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Thursday 24 November


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Wednesday 16 November


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Friday 28 October


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Monday 24 October


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Friday 21 October


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Monday 17 October


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Amsterdam Genetics is your ticket to ordering the world’s finest cannabis seeds online. Fast, safe, easy and reliable – it’s as simple as that. That’s what you get when your motto is Quality Is In Our Genes. Our experts have been developing cannabis genetics that delight growers and gourmets for over 25 years.

The Finest Cannabis Seeds With The Best Genetics

When it comes to delicious flavour, powerful effects, and solid sophisticated DNA, Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds keep surpassing grower expectations. We are proud to develop our strains using the original genetics that made the Dutch capital famous. Whether it’s classics like Super Silver Haze or our legendary White Choco variations; here, you know that every single cannabis seed is ready to burst with the finest genetics on earth.

Amsterdam Roots, World Class Quality

Yet in spite of our Amsterdam roots, our experts keep on developing new innovative strains. We stay ahead of the curve and lead the industry as we keep raising the bar for growers and connoisseurs from all over the world. We stay in the lead by selecting the finest seeds from new strains and other international premium genetics. We then carefully crossbreed these with the literal cream of the crop our Amsterdam heritage has to offer. The result? A constant stream of wholly unique and undeniably delicious cannabis strains that keeps our customers coming back for more!

Only The Best Is Good Enough

Obviously, spending so many years pouring all that expertise, passion, and devotion into developing the world’s best cannabis seeds results in a product range with a perfect match for any taste and preference. From the greenest of growers to the most grizzled of veterans, everyone can rely on working with cannabis seeds created for optimal germination, grow, and flowering power – and solid, bountiful harvests, of course.

Still, the Amsterdam Genetics online store does not offer hundreds of strains to choose from. This is because we only allow truly elite strains into our collection. For every new strain we release, we won’t hesitate to shove aside ten inferior ones. We prefer quality over quantity: we sell only the finest cannabis seeds or we don’t sell any at all.

Premium Cannabis Seeds For Gourmet Consumers

At Amsterdam Genetics, all seeds are top tier premium material. Consider our strains as the menu of a Michelin star restaurant: we don’t swamp you with average choices – we only serve our exclusive collection of singular top-notch cannabis seeds.

This is why we explicitly direct our efforts at our gourmet connoisseur audience, just like great restaurants do. We only sell those cannabis seeds that we instantly recognise for the true gems they are. This allows us to offer exclusive weed variants to match any taste and preference, while still ensuring that every single Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seed produces unique, powerful, and delicious effects.

An Exclusive Match For Every Grower

Like most other things in life, cannabis seeds are a matter of taste. This is why our seeds collection reflects the full range of flavours, effects, and grow techniques available today. From the fastest and strongest autoflowers to fully feminized cannabis seeds, from kush to haze, and from intense indicas to sophisticated sativa hybrids: Amsterdam Genetics offers only the very best. Our breeders are constantly looking for the optimum balance between cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and CBG paired with fragrant terpenes to forge ever-new unforgettable experiences. Rest assured that we always have an exclusive match waiting for you, whatever your personal taste may be!

Make The Most Of Our Genetics With Info, Tips & Techniques

Representing over a quarter of a century’s worth of expertise, experience, and grow knowhow, Amsterdam Genetics is an established and respected knowledge partner. We are more than happy to share our expertise, passion, and craftsmanship with you. Our blogs and mailings contain all the key insights, hands-on tips, and technical advice you’ll need to make the most out of our cannabis genetics. That way, you can enjoy growing the world’s finest cannabis seeds while your knowledge grows accordingly…

All The Best Cannabis Seeds, CBD Oil, Merchandise & More

Of course, no collection of unique cannabis seeds is complete without a selection of merchandise to match, raising sector-wide standards for trend-setting quality. From high-grade rolling papers, filter tips, grinders, and other smoke supplies and grow essentials to shirts, sweaters, caps, and even socks; Amsterdam Genetics makes sure that even the most demanding connoisseurs get all the quality they could ever ask for! In addition to our world-class selection of exclusive cannabis seeds, our online store also offers premium CBD Oil and other hemp supplements developed by SupMedi.

So go ahead: take a plunge into our collection and order the best cannabis seeds online – it’s fast, safe, and deliciously easy!