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Top 5 Chocolate Cannabis Strains

Cannabis comes in many shapes and sizes, and its spectrum of flavours and aromas is even more diverse than its appearance. This blog is a tribute to a line of strains that brought fame to Amsterdam Genetics: chocolate flavoured cannabis genetics! Love cannabis, adore chocolate? Well. sit back and feel your stomach growl as we present our Top 5 of Chocolate Cannabis Strains….

A Natural Taste For Chocolate Cannabis

Everybody loves chocolate – that’s a well-established fact, and if you don’t believe us, just ask your mom or boy- or girlfriend. Chocolate is one of the world’s most popular natural products, and it can affect your mood in positive ways. That makes it a great match for cannabis, a direct natural competitor both in terms of popularity and psychoactive potential. Little wonder then, that our expert geneticists have earned international fame by crossbreeding exquisite cannabis strains with chocolate flavour.

These chocolate cannabis seeds and the delicious genetics they contain have in fact become so popular that we can’t stop inventing new choco-inspired strains. That’s why it’s well past time we took you on a tour of our top 5 best chocolate cannabis strains. No matter whether you’re into sativa or indica, fast-paced autoflowers or hefty haze highs – Amsterdam Genetics has all your favourites coated in first-class cacao for a taste sensation and dazzling effects that will keep you coming back for more.

So without further ado, here’s out Top 5 Chocolate Cannabis Strains – enjoy!

White Choco Strain

Nr 1 Chocolate Cannabis Strain: White Choco

White Choco can rightly be called our primordial chocolate cannabis strain that started it all. This legendary 50/50 sativa-indica hybrid is still the pinnacle of balance, both in terms of refined flavour and nuanced high.

Tasting of sweet chocolate with a tantalizing spicy finish, this true Amsterdam classic takes cannabis crossbreeds to a whole new level. Spreading her chocolate delights equally across mind and body, she just melts out of her wrapping and on into your senses, carrying mild euphoric joys and creative impulses while soothing the limbs.

Chocolate has a reputation of being a natural mood lifter – well, White Choco proves the point beyond reasonable doubt, as her scent alone is enough to paint smiles on the faces of Amsterdam connoisseurs and international grow buffs alike!

If you haven’t grown a batch of original White Choco flowers yourself, you now have no excuse left. Order these legendary chocolate figurehead cannabis seeds straight away and try to keep from drooling as you anticipate that fat harvest of compact, dark green buds coated in gleaming trichomes that shine brighter than the original white chocolate to which they owe their name!

White Choco chocolate cannabis

White Choco Autoflower

To satisfy any grower’s chocolate cravings, our breeders soon came up with a White Choco Autoflower variant. Merging White Choco genetics with a dash of ruderalis hardiness made for a fast-paced, hard-hitting, slightly more indica-oriented version of our celebrated chocolate cannabis champion.

This is a real treat for growers with more taste than experience under their belt. Autoflower properties make growing this user-friendly White Choco cousin a breeze, while still retaining that classic look, scent, and effect of the original strain that still lies at its heart. If you are looking for a genuine chocolate cannabis experience with minimal hassle, or you just want to squeeze in some extra chunks of choco awesomeness at the end of the outdoor season, here’s your girl.

white choco autoflower

Nr 2 Chocolate Cannabis Strain: Choco Cheesecake

Choco Cheesecake is every bit as delicious as her name suggests. Our breeders managed to cross our number one chocolate cannabis strain White Choco with the unique cheese and diesel perfumes of Cheetos genetics. The result is a genuine cluster bomb of flavour: pungent, sweet, and almost dizzying in its aromatic depth.

Choco Cheesecake is slightly indica-dominant at 60%, but her effects are still nuanced like those of her White Choco parent strain. Some stress-prone people indulge in binging out on boxes of chocolates; well, with Choco Cheesecake you can easily burn the same amount of chocolate comfort without having to burn the calories.

