Smokers Guide – Episode 1

Andrew Pyrah filming our new Hash Blocks at the Boerejongens West Coffeeshop

AK-Choco Kush, Blue Dream & Kosher Choco Hash Blocks

A Smokers Guide Documentary

A Smokers Guide Documentary

Andrew Pyrah filming for Smokers Guide to Amsterdam

This week saw Smokers Guide began filming the first in a brand new series on behalf of Amsterdam Genetics. Andrew Pyrah will be introducing three of the new Hash Blocks coming soon to the Boerejongens Coffeeshops. These new Hash blocks are produced in the same great way as our original selection of blocks but this time we’ve spiced things up.

Amsterdam Genetics very own Marlies alongside Andrew Pyrah

AK-Choco Kush, Blue Dream & Kosher Choco Hash Blocks are part of the new range in Hash Blocks soon to be available by Amsterdam Genetics. In this series of videos, Andy from Smokers Guide get’s the low down from one of Boerejongens top Cannabis Sommeliers. Our very own Marlies was on set alongside Andy to offer advice on the blocks and make sure the day ran smoothly. You’ll know Marlies from our very own video’s, such as the Introduction the Tangerine G13 Block. Which won the 1st prize in this years High Life Cup for traditional Hash making.

Voted Amsterdam’s Best Hash!

When only the first sieving has been used to make Hash, you already know your in for a treat. The way in which our Amsterdam Genetics Hash Blocks are made ensures we use only the best parts of the plant.

The Award Winning Tangerine G13 Block

A Smokers Guide Documentary

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