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A Different King’s Day For Amsterdam

Traditionally, April 27 is King’s Day: one of the most festive days on the Dutch national calendar. If you’ve ever visited Amsterdam on Koningsdag, you’ll remember it as one of the most orange holidays in the known universe. No matter where you looked until last year, our streets, squares, pubs and, yes, coffeeshops too were filled with colourful partygoers. On April 27 2020 though, all that is different. King and country are forced to celebrate indoors.

A Different Shade Of Orange

So how do you celebrate the King’s birthday without going to a party then? Well, that question has been on everybody’s mind lately. Dancing, drinking beer and smoking joints just aren’t the same when you have to stay home. The traditional concerts, flea markets and other open-air events are all cancelled due to the national coronavirus measures. Luckily, the national Oranjebond organisation coordinating King’s Day came up with a few fitting alternatives. Let’s see whether these options leave room for cannabis lovers looking for some King’s Day vibes.

King's day part amsterdam indoor
No Big King’s Day Events This Year…

Indoor Partying

The big plan is simple: don’t go out to party; instead, we’re bringing the party into our homes. The Dutch being who they are, we have several festive puns in place to reframe the occasion. We usually sing ‘Oranje Boven’, which means ‘Orange On Top’. This year, though, the motto is ‘Oranje Binnen’ – ‘Orange Inside’ is the way to go. Where the Royal Family would normally honour one city with a visit each year, we are now planning to use video links and digital platforms to get together instead.

At 10am in the morning, the whole country is invited to sing or play the national anthem ‘Wilhelmus’ (a fitting reference to the King’s name Willem-Alexander) together. The twist is simple. We don’t gather at the local town square, but we’ll be shouting out from our lawn, porch, or balcony. If you’d like to join us and sing along, here’s an English translation of all 27(!!)  verses for you. Different? Most certainly. Still, it leaves plenty of room to wiggle in that royal wake and bake moment if you like, so we can still get the vibe going. Just don’t pass it to the neighbours – have them roll their own this year!

Sharing Is Caring

Once the singing is done, all Dutch nationals are invited to share their alternative King´s Day party tricks online. There´s special online video platforms for uploading your videos, allowing the whole nation to tag along. People can try to raise funds for their initiatives and then donate the proceeds to any good cause they prefer – including themselves. We reckon this may open up a possibility to have your King’s Day cannabis expenses covered by crowdfunding your smoking session, but we’ll leave that up to you…

king's day indoor smoking amsterdam
Have Yourself A Merry Little King’s Day!

Nationally Connected

We think you’ll get the picture by now: King’s Day 2020 is going to be very different from what we were all expecting. Still, if there’s one thing we can do as usual, it’s sharing our national sense of connectedness. Even if it’s all just digital connections, this leaves plenty of room for Dutch cannabis culture lovers to have a royal good time. At 4pm, we’re all invited to make a toast to our national togetherness and against loneliness. We’re sure the Committee forgot to mention lighting up joints counts, too…

If you’d like to propose a smoky toast of your own, get out on that balcony and light one up for your Orange pals here in Holland! Happy King’s Day all of you!




New Strains launch

Launching Six New Cannabis Strains!

Prepare for the launch of our six new cannabis strains! There is always a moment of family expansion, often a very welcome and emotional moment. We are therefore extremely proud to seize this particular moment to introduce no less than six new strains to our Amsterdam Genetics community! After careful consideration, we have decided to add the following six strains to our list of already known strains that you are familiar with:

  • Lemongrass
  • Quicksilver
  • Magic OG Kush
  • Dutch Duchess
  • Skyrocket
  • Chunky Cookies

Of course we would like to tell you more about them!

Check Out Our New Strains

Of course we can’t wait to introduce our six new cannabis strains to you personally. We obviously hope that you are looking forward to it as much as we are, but with these beautiful strains you can hardly disagree that we’ve made a fantastic addition to our supply. Let’s start off with Lemongrass!

Lemongrass cannabis seeds


Nothing screams “spring season” like a delicious fresh slice of lemon. That is why we are the first to introduce Lemongrass, of course. With no less than 22% THC, Lemongrass is a spicy branch of green. Lemongrass originates from a cross between Lemon Ice and Kosher Tangie Kush and gives a delicious high when smoked.

