Super Silver Haze – Classic Sativa Strain

In the modern weed world, growers are always looking for the newest and most exotic cannabis strains to cultivate. Slowly pushing away some varieties from the ‘old days’ as a result. Though the real classics never go out of style, proven by our Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds. A classic sativa, that remains a sell-out strain in some of Amsterdam’s best coffeeshops.

Best Sativa Strains

What is the first word that comes to mind when you hear ‘sativa’? We guess that in 80-90% of the cases the answer is ‘haze’. Cannabis varieties like Super Silver Haze and Amnesia have reigned coffeeshop menus in Amsterdam for decades. The fruity aromas with spicy hints, providing a powerful and uplifting high, give these strains a unique and unmistakable combination of flavor and effect.

A spicy herbal taste with hints of pine – due to the ‘pinene’ in this strain – and a fruity undertone make Super Silver Haze one of the most distinctive sativa cannabis strains available to this day. Her powerful uplifting and euphoric effect make this Super Sativa the ideal match for a fun night out. And after decades of developing new, tasty and potent weed varieties; our Super Silver Haze remains one of the most popular strains to date.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is known to be a heavy psychedelic hybrid, mainly due to a well-balanced lineage of parent plants. This strain is still widely regarded as one of the finest smokes Amsterdam has to offer. With its telltale interplay of taste and aroma: a spicy touch of herbs embodying sweet subtle hints of fruit.

This sativa-dominant hybrid produces huge and heavy buds in a 9-weeks timeframe. Each one covered in a thick layer of large, silvery THC-packed crystals. The genetics underpinning this haze strain have harvested international awards ever since the nineties, and juries worldwide have had good reason to keep recognizing its greatness.

In conclusion, Super Silver Haze is an all-round world heavyweight champion. Thanks to a short flowering period for a sativa-dominant strain, a grand high and overall spectacular results!

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