Strawberry Glue – Incredibly Tasty, Potent & Resinous Hybrid

The cannabis plant is a beautiful organism. With many different strains and contrasting effects available, to cater to many consumers’ needs and desires. One of those varieties is Strawberry Glue. A tasty mix between two immensely popular genetics, crossed for all the right reasons:

New Cannabis Strains

At Amsterdam Genetics we love to play with classic and proven genetics to create exciting new cannabis strains. Though it’s not always about the golden oldies if you want to create new green. Sometimes you have to run with the crowd and get with the trends to create something new and exciting. After all, there are many new strains being produced everyday; each with their own characteristics that could help flourish the next generation of cannabis varieties.

We’ve seen hundreds-  and worked with dozens – of strains to stay up to date. Moreover, to provide the world with new creations; and preserve the cannabis culture by releasing innovating weed genetics. Though there are two novel strains that really caught our eye over the past year(s): Original Glue (formerly known as Gorilla Glue) and Strawberry Banana.

Strawberry Glue Seeds

Crossing these two amazingly popular hybrids, gave birth to one of the best Amsterdam Genetics strains to date: Strawberry Glue. A highly resinous, slightly indica-dominant hybrid, packed with flavor. This strain’s taste is best described as gassy, like you’d expect from a ‘Glue’ cross, and spicy with a hint of strawberry; passed on by the Strawberry Banana in the mix.

Strawberry Glue seeds have an average growth during their early life stage. When switched to flowering however, the plants can stretch a bit in height. So it is advised to keep this in mind when planning your Strawberry Glue grow.

The strain’s pungent aroma becomes noticeable early on in the flowering stage, which in this case lasts around 9 weeks. Some of Strawberry Glue’s phenotypes will be done before, and others may need a week longer. Be sure to have a good look at the trichomes – to figure out when it is the perfect time to harvest your cannabis.

With THC levels testing up to 22% in some cases, but on average just under 20%, Strawberry Glue is one of the more potent strains you’ll find in Dutch coffeeshops. It sure is one of the most tasty ones – and Strawberry Glue seeds are a delight to grow. Though they might be to big of a challenge for novice-growers, Strawberry Glue plants will always have a lesson to teach more experienced cultivators.

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Strawberry glue - gorilla glue seeds

Strawberry Glue

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