“When life gives you lemons, smoke Lemongrass …”

Quicksilver cannabis seeds


The name just by itself is reason to order Quicksilver right away – wait ‘till you hear the rest. Quicksilver is definitely our “social” strain, one that is perfect for sharing with others. This 40% Indica and 60% Sativa plant is an excellent hybrid. Quicksilver is characterized by a very relaxed high that slowly builds up. Ideal for when you and your crew have other plans than just chilling.

“Every cloud has a Quicksilver lining …”

Magic OG Kush Seeds



Magic OG Kush

Magic OG Kush (MOG) is a beautiful cross between the Amsterdam Kush and the famous OG strain from California. And now we welcome the Kush back to Amsterdam in its renewed form, at Amsterdam Genetics! Magic OG Kush can be considered a true legend in the field of cannabis and therefore needs no introduction at all. In any case, we’re rolling out the flags for Magic OC Kush. Let the magic enchant you!

“OMG @ this MOG …!”

Dutch Ducjess cannabis seeds

Dutch Duchess

This Dutch royal lady is upper class, and you’ll find out why soon enough. Dutch Duchess is a lady with power and genetically consists of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. Perfectly suitable to round off the evening, because after this lady has visited, your chances of getting off that couch are very small indeed. This royal lady is the crown jewel of the intimate relationship between Tahoe OG and OG Kush and that says more than enough.

“Get the royal treatment with Dutch Duchess …!”

Skyrocket cannabis seeds


Venturing from royal company directly into space? Then you should definitely try Skyrocket. Skyrocket is a device from another world from a strain that finds its origin in a cross between Skywalker Saga and Grapefruit Superstar, which you already read about in our blog about various spring strains. A delightful 60% Indica and 40% Sativa ratio ensures that Skyrocket will get you into higher spheres with its earthy undertones within no time. When planted outdoors, this rocket really gets into its comfort zone and yields up to a kilo per m² of harvest.

“Check ignition and may God’s love be with you. Two, one: lift off… ”

Chunky Cookies cannabis seeds

Chunky Cookies

This super sweet and delicious cookie definitely falls into the category “Last, but not least”! Unlike most new strains, the Chunky Cookies strain contains a majority on the Sativa side, by as much as 60%. Partly because of this you get a wonderfully mellow and relaxing high from this new strain. The plant grows to an average height of over a meter. In about 9 weeks, she evolves into a highly harvestable plant of 700 grams indoors, producing up to 2 kilograms of shimmering glory when planted outdoors. And of course you want a bit of that too!

“Get your hand in that sticky cookie jar …”

Proud Of Our New Cannabis Strains

It should be crystal clear, we are very proud of our new cannabis strains! Each strain has its own characteristics and reasons to purchase and grow (or use). With our new strains we feel that we have found a practical solution for so many people having so many wishes. Combine multiple strains within an order to get great discounts in our exclusive 420 Deal all throughout April. Or better yet, obtain all of our six new strains at once to try every single one!

Whether you order just one or all of them at the same time, you won’t regret getting started with our new Amsterdam Genetics strains! Double … Pinky … Promise …!

smoking cannabis covid19

Should I Slow Down On Cannabis For COVID-19?

Like it or not, there’s one question that’s been on all of our minds at some point over the last few days. Should I slow down on cannabis while the COVID-19 crisis is unfolding? Is it safe and responsible to smoke, vape, or eat weed these days? Although we try to shed some light on these questions here, please keep in mind that everyone is still scrambling for information. Here’s just what we know so far!

A Quick Smoker’s Update On COVID-19 Coronavirus

As you can see wherever you look, the coronavirus crisis is still expanding. While China is reporting a steady slowdown in the number of new cases, they have issues with new infections being imported from abroad. Across much of the rest of the world, more cases are being identified every day so far. Most, if not all, countries are now trying to figure out how to ‘flatten the curve’.  Governments are racing to prevent medical services from being flooded in patients. The Dutch authorities are maintaining their regulations concerning restaurants, schools and public events, although further restrictions are still on the table. We are all expected to practice social distancing, and self-isolate if we or our loved ones are showing symptoms.

man weighing cannabis buds on scale

Question 1: Are Dutch Coffeeshops Still Safe?

