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Using Cannabis To Sleep Better

We all know the feeling: you’re tired and all you can think about is that seductively soft pillow. You’re sure you’ll be fast asleep in two minutes – but as soon as you lie down, your mind goes into overdrive. You can’t help dwelling on that important meeting tomorrow, taking your daughter to her swimming class, and oh, did you walk the dog tonight? Some people fall asleep easily, only to wake up ten times each night. Feeling tired and not being able to sleep can be deeply frustrating. So could growing marijuana seeds improve quality of sleeping? Is weed a good way to improve your night’s rest? Read all about how cannabis and better sleeping relate.

Sleeping Better With Cannabis: Indica Or Sativa?

Most weed-savvy people know there are many different types to choose from. All the various strains affect alertness and energy levels in their own particular way. One way to classify these strains is to distinguish between indica strains that make you drowsy and sleepy, while sativa cannabis can boost your energy by contrast. However, this crude distinction between indica and sativa strains is an oversimplification. Anyone interested in sleeping better with cannabis ought to pay attention to the various cannabis ingredients that strains contain, such as cannabinoids and terpenes. These organic compounds all have their own unique effect on our quality of sleep.

How THC And CBD Affect Sleep

CBD and THC are the two best-known cannabis compounds, and either substance has its own unique impact on better sleeping. CBD (cannabidiol) is know to help people relax, which can be particularly helpful in case of stress or anxiety. This capacity makes it a good aid for falling asleep faster. CBD Oil can help you rebalance your sleeping patterns, making you feel less tired throughout the day and better able to sleep at night.

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THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) also has soothing properties. These sedative qualities make THC another potential cannabis compound to promote better sleeping. In fact, 70% of all young adults using cannabis indicate doing so because it helps them sleep better. Still, THC can have quite the opposite effect on some people. Particularly in high doses, it can have uplifting, energizing effects, which of course will not help anyone looking for some shuteye. On the other hand, this property makes some cannabis strain very suited to try against fatigue; you’ll learn more about that in this blog.

So what is the best choice when looking for cannabis strains to help you sleep better? The soothing qualities associated with either cannabinoid appear to make genetics with balanced CBD and THC potency a good option. Moreover, CBD is capable of limiting the psychotropic effects of THC to some extent. Anyone looking to sleep better with cannabis without getting high can always choose special CBD cannabis seeds, or simply order CBD Oil or CBD Gummies online.

Other Cannabinoids And Terpenes In Weed

Cannabis has more compounds to offer for better sleep than CBD and THC alone, however. Keep in mind, though, that each individual strain has its own unique cannabinoid profile. Further on in this blog, we present some of our best strains to help any grower sleep better.

One of the cannabinoids that can help people relax is the mildly psychoactive compound CBN (cannabinol). It has soothing, muscle-relaxing, and even analgesic properties. CBG (cannabigerol) is another well-known cannabinoid that can help improve sleeping quality. Until very recently, CBG was very expensive and difficult to obtain, but new technologies have changed that for the better. Thanks to smart crop cultivation, you can now order high-grade Full Spectrum CBG Oil to help you sleep better without the need to feel high or stoned.

Other cannabis ingredients that can help you sleep better are known as terpenes. These aromatic compounds are responsible for the scent ad flavour of weed. They can do much more than that, however. Some terpenes contribute to the soothing and sleep-promoting properties of marijuana strains, such as myrcene, caryophyllene, linalool, and terpinolene, for example. Cannabinoids and terpenes all have their own unique effects, but they can also mutually affect each other. Some combinations actually boost the effects of one another; a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.

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How Cannabis Can Help Us Sleep Better

The relaxing effects of cannabis affect sleeping patterns in several ways.

Weed Can Make People Fall Asleep Faster

As cannabis can help us relax both physically and mentally, it is not surprising to find it can help people sleep better. No matter whether you are lying awake due to milling thoughts, pain, or stress; research shows that substances found in weed can help improve the time needed to fall asleep.

