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A Different King’s Day For Amsterdam

Traditionally, April 27 is King’s Day: one of the most festive days on the Dutch national calendar. If you’ve ever visited Amsterdam on Koningsdag, you’ll remember it as one of the most orange holidays in the known universe. No matter where you looked until last year, our streets, squares, pubs and, yes, coffeeshops too were filled with colourful partygoers. On April 27 2020 though, all that is different. King and country are forced to celebrate indoors.

A Different Shade Of Orange

So how do you celebrate the King’s birthday without going to a party then? Well, that question has been on everybody’s mind lately. Dancing, drinking beer and smoking joints just aren’t the same when you have to stay home. The traditional concerts, flea markets and other open-air events are all cancelled due to the national coronavirus measures. Luckily, the national Oranjebond organisation coordinating King’s Day came up with a few fitting alternatives. Let’s see whether these options leave room for cannabis lovers looking for some King’s Day vibes.

King's day part amsterdam indoor
No Big King’s Day Events This Year…

Indoor Partying

The big plan is simple: don’t go out to party; instead, we’re bringing the party into our homes. The Dutch being who they are, we have several festive puns in place to reframe the occasion. We usually sing ‘Oranje Boven’, which means ‘Orange On Top’. This year, though, the motto is ‘Oranje Binnen’ – ‘Orange Inside’ is the way to go. Where the Royal Family would normally honour one city with a visit each year, we are now planning to use video links and digital platforms to get together instead.

At 10am in the morning, the whole country is invited to sing or play the national anthem ‘Wilhelmus’ (a fitting reference to the King’s name Willem-Alexander) together. The twist is simple. We don’t gather at the local town square, but we’ll be shouting out from our lawn, porch, or balcony. If you’d like to join us and sing along, here’s an English translation of all 27(!!)  verses for you. Different? Most certainly. Still, it leaves plenty of room to wiggle in that royal wake and bake moment if you like, so we can still get the vibe going. Just don’t pass it to the neighbours – have them roll their own this year!

Sharing Is Caring

Once the singing is done, all Dutch nationals are invited to share their alternative King´s Day party tricks online. There´s special online video platforms for uploading your videos, allowing the whole nation to tag along. People can try to raise funds for their initiatives and then donate the proceeds to any good cause they prefer – including themselves. We reckon this may open up a possibility to have your King’s Day cannabis expenses covered by crowdfunding your smoking session, but we’ll leave that up to you…

king's day indoor smoking amsterdam
Have Yourself A Merry Little King’s Day!

Nationally Connected

We think you’ll get the picture by now: King’s Day 2020 is going to be very different from what we were all expecting. Still, if there’s one thing we can do as usual, it’s sharing our national sense of connectedness. Even if it’s all just digital connections, this leaves plenty of room for Dutch cannabis culture lovers to have a royal good time. At 4pm, we’re all invited to make a toast to our national togetherness and against loneliness. We’re sure the Committee forgot to mention lighting up joints counts, too…

If you’d like to propose a smoky toast of your own, get out on that balcony and light one up for your Orange pals here in Holland! Happy King’s Day all of you!