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Why Treating Epilepsy With CBD Is A Good Idea

While cannabis and cannabinoid-based medicine still face opposition in many places; CBD products prove to be effective against many diseases. In case of epilepsy, CBD oil appears to offer a safe, long-term solution as opposed to regular medication.

Treating Epilepsy With CBD

Epilepsy is a significant medical condition affecting approximately 60 million people worldwide. The disorder causes unprovoked and recurrent seizures. This medical condition occurs due to many other therapeutic factors, not only one’s genetic composition. Individuals who have Alzheimer’s can also suffer from seizures. People with a brain injury or who have suffered from a stroke are most likely to suffer from seizures, too.

Epileptic seizures disrupt an individual’s life. Once they occur, you lose control of your body, and you can suffer further injuries as a result. To reduce such impacts, individuals receive antiepileptic prescriptions for seizure management. However, these medications often have severe side effects.

People are now seeking an alternative to epileptic medications. One of the best ideas brought forth by medical studies is the use of high dosed CBD oil. Even though cannabis still faces opposition in many places, the use of cannabidiol (CBD) for medical purposes is rapidly gaining support. Although understandably, some people still need reasons indicating why using cannabidiol – in the form of CBD oil or our convenient Melt Tablets for example – is essential for their epileptic seizures. Following are a few such reasons:

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1. CBD Is Not Addictive Or Psychoactive

One of the fears that people have regarding cannabidiol is getting addicted or getting high. Cannabidiol has no addictive elements in it as it does not contain THC, which is responsible for inducing the high. CBD and THC are two different compounds from the same cannabis plant. However, their properties are quite different.

CBD that is advisable for use in treating epilepsy comes from the hemp plant. It has low amounts of THC and high amounts of CBD, which counteracts any high you may get from THC. Once you ingest CBD, you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Provided that you get the best CBD products online from trusted sources only, you are likely to see helpful results.

2. CBD Fights Migraines And Insomnia

Due to frequent epileptic seizure attacks, an individual may end up suffering from continuous migraines. These headaches are sometimes too severe, which makes sleeping impossible. If your sleep pattern is no longer the same, your body loses balance. This exacerbates the seizure frequency, and your condition turns from bad to worse.

Ingesting low amounts of CBD oil may help to reduce the effects of seizures or slow them down. CBD oil helps fight migraines by reducing the inflammation of the receptors or nerves in the cranial region. With CBD oil, your headaches can recede, and within a short period, you feel much better. It’s recommended that one buys CBD oil from a well-known brand like SupMedi, as they guarantee quality products at reasonable prices.

cannabis migraine headache insomnia
As it appears, CBD can be very effective in treating migraines and insomnia. [Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash]

CBD is also an effective relaxation remedy. It helps you loosen up, relax, and calm yourself. As a result, you drift into sleep and stay asleep for a longer duration. When you wake, you are not only rejuvenated but also well-rested. It gives the body time to relax and regenerate and boost your immunity against seizures.

3. CBD Oil Protects Your Neurons

Epilepsy, as a medical condition, affects the neural system in the body. Deficiencies occurring in the neurons are what manifest in the form of seizures, for instance, poor communication, which indicates the brain does not receive a message resulting in a seizure.

CBD oil once ingested binds itself to the endocannabinoid receptors. The receptors are part of the endocannabinoid system whose function is to ensure the proper functioning of the body. It helps ensure better sleep, suitable or regular body temperature, or even manages your mobility.

endocannabinoid system ecs cb1 cb2 receptors cannabis body
Endocannabinoid receptors throughout the whole body make sure CBD works wonders when it comes to treating disease

According to studies, the cannabinoid in CBD oil protects the neurons. They prevent toxins from penetrating and infecting your neurons. If the toxic level is too high, it may end up triggering seizures at a higher rate. Since CBD has a relaxing effect, it helps modulate your ability to get excited or too surprised. Through these functionalities, they prevent further seizure attacks.

Finally, CBD aids in preventing brain inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory capabilities. By reducing the possibilities of neuro-inflammation, the levels of seizure attacks reduce significantly.

4. CBD Is A Natural Product

CBD oil production is from a natural plant; it contains no additives and is not synthetic. This makes it one of the most potent and natural medications available on the market today for assisting in epileptic seizure management. However, it is crucial to note that different individuals have different reactions to CBD.

These reactions are due to a person’s age, body mass, health status, and the extent of severity of the medical condition of an individual. Besides, each dosage level for one individual is not similar to another. Consequently, it is fundamental to seek advice or exercise caution when taking CBD oil for a specific medical condition, including epilepsy.

For instance, if you suffer 100 epileptic seizures in 2 weeks, you may require approximately 100mg of CBD a week for your dose. During a period of three months with this dosage, the seizure may go down to about 5 in the 2 weeks. However, another patient with the same number of epileptic seizures might require 300mg in a week. At the end of three months, the seizures may go down to 20 in a week. The difference may be due to different CBD practices, personal preferences, and genetic makeup, among other reasons that make you a unique human being.

cbd Cannabidiol Amsterdam Genetics Supmedi best cbd products
CBD, short for ‘cannabidiol’, is one of the main active components in hemp / cannabis.

5. CBD Is A Long Term Treatment Method

Epileptic patients develop tolerance to different medications at their disposal. Whenever there is a change in their prescription medication, they get relief for a while. However, they still develop resistance to new medicines, as well. The question lingering is whether you can use CBD oil as a long term relief provider to individuals who have epilepsy.

A study in 2018 shows that CBD oil can work for individuals on a long term basis. Its set objectives show that two-thirds of their participants continued to show improvements for the period. The study that took two years to accomplish in 2015, also indicates significant improvements with essential doses of the famous dose of Epidiolex.

Even though these studies are not conclusive, it is apparent that CBD oil can assist individuals suffering from epileptic seizures.


Treating epilepsy with CBD Oil is one of the best ideas that medical professionals and scientists could have developed. It can help in fighting the effects of epileptic seizures on your body. It enables you to sleep, reduces inflammation, and reduces migraines. Therefore, you become much healthier with lower frequencies in seizure attacks.