Tangerine G13 Block Hash Wins ‘Highest Yield’ at USA SquashOff

Only the best is good enough for us here at Amsterdam Genetics. So as you can imagine, we are extremely happy to have received Uncle Stoner’s ‘Highest Yield’ Chalice. Won by our Tangerine G13 Block Hash at his USA SquashOff competition:

Rosin in Amsterdam

Last weekend was the first time in history that Amsterdam got to host the USA SquashOff. An interactive and educational Cannabis to Rosin competition, put together by Uncle Stoner from the USA. During this event, 21 hash sample entries from different participating coffeeshops were squashed (or pressed) into Rosin. An amazing spectacle with a big and impressive jury, tasked with judging the samples during the 710 ART FAIR in Atelier Schinkel.

For those who don’t know, rosin is a solvent less cannabis extract. Often made by pressing a cannabis sample (flower or hash) under high pressure, a certain temperature and specific amount of time. This is an intense physical process being eased by industrial size ‘rosin-presses’ and special machines for home consumption coming onto the market today. As you can see in the video below:

Pressing weed or hash under these conditions extracts the active components from the flower or hashish. Leaving you with an even more potent, and better tasting cannabis product: rosin. This concentrate can be ‘dabbed'(a form of cannabis consumption) using ‘rigs’ or special vaporizers. Other cannabis extracts are made with solvents like gas and alcohol and may be known as ‘shatter’, ‘BHO’ or ‘wax’.

Highest Yield Rosin

Obviously all this cannabis got pressed at the USA SquashOff for a reason. To see which one is the best to make rosin with! From all 21 entries this year, Amsterdam Genetics is proud to announce our Tangerine G13 Block Hash from Boerejongens Coffeeshop won ‘Highest Yield’. Meaning that pressing our Tangerine G13 Block Hash – made from our prizewinning Tangerine G13 seeds – resulted in more rosin than entries from other coffeeshops.

hash coffeeshop Boerejongens buitendeur
One of the 21 entries at the USA SquashOff was our ‘Tangerine G13’ Block Hash from Boerejongens Coffeeshops

According to the statistics, 4 grams of our Tangie G13 Hash produced 2,34gr. in rosin! That is a staggering 58,4% return on our hash when you press it into rosin. A great yield, considering 50% is the maximum yield any ‘presser’ expects from a hash sample.

Cannabis flowers often yield way less rosin, as the active components like cannabinoids and terpenes in buds are far less concentrated than in hash.

After our Tangie G13 hash got pressed, the rosin was carefully tested by the experts at the Cannabis College. To give insight in the sample’s make-up when it comes to its active components, like the cannabinoids THC and CBD. It turns out that our Tangie G13 rosin contained 45,5% THC, 27,3% CBD and 9,1% THCV alongside 0,9% of both CBC and CBG. A truly balanced spectrum, guaranteed to surprise its consumer with a complex high.

Have you ever pressed our hash into rosin?