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Cannabis Trend 2023 Forecast

As we rush headlong into a new year, the world around us keeps changing at dazzling speed. No matter how you look at it, last year brought plenty of new cannabis trends and challenges for weed lovers and entrepreneurs. We like to look ahead rather than over our shoulder, though. Let’s take a moment to figure out what 2023 may have in store for the planet and its global cannabis capital Amsterdam.

More Research Results Than Ever

Here at Amsterdam Genetics, we love a bit of science every now and then; especially when it’s about cannabis and its many positive effects. Last year saw of new studies being published, and from this perspective, 2023 is looking bright. As more and more US states and countries around the globe warm up to legalisation, academic restrictions are lifted and research teams get new opportunities to study the enigmatic plants that we hold so dear.

Although the majority of studies tend to focus on medical aspects of cannabis use, a major cannabis trend 2023 may bring is the shift towards recreational weed science. Legal sales are skyrocketing and breeding efforts have mushroom in North America. Serious breeders increasingly employ scientists to investigate and improve the quality of their wares. One of the most important cannabis trends for 2023, then, could be a surge of new insights into what makes weed so enjoyable at the molecular and psychological levels.

Innovations in genetics are also likely to make an ever-greater impact on consumer weed in the near future. We don’t necessarily mean GMO crops, though: improved crossbreeding techniques, scores of new talented breeders expanding hybrid possibilities, and other sector developments are bound to direct new cannabis industry trends this year.

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How Do You Spell Weed In German?

This year could also see a new wave of legalisation roll over the European continent. Germany is set to ratify sweeping new cannabis legislation, opening up a huge market potential both for domestic entrepreneurs and for neighbouring countries such as our own. The Germans could be overtaken by the Czechs, however, as the Czech Republic is speeding towards its own cannabis moment right now. Meanwhile, developments on the use of medicinal marijuana are on the horizon both in the UK and France, so 2023 is looking bright for millions of European consumers!

We should add a bit of tragic Dutch news here in all honesty, as our national ‘weed experiment’ just doesn’t seem to kick off. Legal difficulties, political hesitancy and logistics issues keep popping up. If we’re not careful, we could become the laughing stock of the continent very soon – let’s hope this year will see us make some headway there…

International Cannabis Trends For 2023

Zooming out to a planetary perspective, Asia surprised many an unsuspecting afficionado last year as Thailand suddenly opened up its entire underground cannabis sector and legalised weed at staggering speed. Who knows which neighbouring countries might follow suit in 2023? We’ve got our bags packed and ready just in case there’s new tropical paradises allowing more green onto the scene…

In the US, meanwhile, the legalisation boom is causing some unexpected spinoff effects. The recent boom in sales and productivity has caused prices to plummet. That’s a bit of a mixed bag, then, as consumers will rejoice at having to pay fewer bucks for their buds while investors grow hesitant and dispensaries are forced to send newly recruited staff home.

The recent push to make New York cannabis capital of the United States is running into some issues of its own, meanwhile. A surge in characteristic Big Apple entrepreneurship made a jolly mess of early attempts at orderly liberalisation efforts, but new attempts at establishing order are underway. We will be tracking these NY and US cannabis industry trends throughout 2023, just to keep you up to speed.

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Could Cannabis Help Save The Planet?

Here’s some really bright news when it comes to 2023 cannabis trends: hemp has such great potential for CO2 absorption that it may prove very useful in tackling the climate crisis. According to researchers, trapping CO2 in hemp plants and then using their fibres in sustainable consumer goods and building materials could act as a cannabis carbon sink that could make a substantial difference in climate change figures. Even though smoking weed will simply release any trapped CO2 back into the atmosphere, we are happy to see that our favourite plant could be Smell The Latest Cannabis Trend?

It’s a cannabis trend that’s been going on for a while, but this year will see the definitive breakthrough of terpene profiles as the defining feature of new cannabis strains. A growing vanguard of cannabis connoisseurs uses the myriad fragrances of fresh buds to guide their consumption and growing decisions.

Long-standing and increasingly obsolete consumer criteria such as sativa/indica percentages are being abandoned by breeders and gourmet cannabis lovers alike. Terpenes, the natural aromatic compounds that make up every strain’s unique terpene profile and fingerprint scent, are set to become an even more important cannabis industry trend this year than they already were. Time to brush up your terp knowledge and develop a nose for prime weed!

Terpenes do more than just smell good, though: they subtly affect your high, evoking emotional and cognitive effects that add depth and even determine how you enjoy your favourite flower through the entourage effect. To help you sniff out the ultimate cannabis aroma and flavour, we will be releasing some exceptionally fragrant new strains of our own this season!

Using your nose to find your perfect match in cannabis seeds is just one possible approach, though. Looking at the composition of a strain’s cannabinoid profile beyond THC alone is getting more important, too. Always remember, however, that finding your ideal crop depends on your personal preferences and growing conditions, too. We have a quick guide on picking your unique match in weed genetics waiting for you to help you schedule your grows in 2023 for maximum joy and efficiency.

cannabis trend 2023

Hot Genetics For Hotter Weather

There’s no denying that climate change is having an impact on outdoor and indoor cannabis growing around the globe. The climate crisis almost looks like a separate cannabis trend 2023 seems poised to bring.

Energy expenses went through the roof last year, making power saving and insulation tips top priorities for many in-house gardeners. Meanwhile, it seems likely that we have a long summer with record-shattering heatwaves up ahead, especially since the El Niño weather pattern appears set to return and add up to ongoing global warming effects.

Growing marijuana out in the garden or on the balcony may become problematic both in temperate and warm climate zones. We may have some hard decisions up ahead this outdoor season.

Cannabis seeds with good resistance to heat stress and drought are bound to become more prominent. Adjusting watering schedules may be necessary. Don’t sweat it yet, though – if you need some more useful tips on protecting your weed against the heat, we have you and your canopy covered.

Stay Tuned For The Latest Cannabis Trends In 2023

So with the weather forecast in order, we are about to wrap up our review of all the big 2023 cannabis industry trends. We can’t wait to find out what the future has in store for the growing communities around the world.

We will be sharing all the major developments and emerging cannabis trends as the year progresses. Subscribing to our newsletter is a great way to stay in the loop, and to be the first to know about all the latest tips, techniques, seeds, and special offers.

Whatever you do, make sure to use any cannabis trends to your advantage by growing the finest seeds our Amsterdam expert breeders can come up with. We have some great new genetics heading your way, so save some space in that grow tent or greenhouse to produce some great cannabis developments of your own this year!


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