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Weed Socks: Cannabis Lifestyle by Amsterdam Genetics

At Amsterdam Genetics we understand that cannabis is a lifestyle. It is more than getting high alone, as the cannabis culture embodies wellness and fashion too. Considering the importance of fashion in this day and age, we make it our mission to develop merchandise that fits the culture, but also supports the normalization and acceptance of cannabis consumers in modern society. And what’s more normal than Socks?

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Weed Socks

Amsterdam Genetics Socks are the perfect gift to give or receive. In addition to keeping your feet warm, our stylish weed-themed socks help you to share the love for Amsterdam’s best coffeeshops and cannabis lifestyle brand. With four unique Amsterdam Genetics sock-designs, there’s a pair for everybody. Whether you like socks with a pattern or without, we’ve got you (and your feet) covered with this cool and affordable footwear. Available in sizes: 39-42 / 43-46, we offer:

Professor Harvest Socks

AG Professor Harvest Socks is a pair of two stylish beige socks with the iconic ‘Professor Harvest’ design by Amsterdam Genetics.

Professor Harvest serves as a symbol for the educational side of Amsterdam Genetics. In fact, we do our best to spread knowledge about cannabis in every way possible. As we say at our Coffeeshop Information Centre (Prins Hendrikkade 10): ‘Get Smart, Before You Get High!’.

AG Logo Socks

AG Logo Socks is a pair of two unique white socks. Featuring a big Amsterdam Genetics logo on the backside of one of the socks, while the other carries the iconic green cross. AG Logo Socks are ‘classic white socks’; ideal if you’re looking for a subtle way to share your love for the best coffeeshop(s) in Amsterdam.


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4 Pack Socks

Effect Socks

AG Effect Socks is a pair of two unique white socks with ‘Effect’ design. With big ‘Effect Smiley’ on one of the socks, while the other carries a pattern of different ‘Effect Smileys’.

Each ‘Effect Smiley’ symbolizes one of the many different effects Amsterdam Genetics’ strains can have on the human body and mind. In fact, there’s a chance you recognize these symbols.

AG Logo Pattern Socks

AG Logo Pattern Socks is a pair of two white socks, featuring a pattern of Amsterdam Genetics logos. In conclusion, Amsterdam Genetics Logo Pattern Socks are ‘classic white socks’ with a subtle hint to your cannabis lifestyle.

All Amsterdam Genetics Socks are made from 80% Cotton, 17% Polyamid and 3% Elastane. In other words: comfortable and high quality footwear for everyday use. See the full range of AG Socks, currently available in sizes: 39-42 and 43-46.