All coffeeshops are taking precautions to protect their staff and customers. So in short, yes, they are still safe to visit, although visiting any pace where people meet entails certain risks right now. If you make sure to stay 1.5 metres (6ft) apart from others, washy your hands before and after visiting, and cough or sneeze into your elbow, you should be alright. Again: DO NOT GO OUT TO BUY CANNABIS IF YOU ARE HAVING SYMPTOMS! Ask someone else to do your ‘shopping’ for you if you have (mild) cold or flu symptoms. Let’s try and keep our Dutch coffeeshops open: we need you to work with us on this one, so please stay responsible and safe!

Question 2: Will Cannabis Help Against COVID-19?

In short: probably not. Nobody’s had the time to study this of course. The virus is too new to draw any definite conclusions. Generally speaking, we can say two things here. The obvious one first: using cannabis will not stop or cure a COVID-19 infection. If only that were true: we’d all be puffing away for the greater good right now. Perhaps the following is less obvious: be careful using cannabis as a folk cure for any flu, cold, or virus symptoms. Although THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids found in cannabis are known for a wide range of alleged health benefits, there is no direct medical evidence for their effectiveness against influenza or corona viruses. Focus on staying hydrated, getting your vitamins, and getting enough rest instead while minimising contact with others.

Question 3: Should I Quit Using Cannabis While Infected?

This is basically your own decision. The main point to consider here is the condition of your lungs. Since COVID-19 is known to damage your airways, adding to that damage by inhaling smoke could make the effects worse in theory. The mucous membranes in your lungs could become more agitated, so coughing may increase and recovery could be slowed. Switching to edibles could mitigate the risk. On the other hand, THC and CBD are known to help you sleep, relieve pain, and have anti-inflammatory properties. So cannabis could help combat the symptoms, even if it doesn’t help against viruses. Some experts say, though, that anti-inflammatory agents could prolong viral infections, including corona infections. If you add these factors together, that’s a bit of a mixed message, then.

cannabis smoking lockdown
Cannabis is more than just a drug, it’s a lifestyle.

Slowing Down On Cannabis If You Have Symptoms

All in all, we would suggest that you try to limit your cannabis use if you have flu-like symptoms right now. If possible, switch to edibles to spare your lungs. CBD oil, tablets, gummies or kombucha could be handy alternatives, especially if you are using high-CBD weed for medical purposes. Still, the most important advice is to stick to the safety measures described above. Stay healthy, stay safe and stay sensible – it’s the quickest way back to our normal cannabis routines!

grow your own autoflower cannabis

Growing Your Own Weed Supply For A Lockdown


It’s a strange contradiction. On the one hand, country after country is ramping up measures and restrictions to keep the COVID-19 virus at bay. On the other hand, the first signs of spring are all around us. We’ll admit that we’re not quite sure how to tackle a global pandemic like this. What we do know, though, is that springtime is cannabis growing time. This year, shaky supply chains and general anxiety make the need for weed more urgent than usual in lockdown. It doesn’t take our 25 years of grower’s experience to add one and one together. If there has ever been a great time to start growing your own weed, the lockdown spring of 2020 is definitely it!

Weed During Lockdown: Nurturing Growth To Reverse The Standstill

You may have noticed that DIY stores, nurseries and gardening centres are very busy places these days. People are working from home or not working at all, and they’re looking for something constructive to do with their newfound spare time. We were thinking along the same lines. If you are forced to stay at home and looking for something positive to do in these sombre times, why not give your first batch of homegrown weed a try? It’s easy, it’s deeply satisfying, and it’s completely natural. On top of all that, you can look forward to a copious supply of your very own ganja. Suddenly, coffeeshops closing seems a less scary prospect.

