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Introducing Autoflower Choco Kush Cannabis Seeds available from Amsterdam Genetics

Introducing Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Introducing autoflower cannabis seeds to our line up of amazing products. Amsterdam Genetics are very excited to announce the launch of our first autoflowering strain. The new Choco Kush is available through our webshop and approved distributors.

Choco Kush has been created by combining AK OG Kush, White Choco and Ruderalis.

Why choose autoflower?

Auto flowering cannabis seeds are very quickly becoming popular across the world. This is largely due to the way in which they are able to automatically switch from their vegetative state to flowering. Normally this would be controlled by the ratio of light and darkness. However adding Cannabis Ruderalis, a strain originally from central Russia. It’s shortened, more time related flowering genetics are inherited by the new strain.

This makes the Auto-flowering strains more favourable for cultivators because they exhibit the hardiness of ruderalis plants while still maintaining the medicinal effects of sativa and indica strains. The Auto-flowering trait is extremely beneficial because it allows for multiple harvests in only one outdoor growing season. As a result of ruderalis genetics, auto-flowering plants typically have much higher CBD levels than photo-period cannabis strains.

Available in stores soon…

These fantastic new auto-flowering seeds along with our new Green Magic, Tangerine G13 and AK Choco Kush strains will very soon be available from our web shop and approved distributors.

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