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We will try to answer all your questions as soon as possible. Please use the contact form below. Within your question, try to give as much information as possible.

Getting help online
If you are looking for specific information, interesting articles, or general help regarding CBD and cannabis seeds, the blogs on our website are the ideal solution. Answers to frequent questions can be found under our frequently asked questions.

Amsterdam Genetics is here to assist you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team will try to help you as much as possible with all your questions. Many of the questions we often hear can be found among our Frequently Asked Questions. Please also take a look at our Terms and Conditions and our Policies around Privacy, Cookies and Disclaimers. Visit ordering, payment methods and delivery to see how we deliver your purchases quickly, carefully and discreetly.

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Amsterdam Genetics / Masque B.V.
Humberweg 6
1043 AC Amsterdam

Postal address
Basisweg 43
1043 AN Amsterdam

Office Opening Hours
Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 16.30

Company information
Chamber of Commerce Number: 55026486
VAT Number: 851535021

About us

We are Amsterdam Genetics

The story of Amsterdam Genetics reads like a love story, but one that begins and ends with quality. We are a passionate team of plant fans and connoisseurs. Our home base is our beloved Amsterdam, the undisputed birthplace of modern cannabis culture. This is where we have been hard at work since 1985, starting with a partnership between renowned cannabis connoisseurs and local pioneers. We put all our energy into developing the best cannabis seeds on earth. It’s our mission and our passion; that’s what you get when quality is in your genes.

We cherish the classic genetics that the world cannabis capital has thrown at us. Everyone knows that Amsterdam has always been fertile ground for cannabis culture. You have proved your love for our Amsterdam Genetics, and we want to give something back. We want to ensure that every cannabis lover can get premium cannabis seeds that are at the root of the passion we share.

At Amsterdam Genetics, those roots dig deep into the rich soil of Dutch cannabis knowledge. We have all the classic genetics at our fingertips here, but we always feel like innovating. We take the best from Amsterdam tradition and crossbreed it with the latest top genetics developed by the global community.

Our mission

Giving the world a taste of Amsterdam to their heart’s desire

How we stay ahead, you ask? We spread the flavour of Amsterdam. That’s why our fan base continues to grow. More and more private and legal growers are becoming convinced of the green gold we hold, in the Netherlands but also far beyond. Partners and ambassadors join, including the world’s most famous cigarette paper producer. Together we are sow the seeds of that famous Amsterdam free spirit. With that mindset, the Netherlands once became a leader in tolerance and forbearance. It is with this same intention that we continue, as champions of liberalised, responsible and regulated cannabis cultivation. We have no intention of stopping until everyone is free to sample the flavour and quality of Amsterdam – whoever or wherever you are.


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Official partners

Become a partner

Amsterdam Genetics welcomes new, high-profile partners with open arms. Impressed by our commitment to timeless elegance and quality that is in our genes? Impressed by our unique way of working and years of expertise in cultivating top genetics? Let’s explore how a collaboration of unprecedented allure can emerge. Fill in the contact form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Retail & Wholesale

TGC Trading
Jonk Keizer Souvenirs
Tiger One
SR Wholesale

Ordering, payment methods & delivery


All orders placed before 12:00 will be shipped the same day (Monday to Friday). When you order (cannabis seeds) from our webshop, we offer a discreet delivery service. Each customer’s order is packed and shipped in a neutral cardboard letterbox and delivered by DHL. Please note that in the aftermath of Brexit, we have noticed that there is an increased likelihood of shipments to the UK being checked and intercepted by customs. Amsterdam Genetics is in no way liable for packages lost due to border controls, regardless of which country this occurs in.

Ordered before 12:00
= Shipped today

Discreetly & securely packaged
Sent by DHL

Track And Trace
Provided in your ‘delivery’ e-mail
Track your order

Payment methods

Amsterdam Genetics offers several payment options. Credit card, Ideal, Giropay, MisterCash / Bancontact, Eps-Überweisung, Mybank and Sepa bank transfer.