She makes stress and tension melt like a chocolate bar left out in the sun. At the same time, 40% sativa genetics, 20% THC and a tasty interplay of terpenes lift the mood and ease physical pain – try getting that from your local chocolatier; they’ll probably think you’re high…

choco cheesecake chocolate cannabis strains

Nr 3 Chocolate Cannabis Strain: Chocolato

Chocolato is what happens when great taste meets great taste and they decide to have kids together. As if White Choco weren’t enough of a culinary delight already, we paired this flagship strain with Gelato, a wildly popular Cali delicacy with its own fine reputation for incredible flavour.

What came out of this tasteful encounter is far too complex to describe in words, but if we had to try, we would end up with an overpowering sweetness laced with deep tones of dark cacao and touches of succulent summer fruit.

In terms of taste, chocolate cannabis strains don’t get much better than this. Don’t overlook the intense high produced by freshly harvested Chocolato buds, however. This is a 24% THC indica-leaning hybrid that hits hard and fast. Uplifting energizing creative vibes go hand in hand with stress-busting, happy mental states compounded by a scent and flavour that seem to keep changing as the buzz continues to unfold.

chocolato chocolate cannabis strains

From a grower’s perspective, Chocolato is the perfect strain to manage hard-to-manage Gelato genetics in a friendly, fast-flowering, chocolate-coated variant that will leave you yearning for more even before the harvest is in…

Nr 4 Chocolate Cannabis Strain: AK Choco Kush

Yes indeed, celebrities love chocolate too – and that’s doubly true for cannabis celebs! Again, this is an intricate crossbreeding project based on our Nr 1 White Choco genetics paired with epic AK OG Kush goodness. We then went on to add the AK-47 strain for a bit of extra AK firepower and boom: out came AK Choco Kush, an 80% indica cannabis chocolate adventure with a body buzz as beautiful as the flowers that provide it!

Chocolate is still the leading aroma in the complex bouquet of this Hindu Kush-rooted cannabis strain. There’s some sweet and spicy nuances to her impression on the palate, though, making AK Choco Kush that much more intriguing for any experimentally-minded grower and connoisseur.

If you want to find out just how far a chill, mellow, relaxed mood can go, then this chocolate laced cannabis beauty is a fine way to raise the bar. While the stress dissipates, you may notice how this flower reaches beyond the nerves and muscles, caressing the brain with delicate mood-lifting qualities.

AK Choco Kush

AK Choco Kush has plenty of growth potential too. After a stormy vegetative phase, she cranks out compact flowers so full of trichomes that you may want to wear sunglasses to determine when to harvest this chocolate cannabis beauty queen.

Nr 5 Chocolate Cannabis Strain: White Choco Haze

We close off this top 5 of chocolate cannabis greatness by returning to the strain that started it all. In hindsight, it was only a matter of time before the legion of White Choco fans demanded a more hazy version of this mouth-watering marijuana monolith.

Our eye fell on Mexican Haze as a prospective bride. This addition proved a stroke of true genius, both for her eye-watering flavour boost and her capacity to turn White Choco into a 80% sativa high roller. If you have a preference for clear, uplifting headbuzz highs, this is your ticket.

Twhite choco haze

When it comes to flavour, White Choco Haze manages to mix chocolate tones and the sweet taste of melon into a single smashing cannabis strain. Far-fetched? Perhaps. Haute cuisine? Quite possibly so. No matter how you look at it, though, White Choco Haze unites the best of two worlds into a high-yield, creativity boosting, undeniably potent sativa chocolate sensation you’ll just have to try before you can grasp its true contribution to the cannabis universe!

Chocolate Cannabis Galore At Amsterdam Genetics

So, did our Top 5 chocolate cannabis strains get your blood pumping and your taste buds tingling yet? If so, we suggest you hop over to our online store and select your own champion choco strain to give her a spin. Before you know it, you’ll be licking your fingers as you rake in that chocolate-covered flower harvest coated in a frosty layer of delicious dripping resin!

Bon appétit, fellow cannabis chocolatiers!



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White Choco

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