Zelf wiet kweken - lockdown
AK 020 Flowering

When Life Gives You Lemons…

There’s even a big plus that we haven’t mentioned yet. Now that you’re isolating in your home, you can enjoy the luxury of ordering everything you need online! Amsterdam Genetics has you covered, my friend. We have all the best cannabis seeds in our webstore, along with all the supplies and extras you could wish for. We even have an expanding blog full of great tips for growing your own crops on your balcony or in your garden. You can become a self-sufficient organic farmer without ever leaving the house! Talk about making the best out of a bad situation. You know what they say: ‘when life gives you lemons, grow Lemon Ice’ – or smoke Lemongrass, if you prefer…

cannabis seeds - grow your own weed

Not Taking Advantage

Rest assured that we are not trying to take advantage of a major health crisis here. We are just as worried about the coronavirus and the safety of our loved ones as you are. We just feel the urge to do something positive and try to make the most out of these sombre circumstances. We’ve been saying this for years: the immense sense of joy and pride you’ll feel when you harvest your very first homegrown weed is something everyone deserves to experience.

Green Investment

Planting our world-class seeds even makes for a sensible investment right now. If the global economy really takes a beating in the months ahead, you’ll save yourself a lot of money by not having to buy your pot elsewhere. And let’s face it: the whole world is feeling anxious and confused right ow. Having a few good spliffs handy can make all the difference between a frown and a smile throughout the summer ahead of us.

grow you own cannabis - lockdown

Something Here For Everyone

We’ve recently added some new strains to our webstore, so even experienced growers can try their green thumbs on something new. We’ve clearly marked out the various difficulty levels of our seeds, so there’s something here for everyone – rookies and veterans alike. Have a look at our fabulous collection of Amsterdam Genetics seeds and jump right in!



covid19 coffeeshops boerejongens amsterdam

Stashing Cannabis For A Coronavirus Lockdown

Here at Amsterdam Genetics, it’s been a wild week. As the coronavirus pandemic spread across Europe, a wave of never-seen-before situations and regulations rocked the Dutch cannabis and coffeeshop sectors. Dispensaries closed without warning. Dutch coffeeshops made global headlines while customers queued up outside to grab that emergency stash. We’re sure you’ve had some pretty wild times yourselves. Still, the thought of running out of smoking supplies made us all wonder about stocking up: how much cannabis do you need when you are forced into lockdown?

Stashing Cannabis For A COVID-19 Lockdown

We’ve seen people hoarding anything from bread to breathing masks to toilet paper. It’s not that strange to think about getting an emergency supply of ganja in case of social isolation, right? We are being discouraged from hoarding in the supermarket, even though those will stay open longer than coffeeshops for sure. Reports from the US show that the global smoking scene is definitely considering some panic buying. Surely, as responsible cannabis consumers, we can show that we’re able to think ahead without snatching all the weed from under our fellow smokers’ noses, right? So let’s try to figure out what would be a reasonable stash to buy right now. We’re hoping we won’t need it, but let’s prevent having to smoke the carpet or our cat’s fur trimmings in lockdown limbo!

Our Apologies To You

The sudden closure was lifted the next day, much to the relief of Dutch smokers. We woke up realising that living in a country full of legal coffeeshops has spoiled us. Normally, the one time us Dutchies need to plan ahead on our cannabis supplies is the day before Christmas. Oh how times change! These days, we all need to consider the possibility of sudden ‘lockdown’ situations. At the government’s whim, we could be without our trusted coffeeshop weed supply. On behalf of Dutch smoker culture, we would like to apologise to our European neighbours. We now know what you’re going through– we just never realized how bad it feels…

covid19 coffeeshops boerejongens amsterdam
Boerejongens Coffeeshops working with special COVID-19 rules – So you can still grab your favorite cannabis products


All The Cannabis You Need For A Lockdown

With that out the way, let’s return to the topic at hand. How much weed do you need to survive a prolonged lockdown? Time for some number-crunching. What is your regular consumption pattern? If you can estimate how much weed or hash you smoke in a regular week, that’s a good starting point. Do keep in mind, though, that spending days or weeks in isolation will leave you a LOT of time to puff away. Perhaps doubling that weekly average is a wise move. If it turns out you stashed too much, you’ll have some to spare for others. Also, you’ll be able to throw a nice party once the corona scare has passed. Just make sure you stockpile some rolling papers and filter tips too!