If your order cannot be delivered, or is not picked up at the pick-up point, the order will be returned to Amsterdam Genetics. If you enter an incorrect address and therefore the shipment cannot be delivered we will also receive the order back. Upon receipt at our office, we will refund the order amount (excluding any shipping costs) to the bank account you specified. You will then have to reorder the product so that we can ship it again.

Please note: you are responsible for providing the correct home address and e-mail address. If we do not have a valid e-mail address, neither we nor the carrier can contact you about the progress of your delivery.

Packaging & shipping

Careful and durable packaging

All our orders are packed and stored with utmost care. Cannabis seeds are shipped safely in a blister in a cardboard letterbox package. This not only keeps your cannabis seeds dry, but also protects them from sunlight. We also include our care and growing manual, plus mini matches from Amsterdam Genetics as a little treat. After removing them from their packaging, We recommend storing our cannabis seeds according to the instructions in our FAQ.

Professional shipping

We make every effort to ensure that your order is delivered to you exactly as it was sent from Amsterdam. Orders sent to customers from our Amsterdam branch are packed in neutral cardboard packaging without any eye-catching logos. You will not find any visible reference to or description of the contents of your order on the packaging. Our discreet packaging method is also designed with your privacy in mind. You can order with complete confidence, knowing that your personal data and product choices will be kept confidential. But that’s not all! We strive to exceed your expectations. That is why we always add surprising extras to your orders as a token of appreciation.

We make sure every order is correct and complete for shipment. As an extra control step, we keep footage of every order that goes out the door. This way we can always prove afterwards that the content of the shipment is in line with your order, to avoid misunderstandings.
All orders are shipped via DHL.

Step 1.
We collect your order in our warehouse with an order form that we eventually send along with your order.

Step 2.
Amsterdam Genetics stickers, papers and filters are included with all orders. Free seeds with your order depends on your total amount of cannabis seeds purchased.

€25 – €49.99 (1 Free Seed)
€50 – €74.99 (2 Free Seeds + Grinder)
€75 – €99.99 (3 Free Seeds + Keyring)
€100 – €124.99 (4 Free Seeds + Socks)
€125 + (5 Free Seeds + Hat)

Step 3.
All items are neatly packaged in a letterbox-sized parcel made of cardboard. Larger-sized items are packed in larger cardboard boxes. We try to keep them as small as possible to reduce environmental impact.

Step 4.
Your order will be shipped and be on its way to your delivery address. Use the track & trace code from your confirmation e-mail to track your parcel and look forward to its delivery!

Delivery options

Letterbox package (track & trace)
Parcels (track & trace)
EUR Rest
Free shipping (Above purchase amount)
EUR Rest
No free shipping

Delivery areas

Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg
United Kingdom (UK), France, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic
Finland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Portugal
EUR Rest
Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia

Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis seeds

Here you will find detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions about cannabis seeds, giving you a deeper insight into this fascinating aspect of cannabis culture. Whether you are a novice grower looking for basic information or an experienced cannabis grower looking to deepen your knowledge, we have the answers you need right here.

How long does it take for cannabis seeds to germinate?

It normally takes 1-3 days for a cannabis seed to sprout, but germination of cannabis seeds can take up to 10 days in some cases. We advise you to be patient and ensure perfect conditions for your seed(s) before you panic. Read more about germinating cannabis seeds here.

My cannabis seeds have not sprouted, what could be wrong?

Cannabis seeds are supposed to hatch within 10 days. If your cannabis seeds have not hatched within this period, please contact our customer service. Make sure you include order number, method of germination and photos in the e-mail. This will allow us to deal with your complaint quickly. If a cannabis seed does not hatch within that period, it could be due to:

  • Improper storage – read below how to store cannabis seeds ‘How (long) can I store my cannabis seeds?
  • Germination conditions – provide a warm, dark and humid environment in which the seed can germinate. Plant the seed about 2 cm deep, and not in too compact soil (this can happen if the soil is too moist or too hard pressed).

My cannabis seed germinated, but the seed pod did not fall off. What can I do?

