CBD Kombucha Ginger

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The freshest way to keep the doctor away? Have a sip of CBD Kombucha Ginger! This energy-packed drink combines Kombucha tea and CBD, quenching your thirst while revitalizing body and mind. Enjoy low-sugar improvement of fluids and vitality with a zingy lemon and ginger taste… Try one for yourself!

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Like The Deserts Miss The Rain.
(Newlyweds: CBD & Kombucha)

We foresaw a match for Kombucha and CBD, and let the two of them dive into the bottle together. We are now happy and proud to present you with the newlyweds CBD & Kombucha. Cool and calm yourself down with this tasty, sweet and sour, natural drink. CBD Kombucha contains a lot less sugars than soft drinks, and a lot more benefits. In the flavors Passionfruit-Ginger and Raspberry-Spicy Mint.

Quench Your Thirst On a Whole Different Level.

Meet Kombucha: Kombucha is a Probiotic, that name is composed of Latin where the words Pro mean “for” and bio “live”. A dietary supplement that promotes health by improving the microbial balance in the digestion system. Kombucha is made by placing a big fungus (Scoby) in black or green tea. During the completion of this Eastern fermentation process, the fungus feeds on the sugars in the tea. These sugars are converted into important yeasts, enzymes and acids, minerals and vitamins B12 and C. During the Qin Dynasty in China (221-206 BC) this fungus was also called “fungus for long life”.

We May No Longer Need To Introduce You To CBD, But For Those Lagging Behind…

Meet CBD: Coming from the hemp plant but without the psychoactive effects (you won’t get high from it). Many physical and mental health benefits are attributed to CBD, such as the relief of stress, somberness, sleeping problems and pain. We at Supmedi foresaw a match for Kombucha and CBD, and let the two of them dive into the bottle together. And here we are. Cheers to the wild romance of CBD & Kombucha.

Taste: Ginger & Passion Fruit
Content: 330ml

Nutritional value (330ml) Fat: 0.0g
 Carbohydrates: <6.0g – of which sugars: <6.0g Proteins: 0.0g 
 Salt: 0.0g
 CBD: 35mg Carbonated kombucha with green tea, wort of barley malt, dune water, (cane) sugar, passion fruit puree, fresh ginger juice, lemon juice and chili pepper

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