dutch cannabis companies to legally cultivate cannabis in the Netherlands. More information on this special study will be published on our blog soon.

Note: this does NOT mean the current ‘Home Grown Selection’ is cultivated by or in collaboration with the University of Leiden. 

In Selected Shops Now

Until now, the progam led to creating new ‘Home Grown’ weed strains like: ‘Blue Sensi Star’ and ‘Mean Green G13’ – but also allowed us to select a beautiful phenotype of our very own Kosher Choco Kush. These three strains are already available at all four Boerejongens Coffeeshops: Sloterdijk, West, Bij and Center.

Coffeeshop Blue Tomato offers four completely different HG-strains on their menu at the moment. It’s definitely worth going to Hoorn for the sativa dominant Gorilla Mexican Haze, a heavy hitting pheno of the classic OG Kush or the incredible Orange Sherbet. But if you’re already a fan of our White Choco strain, you might want give our all new ‘White Choco Kush’ a try:

More Strains Soon

In Coffeeshop Amsterdam and Tweede Kamer, you’ll find the OG Kush from our Home Grown (HG) Selection. And like Blue Tomato, Tweede Kamer also offers the tasty Orange Sherbet next to a wide variety of other cannabis strains and hashish. Coffeeshop DNA offers a whole other line of Home Grown weed strains by Amsterdam Genetics. See their full coffeeshop menu by clicking here.

Thanks to our unique and legal breeding program in collaboration with the University of Leiden though, it won’t be long until the Home Grown-selection by Amsterdam Genetics is expanded and newly developed genetics are released.

Amsterdam Genetics, proudly catering to all flavor-chasing cannabis consumers.