Supmedi helps amsterdam

SupMedi CBD Makers Team Up For Social Entrepreneurship

It feels good to do something positive in times of crisis. All around us, we’ve seen our beloved Amsterdam change in a matter of days. At times, it’s hard to recognise the city where our Amsterdam Genetics were first conceived. Some things never change, though. This week, the Dutch capital’s CBD brand SupMedi got an opportunity to join in on the efforts to protect the health of our most vulnerable fellow citizens. As a company with strong ties to the local community, SupMedi jumped at the chance and teamed up with the Volksbond Foundation.

Hard Times For Amsterdam’s Homeless

Anyone familiar with Amsterdam knows that the city isn’t all cosy bars, high-end coffeeshops and 17th-century architecture. Like all urban areas, we have our share of social inequality and other problems to deal with. Call it Amsterdam’s dark underbelly, call it anything you like; for some of our residents, everyday life is a constant struggle. Now that the coronavirus pandemic is sweeping through our streets, homeless people are particularly vulnerable to its consequences. Fortunately, we have organisations working hard to look after these people. As the crisis escalates, however, they need our support more than ever. And that is exactly where socially responsible enterprises like SupMedi come in.

Teaming Up With Volksbond

Earlier this week, the SupMedi management were contacted by the Nieuw-West City District. Local city authorities were racing to link up the city’s entrepreneurs with organisations trying to help our less fortunate fellow citizens through the crisis. True to its West-Amsterdam roots, SupMedi agreed to team up with the Volksbond Foundation. The organisation has been active in the town’s western districts and beyond, looking out for those who call the streets of our capital their home. Sharing that social connection with the neighbourhood was all it took. The newfound partners agreed to team up, and SupMedi staff scrambled to see how they could help out.

CBD for the homeless
Helping Out The City.

A Big Stack Of Healthy Support

Before long, SupMedi came up with a big stack of healthy support for Volksbond to share out. Pasta, rice, peanut butter, fresh and canned vegetables; even a batch of their own kombucha beverage was added to the pile of goods waiting to be distributed. Of course, it’s not enough to keep all of the city’s homeless people on their feet, but it sure feels nice to chip in with a sizeable donation of wholesome food and drinks. That makes sense: keeping people healthy and balanced is what SupMedi’s CBD business is all about.


Returning The Favour

Between all the bad news we get during the coronavirus outbreak, little rays of light like these keep the community going. When the citizens, companies, and organisations in a city like Amsterdam join forces, they add welcome sparks of hope in dark times. We all need a bit of hope and positivity to make it through this situation; those of us without a home even more than most. As we’ve said before, we need to keep looking after each other as a community; whether it’s the cannabis community, the businesses that keep the city employed, or all the people of Amsterdam together. At SupMedi they’re  just glad to be able to return the favour – after all, this city brought them where they are today.

Take good care of yourself and of your neighbours. It will make Amsterdam and cities around the world come out of this pandemic stronger than we were before!