Frequently Asked Questions

Our customer service team are always kept busy. Whenever we receive a question more than twice, we add it to our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you find yourself with a question then feel free to get in touch with our team.You’ll find our contact details listed on our Customer Support page.

How long does it take for cannabis seeds to germinate?

It normally takes 1-3 days for cannabis seeds to sprout, but germination of cannabis seeds could take up to 10 days in some occasions. We advise you to be patient and make sure the conditions for the seed(s) are perfect before panicking. Read more on germinating cannabis seeds here

My seed(s) haven’t sprouted, what could be wrong?

Cannabis seeds should sprout within 10 days. Please contact our Customer Service if your AG seeds haven't sprouted within this time span. Please include your order number, method of germination, including pictures if possible. We can't guarantee 100% germination rates, but are always here to help troubleshoot. If a seed does not germinate within this period, this can be caused by:
  • Wrong storage – read how to store cannabis seeds below ‘How (long) can I store my cannabis seeds?’
  • Germinating conditions – make sure the seed is kept in a warm, dark and moist environment for it to sprout. Do not plant the seed to deep, shallow or in soil with a high density (this can happen when the soil is too moist or heavy).
Make sure to correctly store your seeds and use a reliable germination method. Learn how to perfectly germinate seeds in our blog.

My seed sprouted, but the seed shell did not fall off. What can I do?

This phenomenon happens sometimes and doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem. A sprouted cannabis seed may not shed its shell easily when the seed is older then two years or has been planted to shallow or in soil with a high density. In these last cases the seed might have germinated to fast and dried out before it had the chance to shed it’s shell. In such cases, try moisturizing the seed shell by dripping small droplets of water onto it. Carefully try to free the developing seedling by pulling gently on each side of the split seed shell. When experiencing resistance - for example if the shell is still attached to the developing seedling - wait and moisturize. This process can take up to a couple of days and does not guarantee the final result.

How (long) can I store my cannabis seeds?

If stored correctly, cannabis seeds have an excellent shelf life and could in theory be stored for at least 10 years. However, the success rate of the seeds germination does drop significantly after two years of storage. Therefore we recommend Amsterdam Genetics seeds should not be stored longer than two years before usage. Should you decide to store your seeds for a longer period of time – possibly to preserve genetics – make sure the conditions are perfect. Store the seeds in a dark, cool environment like a refrigerator. Do not take the seeds out of the fridge if you do not plan on germinating, as the fluctuation of temperature could impact the seeds’ ability to germinate. When you decide to germinate these seeds, make sure to take them out of the refrigerator at least 24h before planting them. This way the seeds can acclimatise to room temperature, which will increase the chance on germination.

What guarantee comes with your product?

Unfortunately we are unable to give any warranty on our products. Because we deliver a natural product whereby the actions, care and attention with which the consumer handles, stores and works with the product can have a huge impact on our products. This is also mentioned in our terms and conditions. Read the warranty terms in our terms and conditions.

How do I germinate old cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds could theoretically be used for a long time; even after years of storage. If stored correctly, of course. The success rate of the seeds germination however, drops significantly after two years. Nevertheless, it is possible for some seeds to still germinate after years of storage. Although chances are this process is a bit more complicated compared to germinating ‘fresh seeds’. Experts advise to soak older seeds in 22C° water for 24 hours, with a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide to soften the shell. Keep a close eye on the seeds in these first 24h, as the seeds may drown when they open and are left in the water for too long.

What is the difference between regular (photoperiod) and autoflower seeds?

‘Normal’ photoperiod seeds only enter the flowering stage when days become shorter then 14 hours. In nature, this happens naturally and gradually. When growing indoors, growers usually shorten the daytime period with a time switch on the lights. Setting it back from 18 hours light and 6 hours of darkness for the vegetative state, to 12 hours daytime and 12 hours night-time per day for the plants to enter the flowering stage. Autoflowering cannabis plants do not rely on this natural rhythm to flower. By crossing them to a cannabis variety called ruderalis, these plants will flower automatically after a couple of weeks; regardless of the hours of light. Read more about the advantages of Autoflowering Cannabis Plants here:

How long will it take for my plant to flower?

See ‘What is the difference between regular (photoperiod) and autoflower seeds?’

When will I know if the plant is ready to harvest?

Each strain has it’s own flowering period depending on it’s genetics, so there is no standard answer to this question. Luckily, there are a few ways to determine if a cannabis plant is ready to harvest.
  • First are the pistils, the white hairs on the flowers of the plant. When around 80% of these pistils dry in and turn orange/brown at the end of the flowering stage, chances are the buds are almost ready to harvest.
  • To be absolutely sure the plant is ready to harvest, it’s best to have a look at the trichomes on the buds with a zoom lens or microscope. Trichomes are the sticky glands at the surface of the flowers and leafs of cannabis plants, that contain the active components most cannabis users are after. When these are still transparent, it’s too early for the plant to be harvested; THC and other components have yet to be formed in these trichomes. Cannabis plants reach their cannabinoid-peak – and for many the perfect harvest time - when around 70% of all trichomes have a milky colour, with a few transparent and a couple of amber ones. From this point on, with time, THC in the plant will oxidize and turn into the more sedative cannabinoid CBN.
Read more about harvesting cannabis plants on:

What effect does the end product have?

