Birthday Calendar: Best Selling Seed Strains


Never forget another birthday with the eye-catching Amsterdam Genetics Birthday Calendar. This A4-sized wall calendar features beautiful pictures of Amsterdam Genetics’ best selling cannabis strains.


Birthday Calendar

The Amsterdam Genetics Birthday Calendar: Best Selling Seed Strains, features twelve artistic views on some of our best cannabis strains. Each month is represented by one of our best selling cannabis strains like Super Silver Haze, White Choco, Tangerine G13 and Strawberry Glue. Pictures are taken by our own graphic staff and guest photographers – all rights reserved.

Only the best known cannabis-related holidays are filled in. So there’s enough space for you to fill in dates with events special to you, your friends and family. This special Photo Calendar can be re-used each year.

Size: A4 (210 x 297mm)
Suspension: metal ring