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Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Autoflower cannabis seeds are the fastest, easiest genetics to grow at home. Autoflower strains are bred to get great harvest yields ASAP. They are tough and fast, but best of all, autoflower seeds don’t depend on light cycle factors to start flowering. That makes them super easy to grow for any indoor or outdoor gardener.

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  • -25% Off Exotic purple autoflower cannabis seeds

    Exotic Purple Autoflower

  • -25% Off Dynamighty autoflowerwhite choco

    Dynamighty Autoflower

  • -25% Off plantautoflower or photoperiod seed

    White Choco Autoflower

  • -25% Off amsterdam genetics blue amnesia auto product imageBlue amnesia autoflower cannabis seeds

    Blue Amnesia Autoflower

  • -25% Off amsterdam genetics ak 020 auto product imageAK-020 autoflower cannabis seeds

    AK-020 Autoflower

  • -25% Off amsterdam genetics choco kush auto product imageChoco Kush Best Autoflowering cannabis seeds

    Choco Kush Autoflower

  • -25% Off Milkshake Kush Autoflower Cannabis Seedswhite choco autoflower cannabis seeds

    Milkshake Kush Autoflower