The effects that can be experienced from consuming our carefully selected genetics greatly depend on the specific variety that’s been consumed. For more information on cannabis’ effects see this blog about Indica, Sativa and Hybrid weed strains or see the effects listed next to each cannabis strain on their product page.

Is it allowed to grow cannabis anywhere?

No, unfortunately it is not allowed to grow cannabis everywhere. Cannabis seeds should therefore be kept as collectible souvenirs by customers in areas where cultivation of cannabis is illegal. Amsterdam Genetics cannot be held responsible for the actions of those who act against laws and regulations that apply in their country.

My shipment hasn’t been delivered yet, what can I do?

Track your shipment
  • Please check the order confirmation you received by e-mail to find out how to track your shipment using Post NL’s Track and Trace code. For more information about shipments send us an e-mail: orders[@]

What payment options are available?

Please see the ‘Payment Option’ page in our Customer Support Area for more information.

How long will it take before you receive my payment?

If you pay by credit or debit-card, your payment is processed almost immediately. This allows us to quickly process and ship out your order. Payments through Direct Bank Wire / Bank Transfer can take up to 3-5 days to be processed.

What are your bank details?

Account Name: Masque B.V. IBAN Number: NL20INGB0004914553 BIC/Swift Number: INGBNL2A Our Bank Address ING Bank Breestraat 31 1941ED Beverwijk

What will show up on my bank statement?

Your bank statement will show our registered company name ‘Masque BV’. No reference to Amsterdam Genetics or cannabis in general is made, to ensure our customer’s highly valued privacy.

How is my order wrapped/packaged?

We package and send your order in a bubble wrapped envelope (20cm x 18cm) that fits through any normal post box. There is absolutely no visible sign or description on the packaging as to the contents of your order. If your products do not fit in such envelopes, we’ll use a stealth white cardboard box. The biggest orders are packed in a plain cardboard box.

How is my order shipped?

If you choose to have your order sent the standard way, then your order will be delivered through the mail / post if it fits through your mailbox of course. If you choose registered mail, you will need to sign on receipt of your order.

Can you see inside the packaging?

There is absolutely no visible sign or description on the packaging as to the contents of your order.

How will my order be sent?

All orders are despatched through Post NL Priority Mail service or DHL. If applicable, your order will be sent by airmail and will be guaranteed the shortest possible delivery time, as our shipments enjoy an international priority treatment. Your order will be packaged and shipped in a discreet bubble wrapped envelope (20cm x 18cm) or a cardboard box. By choosing this discreet and protective packaging, both the quality of the product and the customer’s privacy are guaranteed.

What are the shipping costs?

Please refer to our delivery options page to see all shipping costs.

Can I ship my order insured?

Yes, that is possible. Please refer to our delivery options page to see the costs.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Your order is packed and shipped out on the first workday after you’ve placed your order. Please note: it can take anywhere between one to ten business days before your order is delivered to you. The actual duration of the shipment depends on the distance to be covered and the processing speed of the postal service in your area.

My shipment hasn’t been delivered yet, what can I do?

Track your shipment Please check the order confirmation you received by e-mail to find out how to track your shipment using Post NL’s Track and Trace code. For more information about shipments send us an e-mail: orders[@]

How can I change my delivery address?

While the order is being processed, you can indicate whether you want to your order to be delivered to a different address. If you want to change the delivery address after you have placed your order, you can do so by logging in to the account with which the order is placed. Of course, it is not possible to change the delivery address of an order that has already been despatched. For more information on your order(s) e-mail us at: orders[@]

Can I collect my order in person?

Our many trusted retailers are happy to hand you over your products in person. There’s also the possibility to pick up your order at our Head Office, but only on appointment.

How to return the products/ return policy


Seeds can only be returned when the seal on the packaging is not damaged or broken, within two weeks after receiving them. No orders will be reimbursed if the packaging has been opened or damaged in anyway.

CLOTHING / Merchandise

We at Amsterdam Genetics proudly stand behind the quality of our products. Did you accidentally order the wrong product or size? Amsterdam Genetics offers a secure return policy* for our clothing. To use this service:
  • Be sure the product is not used, undamaged and in the original packaging. You are allowed to unpack the product to the point where you are able to decide whether or not you will keep it. Worn products that are returned will not be refunded.
  • E-mail your return request clearly describing your order number, product you want to return and reason of the return to '' within 10 workdays of receiving your parcel.
You will receive instructions on how to return your product(s) via e-mail, within 2 workdays after we receive your request. Your money will be refunded after we have received your returned goods and have checked and processed them in our system. We do not accept returns for discounted items. *Please be advised our return policy is NOT FREE of charge. Customers are responsible for the shipping fee of their returned product.

What are the costs of returning the product?

Please check with your local post office.

What address should I return the product to?

Amsterdam Genetics Humberweg 6 1043 AC Amsterdam The Netherlands

How long does it take to get a refund?

Processing a return takes around as long as it took to process your order.