Official Distributors

Find an Amsterdam Genetics retailer near you:

Coffeeshops & Dispensaries
Coffeeshop Sloterdijk
(Betty Boop Powered by Boerejongens)
Boerejongens Center
Boerejongens West
Boerejongens BIJ
Coffeeshop Amsterdam
Tweede Kamer
Blue Tomato
Coffeeshop Johnny
Coffeeshop DNA
Coffeeshop Takeaway

Headshops & Seed Banks
La Canna
Mario Shop
Fanataseeds Garden
Coffeeshop Information Centre
High Culture Store/CBD oilshop
Amsterdam Seed Center

Retailers & Wholesalers
TGC Trading – Wholesale
Jonk Keizer Souvenirs – Retail

Our range of cannabis seeds is sold in some of Amsterdam’s most famous coffeeshops. As Amsterdam Genetic Seeds are only available from approved distributors, we suggest reading through the list of approved suppliers if ordering cannabis seeds online isn’t for you.

Interested in becoming an official Amsterdam Genetics Distributor?

Seed Guide

Each of our approved distributors has an official Amsterdam Genetics Seed Guide on display, available for customers to read and learn more about our strains. Inside you’ll find a lot of the information contained on this website. Such as strain genetics, flavours and a brief description on the history and effects of the plant. Download our digital Seed Guide here.

If you have any further questions be sure to visit our Customer Support Area and see our FAQ’s.

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