CBD Tablets (24mg CBD)

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Box with 30 CBD Melt Tablets, with 24mg CBD per tablet. Easy to dose, practical and infused with Vitamine C for a more wholesome effect.

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As global awareness of the benefits of CBD grows, the Amsterdam Genetics team has developed a high quality range of dietary cannabidiol supplements to surpass existing quality levels.

The latest addition to our range of innovative CBD products are the CBD Melt Tablets, with either 12mg or 24mg per tablet. Easy to dose, practical and infused with Vitamin C for a more wholesome effect. Each box contains 30 tablets which are breakable in half for easy dosage. Apart from being practical, CBD Melt Tablets have a few other advantages over other CBD products like Oils. Learn more in our blog ‘CBD Melt Tablets: CBD Made Easy‘.

2 reviews for CBD Tablets (24mg CBD)

  1. Azeem Syed

    Dear Amsterdam Genetics Team,

    i want to thank you very much for your 24mg CBD Melt Tablets. My father has heart problems and Diabetis Typ II and now using the CBD his sugar value is not that high any more and he feels much better. The mother of my best friend has got arthrosis in the fingers and she had much pain. Since she is taking the CBD Melt tablets she can work further on as orthodontist and she has fun again playing Golf too. Thanks Amsterdam Genetics for this very nice item. Regards from Hamburg/Germany

    • Professor Harvest

      Hi Azeem, thank you so much for your kind words! We really appreciate your feedback and are thankful that our products work for your loved ones. With Love, From Amsterdam

  2. Helen (verified owner)

    Hi Professor Harvest
    My daughters friend lives in Amsterdam and recommended you..
    I Bought CBD oil from you almost a year ago and now 24mg fast melts for my Mum she has Parkinson’s 4yrs diagnosed and also endured a course of chemo (now finished) She’s thriving. She swears by this stuff. Has good energy levels and not to shaky. Thanks so much. I’ve also recommended you to a friend he’s now bought from you too 🙂 Helen UK

    • Professor Harvest

      Hi Helen! Thank you so much for your kind feedback. We’re glad the tablets help your mum so well.

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