Study: ‘Cannabis And Sex Is A Match Made In Heaven’

Let’s be blunt here for a second: sex is healthy. And although research data isn’t conclusive on this matter. It appears cannabis could help make sex even better for all adults. Whether you share the experience with a partner – or help yourself:

Cannabis And Sex

If you look up ‘sex and cannabis’ on any search engine, you’ll find various results. From data claiming that cannabis has a positive effect on women. To research saying that the herb decreases the sperm count in male subjects that regularly use cannabis. Although that specific research is already invalidated by another experiment. As said, science is pretty much undecided when it comes to how good a match ‘weed and the deed’ actually is.

Though if we believe the results from this recent research, they’re a match made in heaven. As according to the researchers, using cannabis before or during the act could lead to an increased desire in your partner and a more intense climax. And we rather believe that, than believe the research that claims cannabis use causes a limp ‘weed d•ck’. Uhm, erectile dysfunction… Though luckily, this meta-analysis of 90 studies on sexual dysfunction also contradicts those results.

man weed dick cannabis sex
Some research says cannabis can have a negative effect on men’s sexual performance.

Great Benefits

Amanda Moser of the East Carolina University researched the effects cannabis has on sexual performance and satisfaction. In her summary, Amanda claims: ‘age and gender do not have a significant impact on cannabis use, sexual function and satisfaction. As participants report increased desire, intenser orgasms and masturbation-fun.’

To come to this conclusion, Moser collected 811 participants of different ages from all over the United States. All of them with varying preferences in terms of cannabis consumption, sex and different life-experiences. Though none of those differences impacted the fact that cannabis improved sexual satisfaction for all participants.

Recent research suggests cannabis improves sexual experiences in all adults – regardless of age and gender. [Image from]

According to the head researcher ’18 year old participants felt great benefits, as well as participants with 85 years of age and everyone in between. All participants said cannabis was beneficial to their sexual functioning and satisfaction.’

So if you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, why not try some weed? Although we suggest you select a nice sativa strain, as this will increase energy-levels and have you ready for action. Whereas indica dominant cannabis strains have a more relaxing effect – and would possibly make you fall asleep while there’s still work to do. 😉

[Image: Photo by HOP DESIGN on Unsplash]