This sometimes happens and is not necessarily a problem. A germinated cannabis seed can sometimes have difficulty releasing the pod if the seed is older than two years or if it has been planted too shallow, or in soil that is too compact. In the latter two cases, the cannabis seed may have germinated too quickly and may have dried out before it had a chance to release the pod. If this happens, you can try moistening the seed with small drops of water. Try to gently free the developing seedling by slowly pulling on both sides of the split seed pod. As soon as you feel resistance (for example, because the pod is still attached to the developing seedling) wait and re-moisten. This process can take a few days and does not guarantee a succesfull final result. Still, we recommend letting nature do its work and leaving the pod in place. After all, it does little to no harm and can prevent mistakes.

How (long) can I store my cannabis seeds?

If stored properly, cannabis seeds have a very long shelf life. In theory, you can keep them for at least 10 years. Yet the success rate of germination for seeds starts to decrease significantly after two years of storage. That’s why we recommend storing Amsterdam Genetics seeds no longer than two years before use. If you do decide to store your cannabis seeds for longer than two years (for example, to preserve the genetics) make sure you have perfect conditions. Store the seeds in a cool, dark environment such as a fridge. Do not remove the seeds from the fridge before you them to germinate, as temperature fluctuations can affect the germination capacity of the seeds. Remove the cannabis seeds from the fridge at least 24 hours before planting once you decide to germinate them. This allows the seeds to adapt to the ambient temperature, increasing the chances of germination.

How do I germinate old cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds can theoretically be used for a very long time, even after being stored for years. To do so, of course, they must be stored correctly. Yet after two years, the chances of successful germination drop significantly. Nevertheless, some seeds can still germinate after years of storage. It will probably be a bit trickier than germinating ‘fresh seeds’ though. Experts recommend soaking older seeds for 24 hours in water at 22°C, with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to soften the pod. Keep a close eye on the seeds during those first 24 hours, as they can drown if they open and they are left in the water for too long.

What is the difference between regular (photoperiod) and autoflowering cannabis seeds?

‘Normal’ photoperiod seeds enter the flowering period only when the days get shorter than 14 hours. In nature, this happens naturally and gradually. In indoor growing, growers usually shorten the daylight period with a timer attached to their lights. In the process, they switch back from 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness for the vegetative state, to 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night-time darkness per day, causing the plants to flower. Self-flowering (autoflowering) cannabis plants do not need this natural rhythm to flower. By crossing these plants with the cannabis variety ruderalis, they will flower automatically after a few weeks, regardless of the number of hours of light they receive. Read more about the differences and benefits of autoflowering seeds here

How long will it take for my plant to flower?

Autoflowering seeds will flower automatically after a few weeks, usually 3-5. Photoperiod seeds start flowering only when daylight decreases to 12 hours. When growing indoors, this can be done manually. If you grow outdoors, the sun will cause the plant to flower around September, when the days are a lot shorter.

How do I know when the plant is ready to be harvested?

Each strain has its own flowering period depending on the genetics, so there is no ready-made answer to this question. Fortunately, there are ways to determine whether a plant is ready for harvest.

  • First, there are the pistils, the white flowering hairs on the flowers of the plant. When about 80% of the pistils dry and turn orange/brown at the end of the flowering period, you have a good chance that the buds are almost ready for harvest.
  • To be absolutely sure that the plant is ready for harvest, it is best to look through a magnifying glass at the trichomes on the buds. Trichomes are the sticky vesicles on the surface of the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant that contain the active ingredients most cannabis users look for. If they are still translucent, it is too early to harvest: THC and other compounds have yet to form in the trichomes. Cannabis plants peak in their cannabinoid content – reaching the perfect harvest time for many – when about 70% of all trichomes are milky in colour, with a few translucent and a few orange-yellow ones left in between. From there, the THC in the plant will gradually be converted by oxidation into the more narcotic cannabinoid CBN.

Read more about the perfect harvest of your cannabis plant in this blog!

What kind of guarantee do you give on your product?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any guarantee on our products. This is because we supply a natural product, where the actions, care and attention with which consumers treat, store and process the product has a huge impact on our products. This is also stated in our terms and conditions. Read our warranty conditions as part of our Terms and Conditions.