Less REM Sleep And Dreams

Regular marijuana consumers will recognise how they tend to dream less compared to sober nights. It turns out that enjoying a bedtime smoke reduces the amount of time spent in the dreaming stage of sleep (REM sleep). This makes the occurrence of dreams less likely as well as decreasing their vividness. That can be a real advantage for anyone suffering from PTSD, a condition associated with intense nightmares. Keep in mind, however, that dreams have their use in maintaining our mental health, making this cannabis effect a factor to consider in trying to sleep better.

Using Cannabis Against Pain And Stress-Related Insomnia

Cannabis can be particularly useful in helping people sleep better in case of conditions such as anxiety disorders, PTSD, chronic pain, or MS. People affected by Restless Leg Syndrome or depression could benefit from marijuana as well. In each of these cases, cannabis can help people sleep better as well as preventing them from waking up at night. Overall, the calming, soothing potential of weed can help improve quality of sleeping in general.

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Long Term Effects

As explained above, cannabis is an interesting natural candidate to help people sleep better. However, we need to remain critical and mention one of its potential drawbacks as well. Long-term use of cannabis to better sleeping can eventually have a negative impact on quality of sleep. Marijuana may alter sleeping patterns by decreasing the duration of REM sleep while extending NREM sleep.

This is undesirable in the long run, as it can give rise to other sleeping problems instead. That means extended use of cannabis to help you sleep better is not advisable. Nonetheless, limited use can have positive effects on sleeping patterns and help you through periods of (mild) sleeping problems. Moreover, the side-effects of most regular sleep medication and tranquillizers are much more serious than the potential side-effects of cannabis.

Top Cannabis Strains To Help People Sleep Better

After our exploration of how cannabis can help us sleep better, we give you a few tips on finding the best strains to promote a good night’s sleep.

Top Sleep Strain #1: Spicebomb

Spicebomb is one of our latest kush cannabis innovations that seems to have better sleep ingrained in its DNA. This high-THC strain also has above-average CBD content, amounting to a cannabinoid combination that goes way beyond counting sheep.

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A serious indica hybrid with a decidedly kushy family history, Spicbomb explodes in a hefty, deeply relaxing body buzz. Any grower spending the night staring at the ceiling due to physical unrest had better give these sleep improving cannabis seeds a go!

Top Sleep Strain #2: Dutch Duchess

Our Dutch Duchess cannabis seeds embody another deeply interesting anti-insomnia strain. This is a 70% indica-leaning hybrid with her own share of kush heritage, providing fast and intense bodily relaxation topped off by soothing cerebral effects to complete a well-rounded high.

Dutch Duchess cannabis seeds also promote better sleep by their markedly high CBN content. The associated sense of lazy satisfaction makes for a smooth transition from couchlock to turning in early, so this strain is warmly recommended for anyone for anyone seeking better sleep with cannabis.

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Top Sleeping Tip #3: Full Spectrum CBG Oil

CBG (cannabigerol) is the latest cannabinoid trend when it comes to unwinding, losing stress, and enjoying a good night’s sleep. That’s why we see more and more CBD supplement fans discover our Full Spectrum CBG Oil for better natural sleep without the need for a high.

CBD can help you calm down fast, which promotes faster onset of sleep and reduces the likelihood of waking up at night. Full Spectrum CBG Oil contains all the other cannabinoids found in hemp plants too. The one thing you won’t find inside is an effective concentration of THC, so this oil is perfect for anyone aiming to snooze while staying sober.

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Weed Against Insomnia: We’ll Let You Sleep On It

As you can see, any grower can find the genetics of their dreams in our extraordinary cannabis seeds collection. If you’re not sure which one to try, we suggest you just pick some and then sleep on it. There’s a perfect strain here to match any personal taste and lifestyle, so anyone looking to sleep better with cannabis will find what they need at Amsterdam Genetics!