Dutch Duchess Grow Difficulty: Easy

From: 30.00

Parents: Tahoe OG X OG Kush
Type: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Taste: Spicy / Citrus / Pungent
Effect: Euphoric / Happy / Relaxed
Flowering time: 10 Weeks

  • + / –15 - 20%THC
  • + / –<1%CBD
  • + / –1%CBN
  • + / –0.2%THCV
  • + / –0.1%CBG
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Strain information

Though competition is fierce, Dutch Duchess seeds have to be the top relaxing cannabis strain in the AG Homegrown range so far. Carefully bred from famous Californian OG stock, Dutch Duchess is designed to unwind. This Noblewoman of the Netherlands has a genetic profile of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa genes. Expect firm THC levels of about 18% and a rich interplay of terpenes, culminating in a soothing high with royal measures of physical and mental effects.

Dutch Duchess Homegrown Cannabis Seeds

With OG Kush and Tahoe OG for parent strains, Dutch Duchess Homegrown cannabis seeds pack a truckload of OG history. OG, sometimes interpreted as Original Gangsta, actually refers to the Californian Ocean Grown origins of the renowned strains that produced Dutch Duchess. That makes both parents fine candidates for our Homegrown Selection, where the best Cali weed strains get a typical Dutch twist.

OG Kush is classified as a 55% sativa hybrid, while Tahoe OG is 75% indica. Their daughter is indica-dominant at 70%, but she brings the best of both worlds in a powerful combo of headbuzz and body effects. She does so with the full force of her 15 to 20% THC content, though. In terms of Dutch Duchess genetics, it seems safe to say that OG x OG = OMG!


The effects of Dutch Duchess are impressive to say the least. She hits fast and hard, followed a lazy-yet-euphoric aftermath. The decision to order Dutch Duchess cannabis seeds could be a ticket to greatly improved sleeping.  That may be partly due to her high levels of CBN, a less familiar cannabinoid known for strong sedative properties. Taken in high dosages, the couchlock factor comes into play. That is where the bodily relaxation of her indica background nicely dovetails with the sativa side of Dutch Duchess. All those calm, lazy vibes are interlaced with the quietly euphoric sensation invoked by the strain’s cerebral aspect.

Medicinal Potential

Any issues involving insomnia, tension, anxiety, and stress  deserve the full attention of an innovative, indica-dominated strain like Dutch Duchess. For those struggling with (chronic) fatigue , this is not the perfect flower. Then again, she is a great match for anyone looking to improve quality of sleep instead. Even when it’s not bedtime yet, however, any grower can count on the broad relaxation this strain brings, topped off by a mildly euphoric sense of deep satisfaction.

Flavour & Aroma

Citrus scents take the lead in the bouquet of Dutch Duchess Homegrown flowers. Still, her terpene profile is wholly unique even within the diversity of our Homegrown strains. That uplifting vibe, due to high pinene presence, is rounded off by pungently kushy humulene aromas and a pleasant spicy touch. Anyone even remotely into complex flavours is in for a treat once these flower buds are properly dried and cured.

Growing Dutch Duchess Cannabis Seeds

Growing Dutch Duchess Feminized cannabis seeds is a matter of patience; but that patience is amply rewarded in due time. These feminized seeds grant a near-100% chance of female specimens. Plant growth starts slowly, but eventually, the branches can reach between 100 and 200 cm. That makes Dutch Duchess well-suited for indoor grow projects, but outside, she can produce fine results too. This damsel is not the fussy type: all she asks for is time and ample lighting to handle herself, apart from some grower’s love and attention every now and then.

Once the 10-week flowering period has passed, the time for harvesting arrives. By then, any grower knows just where the Dutch Duchess keeps her crown jewels. In full glory, Dutch Duchess is a beautiful plant adorned with fat buds full of resin, cast in bright lime green. Average indoor yields amount to 300 grams per square metre; but every last gram of that harvest is a definite royal taste sensation in itself…






Medicinal Benefits

Stress Relief
Depression Relief
Pain Relief
Fatigue Relief
Headaches Relief




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