What effect does the final product have?

The effects you can experience after using our carefully selected genetics depend heavily on which strain you consume. For more information on the effects of cannabis , see this blog on Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains, or check out the effects we describe alongside all our cannabis strains on their product pages.

Can you grow cannabis anywhere?

No, unfortunately, you cannot grow cannabis just anywhere. Therefore, customers from areas where cannabis cultivation is banned should keep cannabis seeds as souvenirs for collectors. Amsterdam Genetics cannot be held responsible for the actions of people who do not comply with the laws and regulations applicable in their countries.

Germination policy

At Amsterdam Genetics, we set high standards for the quality and viability of our cannabis seeds. All cannabis seeds under our own brand are sold only after achieving a germination rate of more than 95%. This strict testing policy also applies to our suppliers, who must achieve a minimum of 90%.
We take the storage of our cannabis seeds seriously to ensure their quality. Despite our confidence in the vitality of our products, we recognise that cannabis seeds are living products and external factors such as germination conditions can vary. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that every cannabis seed will germinate.

To deal with your complaint, we need the following:

  • Your order number
  • Indicate which species(s) of cannabis seeds have not germinated and how many
  • A description of your germination method
  • A photo or video as evidence is required

Returns related to a complaint are at your own expense. If we find your complaint justified, we will ship the new seeds to you at our expense.

General Terms and Conditions

  • Problems with germination should be reported within 60 days of purchase, with all seeds from that order having been tried.
  • Cannabis seeds are living material and cannot be guaranteed at 100%. Our suppliers are required to maintain a germination rate of 90%.
  • We advise customers to purchase 10% more seeds than necessary to accommodate natural drop-outs.


  • Free or promotional cannabis seeds are excluded from substitution.
  • Purchase of one blister or pack containing 3 or 5 cannabis seeds are excluded from replacement or guarantee of germination.
  • Cannabis seeds that have already been replaced under this policy are not eligible for further replacement.
    All replacement cannabis seeds will be from Amsterdam Genetics.

If you consistently experience problems with seeds from different growers, it is likely that the problem lies with your germination method, not the seeds. In such a case, we reserve the right not to offer replacement seeds. Smaller or paler seeds are not necessarily an indication of poor quality; colour and size do not affect germination.


What are the shipping costs?

See the ‘delivery options’ section for an overview of shipping costs.

How can I change my delivery address?

Unfortunately, if your order has already been processed, the address can no longer be changed. While your order is being processed, you can indicate whether you want the order to be delivered to another address. If you wish to change the delivery address after placing your order, you can do so by logging into the account used to place the order. You cannot change the delivery address after an order has already been shipped. For more information on your order(s), please email us at

How will my order be shipped?

At Amsterdam Genetics, we understand that your order should not only be shipped safely and discreetly, but also arrive in perfect condition. That is why we take special care to package all our orders accurately.

Our discreet packaging method is designed with your privacy in mind. We use neutral cardboard packaging without prominent logos or indications of the contents, so that the contents of the package remain yours alone. You can order with complete confidence, knowing that your personal data and product choices will be kept confidential. But that’s not all! We strive to exceed your expectations. That is why we always add surprising extras to your order as a token of appreciation.

We also ensure that every order is correct and complete for shipment. As an extra control step, we keep footage of every order that goes out the door. This way we can always prove afterwards that the content of the shipment is correct with your order, to avoid misunderstandings

All orders are shipped via DHL.
We look forward to continuing to provide you with the best possible service and hope that every order is an enjoyable experience for you. If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is always ready to help you.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Your order will be packed and shipped on the same working day if you place your order before 12:00 noon. Orders placed after 12:00 and on weekends will be processed on the next working day. Please note that it can take up to 10 working days for your order to be delivered to you. Please also refer to the track & trace code you will receive in the confirmation e-mail. The final delivery time depends on the distance to be covered and the processing speed of the postal service where you live.

Note! On and around (international) holidays/holidays such as Black Friday, Easter, Pentecost, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, delivery times of delivery services may vary. Due to the huge crowds around the holidays, this can cause delays.

