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5 Reasons For Treating Animals With CBD

Can you treat animals with CBD? Animals react to cannabinoids, just like humans. They suffer from symptoms like anxiety, pain and depression just like we do. You could try to alleviate these conditions by treating your pet with CBD. Although animals can be unwell for a wide diversity of reasons, this article explains when CBD might be a good natural remedy for your pet.

How Does CBD Work For Animals?

Whether you have a dog, a cat, or a horse, all animals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system makes sure a great variety of biological processes run well. These processes include vital functions such as sleeping, memory, emotions, or the digestive system. When the system is disrupted, all sorts of problems may arise.

The ECS functions by means of receptors on cells. In short, these receptors react only to certain molecules; cannabinoids in this case. CBD is a specific type of cannabinoid with the ability to connect to such a receptor. And because of that, it can influence the cell. By giving your pet CBD, you can help certain processes in the body run more smoothly. This can be effective for animals just as it can for humans.

treat pets with cbd
You And Your Pet Have A Lot In Common.

When Could Your Pet Benefit From CBD?

You could administer CBD to your dog, cat, or horse (or any other animal) to treat the following symptoms:

1. Anxiety

Does your pet often suffer from anxiety or only in certain situations? CBD could offer a bit of support. Horses that are scared of cyclists, dogs that have a fear of abandonment or cats that panic whenever you reach for the vacuum cleaner: it’s never fun to see your pet being scared to death. These fears can make life pretty hard for animals, especially if the fear-provoking stimulus is encountered often. CBD may bring relief. It can help calm your pet down, so that it’s not as tense and restless.

2. Pain

When your pet feels pain, it will be limited in terms of its movement and other basic behaviors. Many people find it hard to tell whether their animal companions are in pain, because they’ll tend to keep it hidden. Still, you’ll notice it when your pet has trouble walking or it doesn’t want to go out as often. When you administer CBD, you may well notice its analgesic effects on very short notice. Your pet can often move more freely.

3. Inflammation

CBD has anti-inflammatory effects. Animals frequently suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, which is an inflammatory disease. Moreover, CBD can also help counter inflammations after injuries or intestinal problems.

4. Depression

Animals can become depressed, just like humans can. De can be caused by the passing of a close friend (animal or human) or by the stress surrounding other major life events. They become sad, look listless, or spend all day sleeping. You can help your pet get through these challenging times by giving CBD. It may improve its mood and help it feel more cheerful.

5. Improves appetite

CBD is also an ideal solution for picky eaters. It can help stimulate appetite and can likewise alleviate nausea and vomiting.

How to administer CBD to your animal

The easiest way to administer CBD to your dog, cat, or horse, is by giving it CBD oil. You can put one (or more) drops on your pet’s food. This way it won’t even notice it receives CBD. Also, this enables very precise dosing, which is particularly useful when treating small animals.

Preparing a dose of CBD for your pet:

The recommended amount of CBD for pets is 1 mg CBD per 1 kilo of animal weight per day. That means major differences between species: a 28 kilo Golden Retriever gets 28 mg of CBD per day. At just 4 mg, your 4-kilo cat requires a lot less.

This is only a general rule of thumb. You should always take the needs of your pet into consideration. Start with a low dose and see what the effects are. You could carefully up the dose if you don’t see any improvement after a couple of days. Please consult with your vet, if you wonder whether CBD is appropriate for your pet.

Don’t give CBD oil when your animal:

  • Has an underlying medical condition
  • Suffers from liver damage
  • Suffers from kidney disease
  • Is pregnant or is nursing
  • Is on other medication

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