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Study: ‘1 in 5 Taxi Drivers In Amsterdam Work Stoned’

There’s a surprisingly large number of people who smoke on the job in Amsterdam; according to a revealing study by the University of Amsterdam, coffeeshop Tweede kamer and CoffeeshopAmsterdam. And although we’re not here to judge, the results of this study are enough for us to start saying ‘use your head’. At least to some professions…

High Cuisine in Amsterdam

Kitchen staff in Amsterdam’s catering industry lead the board when it comes to professions where people work stoned. As it appears, 22,9 percent of the workers work under the influence of cannabis. In other words, around 1 in 4 staff members smoke up before they turn up – a significant amount of people if you ask us.

Though let’s be honest, what’s the worst that could happen when you’re stoned in the kitchen? Apart from some small personal accidents with fire, sharp knives and hot plates of food of course.

Stoned Construction Workers and High Taxi Drivers

However, getting high on the job becomes more dangerous when it involves more people and heavy machinery. Take construction work for example. Despite the dangers related to heavy machinery and construction sites, the study reveals 1 in 10 construction workers in Amsterdam get high during working hours.

construction worker high on cannabis
We’d think operating heavy and dangerous machinery would make you reconsider having a smoke before work starts… [Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash]

Even worse, is the fact that 1 in 5 taxi drivers in Amsterdam drive around under the influence of cannabis. Although some research says cannabis use does not increase the risk of getting into a traffic accident, it remains a dangerous activity. Moreover, it is still illegal to drive while under the influence of weed; it remains a punishable crime in the Netherlands.

‘Use Your Head’

Other ‘high consuming’ professions mentioned in the study are professional caregivers (9,5%) and architects (7,2%). In addition, the study mentions a few specific jobs: webdevelopers, real-estate agents and baristas. Nothing problematic, in contrast to the professions mentioned above.

This data has led Paul Wilhem, owner of coffeeshops Tweede Kamer and CoffeeshopAmsterdam to launch a campaign, with the intentions to inform the public about responsible cannabis use.

‘This data confirms what I already suspected’, says Paul. ‘That’s why we’re launching the campaign Use Your Head to inform people on more responsible cannabis use.’ Obviously the focus of the campaign is: ‘do not work stoned!’ Interested in learning more?


[Opening photo by Jannes Glas on Unsplash]