My shipment has not been delivered yet, what can I do?


Track your shipment

  • Check your order confirmation you received by e-mail to see how you can track your shipment with the Track & Trace code.
  • For more information on shipments, please email us at:

Can I collect my order in person?

Our many trusted outlets are happy to personally provide you with your products. Unfortunately, there is no physical shop to collect your package.


What payment options are available?
See the page ‘payment optionsfrom our customer service for more information.

How long will it take for you to receive my payment?
If you pay by debit or credit card, your payment will be processed almost instantly. This allows us to process and ship your order quickly. For payments by bank transfer, processing may take 3-5 working days .

What are your bank details?
Account holder: Masque B.V.
IBAN Number: NL20INGB0004914553
BIC/Swift Number: INGBNL2A
Bank address: ING Bank, Breestraat 31, 1941ED in Beverwijk

What do I see on my bank statement?
On your bank statement you will see our neutral registered company name ‘Masque BV’.

Return policy

Cannabis seeds/ Smoking gear
Cannabis seeds and smoking gear can only be returned if the seal on the packaging is not damaged or broken, within two weeks of receipt. Orders will not be refunded if the packaging has been opened or damaged in any way.

Clothing / merchandise
At Amsterdam Genetics, we stand squarely behind the quality of our products. Did you accidentally order the wrong product or size? Not to worry: Amsterdam Genetics offers a safe return policy* for all our clothes. To take advantage of that service:

  • Make sure the product remains unused, undamaged and in its original packaging. You may unpack the product to the point where you can decide whether you want to keep it or not. Worn products returned will not be refunded./li>
  • Send your return request per e-mail with a clear description of your order number, the product you wish to return and the reason for return to within 10 working days of receiving the parcel.

We will let you know how to return your product(s) by e-mail, within 2 working days after we receive your request. You will get your money back after we receive the returned goods and have checked and processed them in our system.. *Please note that our return policy is not free. Customers are responsible for the shipping costs of their returned product(s).


To which address can I return the product?

Masque BV
Attn: Returns
Basisweg 43
1043 AN Amsterdam


How long will it take to get my money back?

Once we have received and reviewed your return order, we will refund the purchase price to you within 5 working days.

Affiliate programme

Our affiliate programme

How can I see what has been sold based on my links?

As a publisher, you have a personal account with There you can log in at any time to view your statistics via the menu item.

What does our affiliate programme entail?

Our partner programme works as follows: when you register as one of our partners, you can place links to our website in the content of your own web pages. If one of your visitors clicks on these links and proceeds to buy one of our products within the next 30 days, we will refund you 3.5-21% of the selling price of the product sold (including VAT and excluding shipping costs).

These are the percentages by product category:

  • Cannabis seeds:
    0-10 sales:14%
    11-25 sales: 17.5%
    26 sales or more: 21%
  • CBD, cosmetics, smoking gear and caps: 15.4%
  • Clothing (t-shirts, hoodies, jumpers): 3.5%

Payments are made under the conditions you select in your personal Daisycon account.

What are the costs?

The partner programme is completely free for you. Therefore, no fees will be charged.

What income can I expect?

The more products you help sell through the partner programme, the more money you receive. So it is entirely up to you to determine the returns of the programme. How do I register?
1. Go to to register as a publisher. Publishers get a free Daisycon account on which all statistics can be accessed;
2. Go to the campaign:;
3. Go to the Amsterdam Genetics text link(s) or banner(s) and place it on your own website;

As of now, you have started promoting and are well on your way to increasing your income!
Click Here To Get Started

For more information, feel free to email

Privacy and cookie policy of Amsterdam Genetics (Masque B.V)

Paragraph 1 – The Buyer shall not make available, deliver, prepare, treat, process, offer for sale, sell, provide, transport, manufacture or have in its possession the products or services to be supplied by Masque B.V., if it knows or has serious reason to suspect that they are intended for the commission of one of the offences referred to in article 11a in conjunction with article 11 third and fifth paragraphs of the Opium Act, as well as art. 1(2) Opium Act Decree, namely for the purpose of professional or commercial, or large-scale or professional hemp cultivation as referred to in these articles.

