CBD Ice Tea

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Cool Classic meets young Rebel, CBD-Ice Tea. Feeling dehydrated? After sports or other hot practices, after a wild night, by the bright light of your computer screen. Or just because daily life itself drains you?

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Ice, Ice baby…

Quench That Thirst.

Experience the positive and beneficial effects of CBD, in a whole new way. (without THC, or psychoactive side effects). Thirsty for stressrelieve, quicker recovery after exercise, better sleep, or just for more energy and strength? We mixed our contemporary CBD oil with a thirst-quenching classic: Ice Tea.

The oldest printed recipes date back to the 1870s in Virginia, where two of the first cookbooks – by women – appeared with iced tea recipes. And the initially hot drink began to bring global cooling.

Just like CBD now, ice tea was first seen as a novelty, then it became widespread in the 1870s, and soon the popular soft-sweet drink was offered from hotel menus to train stations. We saw a connection. And therefore are happy and proud we brought the old and the new together in CBD-Ice Tea. We’ll drink to that. Now with improved taste. One hundred percent vegan, gluten-free and natural, made with slowly brewed green tean, cane sugar, ginger, lemon, elderflower extract.

Serve it oldskool with ice and a slice of lemon in a tall glas, or drink it “straight outta bottle.” Stop the drought. Bring some oasis into that desert. Refresh and renew yourself on every level. CBD Ice Tea, because thirst has many forms.

Taste: Ginger & Lemon Content 330 ml
Nutritional value (330ml) Fat: 0.0g Carbohydrates: <6.0g – of which sugars: <6.0g Proteins: 0.0g Salt: 0.0g CBD: 8,5mg Slow brewed green tea, cane sugar, ginger, lemon, elderflower extract, citric acid, CBD, sulfite

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