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Gegard Mousasi in fighting stance

Gegard Mousasi and SupMedi CBD

Gegard Mousasi! You may have already heard of him; and if you haven’t, this is the perfect time to get familiar with Gegrad! Gegard Mousasi is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter sponsored by Amsterdam Genetics and using SupMedi CBD during his training and preparation. Today, we give you a peek at Gegard’s world, his reasons for using CBD, and some background info on this impressive man!

Mousasi CBD and top sports performance
Mousasi Is Ready For The Match!

Gegard Mousasi and MMA

Gegard Mousasi is an MMA fighter who, with an impressive series of 46 matches won out of a total of 55, belongs to the absolute world top in middleweight class. This Amsterdam champion – known in MMA as “The Dreamcatcher” – fought for the sports federations PRIDE, Dream, Strikeforce, UFC and (currently) Bellator.

With his deadly mix of judo, boxing and kickboxing, he managed to become world champion in his class in May 2018, after a thrilling match. He beat Rafael Carvalho in 3.35 minutes KO that day, reaching the peak so far in his impressive career.

Take a look at his legendary KO in this short review!

Gegard Mousasi and SupMedi CBD

Gegard’s reputation helps spread his fame through his impressive track record. What many don’t know, however, is that Gegard Mousasi is a strong believer in CBD supplements provided by SupMedi.

Fighting matches and training for this hugely popular sport are extremely intense and challenging, demanding the utmost from the human physique and mind. These top athletes have to stay in absolute fighting-fit shape 365 days a year. That calls for an exactly tailor-made training program, specifically tailored to their daily routine and competition schedule.

Gegard uses SupMedi CBD especially after his workouts to recover faster from possible aches and to dose his energy even better. CBD has been known for years for its healing effect and positive influence on the human body. More and more top athletes are becoming familiar with CBD and the benefits of its use every day. Obviously, sports fans and amateur athletes across all disciplines are discovering these advantages, too.

Gegard Mousasi bellator cbd training
Gegard Beaming With Health And Confidence…

Upping Your Own Game

Amsterdam Genetics encourages everyone to stay in shape – body and mind, heart and soul. Of course, we can’t all become MMA champions like Gegard Mousasi. Fortunately, that’s not the point: your own way works best for you. If CBD supplements can help you up your own game and recover faster after your workouts, then so much the better.