CBD Cream – Argan (50ml – 250mg CBD)


SupMedi CBD Argan Cream (50ml with 250mg CBD, Vitamin A and organic Argan oil) can be used daily for a vital, supple and silky-smooth skin.

Product description

SupMedi CBD Argan Cream is a facial cream for daily use for a vital, supple and silky-smooth skin. A mild and nurturing facial cream full of powerful active ingredients drawn from nature’s bounty. Organic Argan Oil protects and relaxes the skin, while the vitamin A profoundly vitalises the cells of the deeper skin layers.

CBD Argan Cream is infused with natural vitamin A to nourish your facial skin with its stimulating effect. This active component permeates the deeper layers of the skin to reduce and prevent the onset fine lines and pigmentation due to skin aging. Vitamin A promotes the generation of collagen in the skin cells. Confidently boosting your skin’s firmness and elasticity from within. This sophisticated facial cream provides a delicate interplay of natural vitamins, organic oils, and the finest CBD by SupMedi for comprehensive care and the silky-smooth feel of a face that shines with healthy looks.

Vitamin A And SPF Protection

CBD Argan Cream is enriched with vitamin A, which calls for additional protection against UV radiation in sunlight. Be sure to apply a high SPF (Skin Protection Factor) product over your CBD Cream in daytime; even on cloudy days.

CBD Argan Cream Shelf Life

The packaging of our CBD Argan Salve and Cream states a ‘best before’ date. In some cases, this date is getting close. This does not mean, however, that a product has either lost its effectiveness or should be thrown away. The active ingredients of the products are still effective, even though their ultimate shelf life is limited.

These approaching ‘best before’ dates are the reason for our current reduced sale prices. These discounts, along with our ‘free with other products’ actions are intended to prevent good skincare products ending up in the trash unnecessarily. They allow you to fully enjoy low prices for high quality that has not lost its effectiveness yet.

Treat yourself to vital, supple, and silky-smooth skin by relying on the soft power that nature grants you with this rich blend of organic argan oil, CBD and vitamin A!

Content: 50 ml cream with 250mg CBD

Ingredients: Water / Organic Argan Oil / Lanolin / Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) / Cetomacrogol Emulsifying Wax / Polyethylene Glycol / Glycerin / Sorbitol / CBD / Sorbic Acid


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