Keep Your Stash Nice And Fresh

Once you know how much weed you need for a regular week and double that figure, you have your weekly prescription ready. Now for the tricky part: guessing how long a lockdown would last. Nobody can predict the future, but judging from measures taken in China and Italy, three to five weeks seems a safe guess. That means you’ll need to multiply your weekly average double by five again. It also means finding a way of keeping that stash fresh. You could opt for one (or more) of our silicone containers. You could also make oil, edibles, or rosin extract out of your stash to preserve it. If you need to improvise, find a dark, cool, dry and airtight place to keep your weed from degrading too fast. Perhaps you should hide it away too, depending on your situation. We’ll leave that up to you.

Stash Joints during covid-19

Prepping For Smokers

Okay. You now know how much weed you need to survive a few weeks of lockdown. If you’re in Holland, you better get moving: our coffeeshops are still open. Some special measures apply, so make sure to read them and shop responsibly. Watch out for our next blogposts about prepping for smokers, and above all: take care out there!

corona virus coffeeshops

An Amsterdam Genetics COVID-19 Update

These are exceptional times indeed. Just yesterday, the Dutch authorities announced additional measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 or coronavirus. These measures are extensive and ongoing, but we’re working hard to keep your Happiness from Amsterdam available. Are you wondering what these corona measures mean for you? Trying to figure out how to order our premium cannabis seeds and gear in these special circumstances? Make sure to read this Amsterdam Genetics COVID-19 update and stay tuned for more information. We try to get the answers you are looking for on our website and the socials. We’re doing all we can to keep you smiling through this crisis!

Amsterdam Genetics And COVID-19

Behind the scenes, we are running that extra mile to make sure our services remain as you expect them to be. As the situation develops, we try to keep you up to date. Our staff are making sure you can make your online Amsterdam Genetics purchases as usual. Your health, safety and wellbeing, as well as our own, are our top concern. That’s why we stick to the directives of the Dutch RIVM public health institute. We will take action wherever necessary to protect your interests and those of our team.

Corona virus amsterdam

Getting Your Amsterdam Genetics Cannabis Online

Earlier this week, coffeeshops throughout the country were ordered to close. Thankfully, they’ve reopened for now, but we cannot predict what the coming weeks will bring. These days, having your own prime cannabis seeds at home makes more sense than ever. We want to make sure you can still order all your growing supplies from your trusted Amsterdam Genetics webstore. Do you want to start growing your own cannabis? Since no-one knows how long the current situation will last, this could be a smart moment to grow your own weed supply using our prime seeds and genetics. Our blogs will give you all the information you need to get started.

Any Cannabis Questions?

Do you have any questions about our seeds or other products? Check out our FAQ page or contact our staff. You could also check the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Info Centre instead. In the meantime, we are doing all we can to stay open. As usual, getting you the best quality in cannabis genetics is the core of our game. The only thing that has changed is our extra care and awareness of new health, hygiene and safety measures.

Getting Amsterdam Genetics Wares From Actual Coffeeshops

Do you prefer to purchase your Amsterdam Genetics seeds and other products at a physical coffeeshop or dispensary? Stay informed on the latest developments for coffeeshops and other stores on this site or contact your local outlet for details. Keep in mind that special regulations apply; let’s work together and deal with the situation responsibly. For optimal hygiene, we ask you to comply with the following rules:

  • RIVM directives call for keeping a 1.5-meter distance to staff and other customers;
  • Please use card payments if at all possible;
  • If cash is your only option, place the money on the counter and collect any change yourself;
  • Wash your hands thoroughly using soap or disinfectants before and after visiting a coffeeshop. Changing clothes after using public spaces is advisable, too;
  • Our establishments observed strict hygiene rules before, but they’re even stricter now. Our staff have been instructed to pay extra attention to hygiene. Wearing protective gloves and replacing them frequently is just part of this procedure.

Let’s Do This Together!

Getting through these challenging times is something we need to do together. Our colleagues are all working hard to keep you smiling in the safest and most responsible way possible. With your help, we can make sure the cannabis community and the rest of society stays safe. Thanks for your attention and take good care of yourselves and those around you!



The Amsterdam Genetics Team

covid-19 measures by amsterdam genetics and coffeeshops
Be Smart – Stay Safe!