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Column: ‘Why I Decided To Grow My Own Cannabis’

Sure, you can portray me as a criminal. Lock me up, tear down my garden and try to break my spirit. But nothing will take away my motivation to grow my own cannabis. My name is not important but my message is! This is why I decided to grow my own cannabis:

All cannabis use = therapeutical

Like most cannabis consumers, I discovered the sweet herb in my teenage years. For me it was love at first sight puff and it has been with me through the hardest times in my life.

growing cannabis
All Cannabis Use Is Therapeutical [Picture not related to writer]

I’ll be honest, it may have complicated some things as a youngster trying to develop to my fullest potential. But after learning more about responsible cannabis use, it has literally helped me find my way and I don’t know if I could (or want to) do without.

Little did I know I was using cannabis medicinally, or therapeutically if you will, all this time.

While discovering more about the amazing benefits responsible cannabis use has on the body and mind, I tailored my intake to a balanced combination of THC and CBD and indica- and sativa-dominant cannabis-products. Each with its own effect on my well-being. Balancing not only my cannabis-intake, but also my physical state and emotional output.

Quantity and quality

Obviously this intake is not cheap, daily medicinal use of cannabis-products in the current global situation is costly. Because – although many would think otherwise – cannabis is even illegal in the Netherlands. Black-market dealers and even commercial growers for coffeeshops take a great risk to provide you with their product. Risk they translate into money, to compensate for lost harvests and shipments.

Luckily, there’s still good cannabis to be found in some Dutch Coffeeshops

Besides that, due to that black market situation and therefore a lack of quality control, you simply cannot guarantee the quality of what you buy off the streets or in coffeeshops. Obviously the Netherlands has some good coffeeshops to get clean bud from, like the ones you’ll find on Amsterdam Genetics’ website. But again, I simply can’t afford consuming only purchased cannabis with the quantity I require on a monthly basis.

Homegrown Weed

When I grow my own, I know for sure what products have (of have not) been used during the plant’s lifecycle. This way I’m guaranteed that if I follow the instructions of the (organic) fertilizer I use, and start flushing in time, my end-product will be clean as a whistle. Providing me with way tastier, more potent and safer weed than you’ll find in most coffeeshops.

nothing beats my home grown weed
Nothing Beats (My) Home Grown Weed!

Furthermore, growing my own weed on a small scale has provided me with a steady supply. No more dodgy phone calls to unknown dealers and sketchy meetings for a smoke, or having to actually travel to get to an OK coffeeshop. Moreover, the actual cultivation of cannabis turned out to be a therapeutical thing on its own. Giving me peace at mind on the moments I need it most. Because if there’s one thing you can’t rush, it’s natures pace.

It’s safe to say that the day I decided to grow cannabis for myself, changed my life for the better. So I’ll stick to the motto: Nothing Beats My Home Grown Weed!

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