homegrown cannabis strains amsterdam genetics

AG Homegrown Selection Strains: Amsterdam Greats X Cali Delights

Amsterdam Genetics is proud to present the ‘Homegrown Selection’ (HG) of world-class cannabis strains. A sophisticated range of carefully cultivated genetics from the new Amsterdam Genetics breeding program. AG Homegrown cannabis combines the latest weed marvels from California with the time-tested quality of Amsterdam classics. This offers great new opportunities for all growers to start growing our world-class Homegrown cannabis – you guessed it – at home!

Homegrown Selection Cannabis Seeds

The Amsterdam Genetics breeding program is constantly evolving. While last year’s harvests were growing around the world, our expert geneticists were already two steps ahead, working on next year’s world-leading cannabis innovations. Right now, they are knee-deep in our Homegrown Selection program. The Homegrown cannabis strains we’re developing literally embody the best of two worlds rolled into one.

Homegrown cannabis strains amsterdam genetics

Our Homegrown Selection strains are all unique: you won’t find these genetics anywhere else but here. We know full well that our Amsterdam home turf is a crossroads where new genetics and time tested champion strains meet, so we decided to make the most of that home advantage. The result is a new range of premium indica and sativa cannabis hybrids that raise the bar on an international level. These innovative, cutting edge variants are all the rage among avant-garde growers today!

Homegrown Selection Strains Are Part Amsterdam…

homegrown selection amsterdam

Every single strain in the Homegrown Selection embodies two sets of sensational cannabis genetics. Half the genes are carefully selected from our own seed vaults here in Amsterdam. You know we’re guarding some hidden gems here. And you best believe we pick only the greatest showstoppers we have in the traditional global weed capital. Think Super Silver Haze, White Choco, or Kosher Choco Kush for example. Sometimes, we add a little something special to the mix, but even if the genetics aren’t 50% Amsterdam Genetics, you bet there’s spoonfuls of love from the AG experts in the mix!

And Part Cali…

california homegrown selection

Then there’s the other half, and this crucial part of our Homegrown Selection comes from across the Atlantic Ocean. A lot of exciting stuff has been going on in California and other blossoming cannabis hotspots around the US in recent years. We just couldn’t resist getting our hands om some of the finest new overseas strains, and so we set our geneticists to work. We soon discovered that the right combinations of our award-winning Amsterdam Genetics and these new Cali beauties produced some pretty mind-blowing results…

But 100% Amsterdam Genetics Excellence!

award winning amsterdam genetics strains
Brand new and already heaped with awards!

To be fair, growers really need to grow, see, and taste the Homegrown Selection strains for themselves to fully appreciate their excellence. Every single one was hand-picked for outstanding flavour and gourmet highs. There’s something here for everyone, really. Whether it’s a refined fruity indica buzz aimed at losing stress like a bad habit, or a touch of spicy, minty sativa euphoria to turn any frown upside-down, our Homegrown range has all growers covered.

homegrown cannabis strains

Our love for unique weed strains and high-performance genetics keeps pushing us to develop new and even better variations; tomorrow, we want something even more amazing than what we offer today. After all, we know consumers are always looking for more flavour and new sophisticated strains on the ever evolving cannabis-market. In fact, we know growers are a rightfully demanding crowd, expecting us to keep coming up with more awesome strains again and again. That’s fine with us, of course. Challenge accepted: it’s what we love to do and we’re pretty damn good at it, too.

Bred For Growers: Great Genetics For Home-Growing Conditions

This time though, we’re pushing our efforts up a notch. We keep upping our game to roll the best genetics in the world together as we work towards new horizons. After all, the sky just ain’t the limit when you’re aiming for astronomic strains like we do. Don’t worry about all-taste, all-effect fixation in the breeding program, however. You know we love our growers. And let’s be fair: a Homegrown Selection just wouldn’t feel right if it weren’t designed for successful home-growing, right? We went out of our way to find the strains that thrive both in indoor and outdoor settings. All growers are free to go all out as they get that Homegrown growin’ goin’!

Meet The First Members Of Our Homegrown Selection

The first nine Homegrown Selection strains in our product range definitely set some high standards for things to come. We have some enchanting genetics with near-hallucinogenic names in the collection, ranging from Girlscout Cookies and Tahoe O.G. to crowd favourites like Cherry Pie, Gelato and Tropicanna. Sounds delicious, right? Well, just imagine what happens when we add our Super Silver Haze, Kosher Choco Kush, or the legendary White Choco to the mix! Here’s a quick list of the first Homegrown Selection strains we have in store right now:

Breeding Program Designed For Growers

Our cannabis breeding program allowed us to freely integrate both unique genetics from Amsterdam Genetics seeds as well as proven classics and novel strains. Each one is hand-picked and carefully cultivated for an incredible taste sensation and effects that are bound to make a lasting impression.

best cannabis strains amsterdam genetics

Thanks to our unique and globe-spanning breeding program, it won’t be long until the Homegrown Selection by Amsterdam Genetics is expanded and newly developed genetics are released. In the meantime though, we strongly suggest growers head over to our online Homegrown product range and pick the best genetics for their next Homegrown grow at home!



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