A Serious Warning From The Professor!

A quick word on a threat to any responsible smoker today: synthetic cannabis is something we need to discuss, if only because it is killing people. Worse, people seem to die from this recent and wildly unpredictable drug because they assume it’s more or less harmless, like natural cannabis. Clearly it isn’t. Let’s have a look.

So what is synthetic cannabis?
In a way, synthetic cannabis is precisely that – a lab-produced substance that mimics the effects of natural cannabis. The problem is that it doesn’t succeed. It is next to impossible to find out what chemicals were added to the herb-like twigs and leaves you see when you get your hands on the stuff. Because of this lack of clarity, it was legally sold in many countries, often as a ‘legal high’ or ‘smart drug’. The solvents and powdered chemicals used to produce the various highs are constantly changing, though, and recently, a wave of substance-related deaths reported in new Zealand were linked to synthetic cannabis use.

Just say no – really!
Although synthetic weed is known to produce some effects similar to those of real grass, it can have some additional effects that can harm you and others, or even be fatal, including irregular heartbeat, paranoia, aggression and violence, psychosis, seizures, strokes, and acute kidney injury. Even so, little is know for sure about this nasty drug, and it changes faster than science can cope with, so please, my dear sensible smokers: just say ‘no’ to this one. It is no alternative for our beloved natural green goodness, so don’t smoke, drink, or eat this rubbish. Don’t puff – just pass!