Stash Tube (including 4 refillable Jack-Pods)


Always keep a fresh smoke at hand thanks to the Jack-Pod Stash Tube, including four refillable Jack-Pods. Discretely stashes up to four Jack-Pods for the Amsterdam Genetics Weezy.

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Stash Tube
Always keep a fresh smoke at hand with the Stash Tube for the Weezy Jack-Pods. This small tube can be attached to your keychain and carries up to four Weezy Jack-Pods. So you can take up to a gram of fresh herb with you in Jack-Pods; including the Jack-Pod stashed and ready in your Weezy. The Stash Tube comes including four refillable Jack-Pods with a screw-on lid
Jack-Pod system
Jack-Pods are ingenious pods to use in combination with the Weezy smoking pipe. Jack-Pods can be filled with approximately 0.2 grams of dry herbs – weed OR pure hash. The included Jack-Pods with screw-on lids can be refilled without using the Fill-It. Jack-Pods with a press-on lid (available here) are not refillable and need to be closed using the Fill-It.

The Weezy
After loading a fresh Jack-Pod in the Weezy you can light it up and take around 2-3 puffs. Let it cool down, then turn over the Jack-Pod and light it up again to finish. In contrast to other herbal pipes, the Weezy includes a replaceable active carbon filter for a cleaner smoking experience. This active filter takes most tar and other unwanted components out of the smoke, leaving a filtered, tasty and potent smoke to inhale. Carbon filter replacements are available HERE.


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