Secret Cup 2016

Secret Cup 2016 – Amsterdam

The Secret Cup is an international competition to determine the best Hash makers and Cannabis growers from around the world. Amsterdam’s own Secret Cup 2016 event was held at the end of August to allow our international visitors to enjoy the warmer weather and lighter evenings. What makes the Secret Cup different from other events is the fact the competitors are also the judges.

Testing on behalf of Boerejongens Coffeeshop West

Here at Amsterdam Genetics we think it would be a little unfair to keep this wonderful experience to ourselves. So we took upon finding some likely candidates who would be only to happy to test the products for us. As we are a very customer focused company, often we take part in discussions on various cannabis related forums and other industry Q&A’s. At that time we had been having a discussion about our new Hash Blocks and their production with some enthusiasts in a Coffeeshop related forum. We took this as an ideal opportunity to invite some avid cannabis fans along to test out the Secret Cup 2016 entries.

Edibles, Flower, Concentrate, Connoisseur Choice

The competition was divided up into four sections with awards being given for the best edible cannabis product, best flower and best concentrate which included Hashish. There was also a special award given out for the Connoisseur’s Choice.

In total our panel of enthusiasts had to sample 20 different products which had been provided in our Judges pack. Amsterdam Genetics continues to be a transparent and open company who aim to raise the standards of the Dutch Cannabis Industry.