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Stashing Cannabis For A Coronavirus Lockdown

Here at Amsterdam Genetics, it’s been a wild week. As the coronavirus pandemic spread across Europe, a wave of never-seen-before situations and regulations rocked the Dutch cannabis and coffeeshop sectors. Dispensaries closed without warning. Dutch coffeeshops made global headlines while customers queued up outside to grab that emergency stash. We’re sure you’ve had some pretty wild times yourselves. Still, the thought of running out of smoking supplies made us all wonder about stocking up: how much cannabis do you need when you are forced into lockdown?

Stashing Cannabis For A COVID-19 Lockdown

We’ve seen people hoarding anything from bread to breathing masks to toilet paper. It’s not that strange to think about getting an emergency supply of ganja in case of social isolation, right? We are being discouraged from hoarding in the supermarket, even though those will stay open longer than coffeeshops for sure. Reports from the US show that the global smoking scene is definitely considering some panic buying. Surely, as responsible cannabis consumers, we can show that we’re able to think ahead without snatching all the weed from under our fellow smokers’ noses, right? So let’s try to figure out what would be a reasonable stash to buy right now. We’re hoping we won’t need it, but let’s prevent having to smoke the carpet or our cat’s fur trimmings in lockdown limbo!

Our Apologies To You

The sudden closure was lifted the next day, much to the relief of Dutch smokers. We woke up realising that living in a country full of legal coffeeshops has spoiled us. Normally, the one time us Dutchies need to plan ahead on our cannabis supplies is the day before Christmas. Oh how times change! These days, we all need to consider the possibility of sudden ‘lockdown’ situations. At the government’s whim, we could be without our trusted coffeeshop weed supply. On behalf of Dutch smoker culture, we would like to apologise to our European neighbours. We now know what you’re going through– we just never realized how bad it feels…

covid19 coffeeshops boerejongens amsterdam
Boerejongens Coffeeshops working with special COVID-19 rules – So you can still grab your favorite cannabis products


All The Cannabis You Need For A Lockdown

With that out the way, let’s return to the topic at hand. How much weed do you need to survive a prolonged lockdown? Time for some number-crunching. What is your regular consumption pattern? If you can estimate how much weed or hash you smoke in a regular week, that’s a good starting point. Do keep in mind, though, that spending days or weeks in isolation will leave you a LOT of time to puff away. Perhaps doubling that weekly average is a wise move. If it turns out you stashed too much, you’ll have some to spare for others. Also, you’ll be able to throw a nice party once the corona scare has passed. Just make sure you stockpile some rolling papers and filter tips too!

Keep Your Stash Nice And Fresh

Once you know how much weed you need for a regular week and double that figure, you have your weekly prescription ready. Now for the tricky part: guessing how long a lockdown would last. Nobody can predict the future, but judging from measures taken in China and Italy, three to five weeks seems a safe guess. That means you’ll need to multiply your weekly average double by five again. It also means finding a way of keeping that stash fresh. You could opt for one (or more) of our silicone containers. You could also make oil, edibles, or rosin extract out of your stash to preserve it. If you need to improvise, find a dark, cool, dry and airtight place to keep your weed from degrading too fast. Perhaps you should hide it away too, depending on your situation. We’ll leave that up to you.

Stash Joints during covid-19

Prepping For Smokers

Okay. You now know how much weed you need to survive a few weeks of lockdown. If you’re in Holland, you better get moving: our coffeeshops are still open. Some special measures apply, so make sure to read them and shop responsibly. Watch out for our next blogposts about prepping for smokers, and above all: take care out there!