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Top 5 Best CBD Products Available In Store And Online

We love CBD! And considering the amazing benefits this cannabinoid can have on the human body and mind, you should too. Though the popularity of this substance has resulted in a dramatic increase of different products coming onto the market – of which some lack quality. At Amsterdam Genetics however, quality is more important than profit. As you’ll discover yourself, using one of the 5 Best CBD Products available online:

Best CBD Amsterdam

All it takes is a quick search for ‘CBD’ on Google to be confused by the many CBD products on the market today. The substance is super popular. Even to the extent that some dubbed it ‘green gold’ or ‘green rush’. Obviously, CBD’s popularity sparks interest with entrepreneurs worldwide. Many of them want to jump on the bandwagon to make some CBD-cash; without a care for the quality of their product nor the effect this might have on the consumer.

This creates a jungle of CBD producers offering all kinds of different products. In many cases the quality of these products is unknown, not tested or simply lacking. In fact, there are even products being sold as CBD, while they contain less than a mg of the active component from cannabis – if they contain any at all.

Top 5 Best CBD Products

Luckily, our SupMedi CBD product line is of guaranteed quality. After all, all products are made with the upmost care. More importantly, they’re tested by the only laboratory in The Netherlands with a license to test cannabis products. Understandably, this guarantees the quality of SupMedi’s CBD products and makes it arguably the best CBD available in Amsterdam.

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Find some of the best CBD Products online and in our CBD Store: Coffeeshop Information Centre (Prins Hendrikkade 10, Amsterdam)

Despite the fact that diluted CBD oil is the best known form of cannabidiol supplements – it is certainly not the most tasty or effective. Actually, the R&D team at SupMedi has developed a whole bunch of interesting, tasty and above all effective CBD products. Proudly introducing our Top 5 Best CBD Products, available on amsterdamgenetics.com and in our CBD Store: Coffeeshop Information Centre (Prins Hendrikkade 10, Amsterdam).

1. CBD Oil

Sure, we’ve just said CBD Oil is not the most effective way of using cannabidiol. Though it remains one of the most popular forms of CBD for a reason. CBD Oil is relatively affordable, as it contains few ingredients besides the CBD and an oil to dilute. Moreover, CBD Oil is usually very practical when it comes to small dosages. As you can calculate how much CBD is in one drop and work your dosage up to reach the desired effect.

CBD Melt Tablets Best CBD Product
CBD Melt Tablets are very effective and easy to consume on the go

2. CBD Melt Tablets

In contrast to the oil mentioned above, CBD Melt Tablets might be some of the most effective CBD products on the market today. Considering the fast onset of its effects and full absorption of the CBD by the mouth’s tissue, it is possible this product gives you the most ‘bang for your buck’. Besides that, our Melt Tablets are easy to transport and provide a clean and discreet way of consuming your CBD.

3. CBD Argan Cream

Although the products mentioned before will make you think otherwise, CBD does not have to be ingested for it to be beneficial. As various studies support the topical use of CBD; showing how CBD Cosmetics could potentially help treat various skin disorders. With 250mg CBD, Vitamin A and organic Argan oil – the CBD Argan Cream is one of our most effective CBD Topicals to date.

4. CBD Gummies

Taking your meds doesn’t always have to be a punishment. On the contrary, it can be a very tasty experience! Proven by the increasing popularity of CBD Edibles, like our CBD Gummies. A bag of CBD gummies contains 30 gummies with 4mg CBD each, totaling 120mg CBD in one bag. In four fresh fruity flavors, this mix of CBD Gummies is a tasteful way of consuming your daily dose of CBD.

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CBD Edibles, like our CBD Gummies, are gaining popularity fast


5. CBD Choco Spoon

CBD and chocolate is a match made in heaven! Discover the amazingly soothing combination of chocolate and cannabis in our CBD Choco Block Spoon. A wooden spoon with Amsterdam Genetics-logo, carrying CBD infused chocolate to easily make your own Hot Chocolate with CBD at home! The CBD Choco Block Spoon is made with great care and enriched with 10mg SupMedi CBD per serving. Topped off with a cute little marshmallow, just because we could. Simply dip and stir the choco spoon in a cup of hot (vegetable) milk or water and enjoy!