Paragraph 2 – The Buyer is aware that the delivery of products and services provided by Masque B.V. to a Buyer, who is guilty of the above-mentioned professional, large-scale cultivation and/or organised hemp cultivation, or the facilitation thereof, possibly results in the suspicion of committing a criminal offence in the sense of article 11a in conjunction with article 11 paragraph 3 and paragraph 5 of the Opium Act.

Paragraph 3 – As part of the legal obligation for both Masque B.V. and the Buyer to take measures to ensure that Masque B.V. is not guilty of violating article 11a of the Opium Act, the Buyer, when placing their order with Masque B.V. declares that the products ordered by them are not intended to be used, made available, delivered, prepared, processed, offered for sale, sold, provided or transported for or in relation to large-scale or professional hemp cultivation.

Paragraph 4 – If the Purchaser acts contrary to the provisions of paragraph 1, Masque B.V. will immediately dissolve the purchase agreement and will not proceed with delivery. All business dealings with the customer concerned will be terminated immediately in that case. Masque B.V. will be entitled to charge all damages, including lost profit, to the customer. There is no right to compensation for the customer.

Paragraph 5 – If the customer uses the products or services to be ordered from Masque B.V. in violation of this agreement and/or the Opium Act in large-scale or professional hemp cultivation, or makes delivered products or services available for this purpose in one of the ways mentioned in paragraph 1 of this article, they will be liable for the damage Masque B.V. will suffer as a result of any criminal investigation and/or criminal prosecution, as well as as as a result of the administrative measures that will be claimed against Masque B.V. and/or its employees.

Paragraph 6 – Damage includes all direct or indirect damage, material and immaterial damage, business damage, consequential damage and other kinds of damage that Masque B.V. will suffer as a result of the criminal investigation and/or criminal prosecution and/or administrative measures. Such damage also includes, but is not limited to, loss of profits, costs of legal assistance and other advice, reputational damage, loss of goods, material damage and immaterial damage.

Terms & Conditions

Privacy & Cookie Policy


Amsterdam Genetics Works Hard to Safeguard Your Privacy!

This privacy policy discloses how Amsterdam Genetics (Masque B.V.) uses and protects the information you provide to Amsterdam Genetics when you use this website. Amsterdam Genetics works hard to ensure that your privacy is protected. If, while using this website, we ask you for certain information by which you can be identified, you may be assured that it will be used in accordance with the provisions of this privacy statement. Amsterdam Genetics may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. Please regularly check this page to make sure you are happy with any changes. We ensure that we never share your personal data with third parties or other organisations.


What we collect

We may collect the following data:

  • Name
  • Contact information including e-mail address
  • Contact details including your e-mail address
  • Other information relevant to customer surveys and/or offers

What we do with the data we collect

We need this data to know what you need and to serve you better, particularly for the reasons below:

  • Internal data management
  • We may use the data to improve our products and services
  • With your permission, we may occasionally send you promotional emails about new products, special offers, or other information you might find interesting using the e-mail address you have provided
  • From time to time, we may also use your data to reach out to you for market research. We can be contacted by e-mail, phone, fax, or post. This information allows us to tailor the website to your interests



We make every effort to keep your data safe. To prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have ensured appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to monitor and secure the information collected online.


How we use cookies

A cookie is a small file that asks permission to be placed on your computer’s hard drive. If you consent, the file is added and the cookie helps analyse web traffic, or it lets you know when you visit a particular site. Cookies allow websites to respond to you as an individual. The web application can tailor its operation to your needs and what you want or don’t want by remembering information about your preferences. We use traffic cookies to track which pages are used. This helps us analyse web page traffic data, and improve our website in tailoring it to customer needs. We only use this information for statistical analyses, after which the data is deleted from the system. In addition, Trustpilot places cookies on our website to send invitations for reviews.

