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Should I Slow Down On Cannabis For COVID-19?

Like it or not, there’s one question that’s been on all of our minds at some point over the last few days. Should I slow down on cannabis while the COVID-19 crisis is unfolding? Is it safe and responsible to smoke, vape, or eat weed these days? Although we try to shed some light on these questions here, please keep in mind that everyone is still scrambling for information. Here’s just what we know so far!

A Quick Smoker’s Update On COVID-19 Coronavirus

As you can see wherever you look, the coronavirus crisis is still expanding. While China is reporting a steady slowdown in the number of new cases, they have issues with new infections being imported from abroad. Across much of the rest of the world, more cases are being identified every day so far. Most, if not all, countries are now trying to figure out how to ‘flatten the curve’.  Governments are racing to prevent medical services from being flooded in patients. The Dutch authorities are maintaining their regulations concerning restaurants, schools and public events, although further restrictions are still on the table. We are all expected to practice social distancing, and self-isolate if we or our loved ones are showing symptoms.

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Question 1: Are Dutch Coffeeshops Still Safe?

All coffeeshops are taking precautions to protect their staff and customers. So in short, yes, they are still safe to visit, although visiting any pace where people meet entails certain risks right now. If you make sure to stay 1.5 metres (6ft) apart from others, washy your hands before and after visiting, and cough or sneeze into your elbow, you should be alright. Again: DO NOT GO OUT TO BUY CANNABIS IF YOU ARE HAVING SYMPTOMS! Ask someone else to do your ‘shopping’ for you if you have (mild) cold or flu symptoms. Let’s try and keep our Dutch coffeeshops open: we need you to work with us on this one, so please stay responsible and safe!

Question 2: Will Cannabis Help Against COVID-19?

In short: probably not. Nobody’s had the time to study this of course. The virus is too new to draw any definite conclusions. Generally speaking, we can say two things here. The obvious one first: using cannabis will not stop or cure a COVID-19 infection. If only that were true: we’d all be puffing away for the greater good right now. Perhaps the following is less obvious: be careful using cannabis as a folk cure for any flu, cold, or virus symptoms. Although THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids found in cannabis are known for a wide range of alleged health benefits, there is no direct medical evidence for their effectiveness against influenza or corona viruses. Focus on staying hydrated, getting your vitamins, and getting enough rest instead while minimising contact with others.

Question 3: Should I Quit Using Cannabis While Infected?

This is basically your own decision. The main point to consider here is the condition of your lungs. Since COVID-19 is known to damage your airways, adding to that damage by inhaling smoke could make the effects worse in theory. The mucous membranes in your lungs could become more agitated, so coughing may increase and recovery could be slowed. Switching to edibles could mitigate the risk. On the other hand, THC and CBD are known to help you sleep, relieve pain, and have anti-inflammatory properties. So cannabis could help combat the symptoms, even if it doesn’t help against viruses. Some experts say, though, that anti-inflammatory agents could prolong viral infections, including corona infections. If you add these factors together, that’s a bit of a mixed message, then.

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Cannabis is more than just a drug, it’s a lifestyle.

Slowing Down On Cannabis If You Have Symptoms

All in all, we would suggest that you try to limit your cannabis use if you have flu-like symptoms right now. If possible, switch to edibles to spare your lungs. CBD oil, tablets, gummies or kombucha could be handy alternatives, especially if you are using high-CBD weed for medical purposes. Still, the most important advice is to stick to the safety measures described above. Stay healthy, stay safe and stay sensible – it’s the quickest way back to our normal cannabis routines!

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An Amsterdam Genetics COVID-19 Update

These are exceptional times indeed. Just yesterday, the Dutch authorities announced additional measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 or coronavirus. These measures are extensive and ongoing, but we’re working hard to keep your Happiness from Amsterdam available. Are you wondering what these corona measures mean for you? Trying to figure out how to order our premium cannabis seeds and gear in these special circumstances? Make sure to read this Amsterdam Genetics COVID-19 update and stay tuned for more information. We try to get the answers you are looking for on our website and the socials. We’re doing all we can to keep you smiling through this crisis!

Amsterdam Genetics And COVID-19

Behind the scenes, we are running that extra mile to make sure our services remain as you expect them to be. As the situation develops, we try to keep you up to date. Our staff are making sure you can make your online Amsterdam Genetics purchases as usual. Your health, safety and wellbeing, as well as our own, are our top concern. That’s why we stick to the directives of the Dutch RIVM public health institute. We will take action wherever necessary to protect your interests and those of our team.

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Getting Your Amsterdam Genetics Cannabis Online

Earlier this week, coffeeshops throughout the country were ordered to close. Thankfully, they’ve reopened for now, but we cannot predict what the coming weeks will bring. These days, having your own prime cannabis seeds at home makes more sense than ever. We want to make sure you can still order all your growing supplies from your trusted Amsterdam Genetics webstore. Do you want to start growing your own cannabis? Since no-one knows how long the current situation will last, this could be a smart moment to grow your own weed supply using our prime seeds and genetics. Our blogs will give you all the information you need to get started.

Any Cannabis Questions?

Do you have any questions about our seeds or other products? Check out our FAQ page or contact our staff. You could also check the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Info Centre instead. In the meantime, we are doing all we can to stay open. As usual, getting you the best quality in cannabis genetics is the core of our game. The only thing that has changed is our extra care and awareness of new health, hygiene and safety measures.

Getting Amsterdam Genetics Wares From Actual Coffeeshops

Do you prefer to purchase your Amsterdam Genetics seeds and other products at a physical coffeeshop or dispensary? Stay informed on the latest developments for coffeeshops and other stores on this site or contact your local outlet for details. Keep in mind that special regulations apply; let’s work together and deal with the situation responsibly. For optimal hygiene, we ask you to comply with the following rules:

  • RIVM directives call for keeping a 1.5-meter distance to staff and other customers;
  • Please use card payments if at all possible;
  • If cash is your only option, place the money on the counter and collect any change yourself;
  • Wash your hands thoroughly using soap or disinfectants before and after visiting a coffeeshop. Changing clothes after using public spaces is advisable, too;
  • Our establishments observed strict hygiene rules before, but they’re even stricter now. Our staff have been instructed to pay extra attention to hygiene. Wearing protective gloves and replacing them frequently is just part of this procedure.

Let’s Do This Together!

Getting through these challenging times is something we need to do together. Our colleagues are all working hard to keep you smiling in the safest and most responsible way possible. With your help, we can make sure the cannabis community and the rest of society stays safe. Thanks for your attention and take good care of yourselves and those around you!



The Amsterdam Genetics Team

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Be Smart – Stay Safe!