What Are CBD Salves?

With the high number of CBD products on the market today, you may or may not have heard about CBD salves. They have been around for quite some time now, but unfortunately, not everyone has had the pleasure to familiarize themselves with using CBD cosmetics. Although you might be in the light about typical salves, it is a relatively different case when it comes to CBD salves.

How To Make CBD Salves

CBD salves are often made with wax, CBD, and other ingredients like edible oil. The first step is extracting Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp plant matter like the flowers, leaves, and stalk. With the CBD in oil form, it is then added to bee wax, to ensure the salve’s silkiness and ability to stick on the affected part of the skin. 

Manufacturers like SupMedi then may add edible oils like coconut oil and aromas if they so wish. Most manufacturers use coconut oil, since it has high amounts of fatty acids to facilitate the carriage of the Cannabidiol. 

how to make cbd salve
CBD Salves are often made with Bee’s wax, Cannabidiol and other (natural) ingredients.

Unlike CBD creams and CBD lotions, CBD salves are made without water. The absence of water increases the salve’s stickiness to the skin, thus giving the user the optimal benefits of CBD. Providing more hydration in the process – as you will discover yourself using our SupMedi CBD Argan Salve (30ml with 150mg CBD) for example.


How CBD Salves Work

Well, the human body has cannabinoid receptors all over – including the human skin cells. When one applies a CBD salve on any part of the skin, cannabinoids from the cosmetic interact with these receptors to offer the distinct benefits of Cannabidiol to the affected part. 

Now, let’s say you are struggling with ankle pain. You use the CBD salve by rubbing it on the affected ankle. The rubbing should end after you get assured that the affected part has the maximum amount of CBD. The present Cannabidiol gets absorbed into the skin cells of the affected part, for the most part. Thus, it doesn’t get absorbed into the bloodstream. As a result, it is safe to conclude that the topical use of CBD does not act as an alternative for oral ingestion of the cannabinoid.   

Therapeutic Benefits Of CBD Salves

As of the moment, there are no specific studies conducted to research the potential medical benefits of these salves. However, now that these compounds harbor Cannabidiol as the most primal compound. We can easily say the benefits of CBD cosmetics mostly rely on the many benefits of the cannabinoid. 

1. Combatting Pain

According to the European Journal of Pain 2016, Cannabidiol can help in tackling arthritis pain. As previously mentioned, CBD forms an integral part in CBD salves; thus, we can easily conclude that the salves have the potential to heal the affected parts of the body. At least with superficial joint pain, as these affected parts are easy to reach by the CBD through the skin.

cbd cream and salve to battle skin problems
CBD Salves can help battle skin problems and superficial pain.

It is worth mentioning that these salves will not heal deeper-laying causes of pain; as topical use of CBD doesn’t in any way trigger a bond within the bloodstream. If you are suffering from internal organ pain, then CBD salves could undoubtedly not be the solution to your pain point. As stated before, topical use of cannabinoids does not substitute oral ingestion of the compounds. In that case, try using a CBD Oil or our easy-to-dose Melt Tablets as an alternative.

2. Alleviation Of Inflammation

Among the several benefits of Cannabidiol, its anti-inflammatory properties help in solving problems with affected skin parts. Now, applying CBD salves can help solve skin inflammation that could come from auto-immune disease like psoriasis, eczema or any other problem that causes inflammation.

Pros Of CBD Salves

  • The effects get felt almost instantaneously since the Cannabidiol doesn’t pass through the digestive tract or liver metabolism
  • The skin’s reaction to CBD can be far much tolerable as opposed to taking CBD orally. 

Cons Of CBD Salves

  • The wax used in the manufacturing of the salves makes them greasy; thus, it can be a put off to some people.


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This article was written by Stan and lightly edited to suit amsterdamgenetics.com