CBD Salve – Argan 150mg CBD (30ml)


SupMedi CBD Argan Salve (30ml) with 150mg CBD, Vitamine E and organic Argan Oil works wonders as first aid for minor injuries and to treat damaged, dry or flaky skin. Nurtures and nourishes any skin type – glow it up!

Product description

SupMedi CBD Argan Salve is a natural first aid remedy for minor injuries and damaged, dry or flaky skin. It alleviates and soothes irritation caused by calluses, cracked skin and coarse spots. The organic Argan Oil forms a wafer-thin protective layer over any damaged spots while keeping your skin supple and elastic.

This 30ml Salve is infused with natural vitamin E and CBD by SupMedi as powerful antioxidants. Shielding you from free radicals, while stimulating healing processes and countering skin aging influences. That is how the solely natural ingredients of CBD Argan Salve keep your skin in prime shape. Make sure to always have it ready to provide first aid in case of dry skin, scratches, grazes and other minor injuries.

Give your cells the power to naturally restore themselves using a sophisticated blend of organic argan oil, CBD, and vitamin E!

CBD Argan Salve Shelf Life

The packaging of our CBD Argan Salve and Cream states a ‘best before’ date. In some cases, this date is getting close. This does not mean, however, that a product has either lost its effectiveness or should be thrown away. The active ingredients of the products are still effective, even though their ultimate shelf life is limited.

These approaching ‘best before’ dates are the reason for our current reduced sale prices. These discounts, along with our ‘free with other products’ actions are intended to prevent good skincare products ending up in the trash unnecessarily. They allow you to fully enjoy low prices for high quality that has not lost its effectiveness yet.

Contents: 30ml Cream, 150mg CBD

Ingredients: Organic Argan Oil / Lanolin / Glycerin / Beeswax / Cetomacrogol Emulsifying wax / Vitamin E (Tocopherol) / CBD


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