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The Best Rolling Papers For The Best Genetics

Obviously, world class cannabis seeds and the finest genetics deserve only the best rolling papers. That is why Amsterdam Genetics always has plenty of king size leaves ready to order online in Brown and Original, complete with matching filter tips and many more first-class smoking accessories to suit any taste and preference.

Get Your Paperwork In Order

Of course, every cannabis consumer has their own personal preferences, and we’re fine with that. If you prefer cannabis edibles or a tobacco-free alternative such as the Weezy, then by all means go ahead. However, the majority of all cannabis connoisseurs still rely on good old-fashioned paperwork. That is why we´re helping you get your papers in order with our all new high quality rolling papers.

Not all paper is the same.; especially when it comes to rolling papers for the cannabis industry. There are loads of manufacturers, each with their own idea of what constitutes the best rolling papers. Thankfully, we happen to know just what it takes to make the best leaves – and you’ll find all of that in the new Amsterdam Genetics product line!

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Best King Size Rolling Papers

Thanks to the feedback from our valued customer base, Amsterdam Genetics were able to develop rolling papers living up to the highest standards. That constant dedication to quality has complemented our line of Smoking Gear with some of the best rolling papers in Amsterdam, if not the world!

They come in a convenient wide format, perfect for people who like a little more paper to hold on to while rolling. Of course, having more paper to hold on to while rolling also makes it easier to backstrap a joint (roll it inside out). To be precise, every leaf measures 108 x 53 mm. Experienced rollers will know just how to handle these, and when the rolling is done, any excess paper is either burned or ripped off for optimal convenience.

Choose Brown Or Original

Amsterdam Genetics Rolling Papers are available in a white and a brown edition: AG Original and AG Brown. As you might imagine, paper itself isn’t white in its natural state. As rolling papers are made from wood pulp, which brownish when untreated, chemicals are added to make ‘white’ rolling papers appear, well, white.

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These additives are not necessarily bad for your health: they really only serve an aesthetic purpose. If you’re used to white rolling papers, this may seem natural to you. If you pay close attention, however, you may notice that our brown papers do taste different because of the additives we left out of the production process.

Amsterdam Genetics Brown Rolling Papers  are made from 100% FSC certified wood pulp and are 100% free from chlorine (TCF, Totally Chlorine Free). To top it all off, even the packaging is made using fully recycled FSC paper. That’s better for the environment, without any negative impact on the best smoking experience our high quality rolling papers provide.

AG Skins With Telltale Attention To Style And Detail

As you’ve come to expect of Amsterdam Genetics, our rolling papers and filter tips  match the quality of our prime cannabis genetics. That’s why all our rolling papers feature only the best of fancy design. The King Size Brown papers package proudly sports a gleaming golden cross logo for a solid AG style statement. The King Size White papers take it one step further: they feature a full-size glow-in-the-dark logo. That’s just perfect: you’ll even find your high quality rolling papers after the power blacks out in the middle of the night!

Both types of AG King Size rolling papers come with handy warning leaves telling you there’s only five left – which is no problem as you have a whole box of the best rolling papers in the world waiting at home!

All AG papers, brown and original, are branded with their own AG logo embossed into the paper itself. That’s our way to make sure you always recognize top quality at first glance. No matter which kind you prefer, every box contains 50 packs of 32 first-class rolling papers. You know you won’t run out soon when you have 1,600 of the best rolling papers in the world handy!

Insider’s Tip: AG Filter Tips

Of course, our rolling papers call for matching best ever filter tips, and that;s just what you get when you order our Brown or Original AG Filter Tip boxes containing 50 x 32 pieces each. You’ll be rolling smoothly for a very long time to come from here on out…

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Active Carbon Filter Technology

Complete the full collection by ordering these exclusive Active Carbon Filters by Mascotte from our web store. These luxury filters purify your smoking experience even further by their active carbon content, resulting in pure unmatched pleasure.

active carbon filter

The Best Co-Op In Rolling Papers Ever?

On top of our trusted AG rolling paper selection, you’ll also find a new and exclusive product range in our online store: the AG X Macotte selection! Here, two innovative lead players in the Dutch smoking scene, Amsterdam Genetics and Mascotte, roll together their best rolling paper expertise. The AG X Mascotte range comprises King Size Original and King Size Brown papers, plus extra slender Slim Size Brown and Slim Original for anyone fancying extra-tight minimal design.


Always Keep The Best Rolling Papers Handy!

So there you have it: your go-to address to get the nicest, smoothest cannabis experience is right here in Amsterdam. No matter what size or colour you prefer, you’ll always have the finest quality rolling papers – ready to roll, literally.

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From now on, there’s just no excuse for not having your paperwork in order. In our webstore, you can simply pick your favourite type of skins and order a whole box containing 50 packs each. If you didn’t care about quality, you wouldn’t have come to this site, so let’s face it. If your favourite genetics are in full bloom, you know it’s high time to add some top quality rolling papers for the best experience. There’s no denying that the very best rolling papers add fundamentally to your cannabis experience. You’re just one step away from having the very best papers handy all the time: order yours now and let the good times roll!


Disclaimer: Local laws and legislation on cannabis cultivation and germination of seeds vary between countries and states. Amsterdam Genetics products and information are exclusively intended for use in areas where such use is fully legal. Check your local rules; do not act in conflict with the law!

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