In general, cookies help us to provide you with a better website, by letting us keep track of which pages you find useful and which you do not. Cookies do not give us access to your computer or information about you in any way, except for information you want to share with us. You can choose whether to accept or reject cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually adjust your browser settings to refuse cookies if you wish. As a result, you may not be able to take full advantage of the website.


Links to other websites

Our website may contain links to other websites of interest. Please note that after you use such links to leave our site, we have no control over such other websites. Therefore, we cannot accept responsibility for the protection and privacy of any information you provide while visiting those sites, and such sites are not within the scope of this privacy statement. Be careful and check the privacy statement applicable to the relevant website.


Managing your personal data

You can choose to restrict the collection or use of your personal data in the following ways:

  • When asked to fill in a form on the website, look for the box indicating that you do not want the data to be used by anyone for direct marketing purposes
  • If you have previously given us permission to use your personal data for direct marketing purposes, you may always change your mind by emailing us at

We do not sell, provide or lease your personal data to third parties unless we have your consent or unless we are required to do so by law. We may use your personal data to send you promotional information about third parties we think you might find interesting, if you let us know you want this.

You can request access to the personal data we hold on you through the Data Protection Act 1998. A small fee is charged for this. If you would like to receive a copy of the information held about you, please send us a written request at

If you believe that the data we hold about you is incorrect or incomplete, please let us know as soon as possible by letter or e-mail at the above address. We will promptly update any data found to be incorrect.

General Terms And Conditions

Supplementary Terms And Conditions

As a customer of Amsterdam Genetics / Masque B.V., you are required to comply with the following legal conditions along with our Terms and Conditions set out below:

  • This site should be visited only from countries where cannabis seeds and CBD are legal.
  • The information on the website is meant for educational and scientific purposes only and not meant to promote the use of illegal or controlled substances.
  • Amsterdam Genetics website is meant for persons over the age of 18 years old. To enter our website and therefore to purchase our seeds you will need to be 18 years old.
  • Although we very carefully select and test our seeds for germination rates, we cannot not give any guarantee, due to their living nature.
  • Before ordering from, please be sure that possession of cannabis seeds and CBD is legal in your country. Amsterdam Genetics will not be held responsible for the actions of any other individual persons, 3rd parties or any sort of organisations.
  • Taking Amsterdam Genetics products to countries where the possession of cannabis seeds and CBD is illegal.
  • We deliver our seeds on the conditions that they will not be used by others in conflict with any law.
  • We expressly point out that all those who purchase seeds from Amsterdam Genetics are responsible for their own actions in the future. Amsterdam Genetics will accept no responsibility in this respect.
  • Further Amsterdam Genetics, in accordance with the European laws inform you that, if you live in the EU: You can return new, unopened items from a cancelled order within 2 weeks (10 working days) after they have been delivered to you. Items must be returned in their original package, sealed. Please contact us by email in order to receive instructions about returning the seeds.
  • Amsterdam Genetics, in accordance with the European laws concerning privacy, will not share any information about its customers with 3rd parties and will use the personal data only to manage orders and to, only with permission of each individual, send periodical newsletters and/or other advertising material. It is the responsibility of each customer to verify the existence of personal data in the Amsterdam Genetics system and specifically instruct Amsterdam Genetics to delete or alter such data. Please read our customer support and privacy policy pages for further information.

Amsterdam Genetics / Masque B.V. General Terms And Conditions

Established Humberweg 6, 1043AC, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Registered at the Chamber of Commerce (“Kamer van Koophandel”) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, under registry number 55026486, with VAT number NL 851535021 B01

Article 1: Definitions

In the present terms and conditions the following definitions are used:

  1. Amsterdam Genetics: the private limited liability company Masque B.V., also operating under the name Amsterdam Genetics; established Humberweg 6, 1043AC, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce by number 55026486. For the purposes of the present General Terms and Conditions, herein to be called “Amsterdam Genetics”.
  2. Buyer: the individual or legal entity that commissions Amsterdam genetics to perform activities and/or services, or who purchases products from Amsterdam Genetics.
  3. Consumer: the buyer who comes to an agreement with Amsterdam genetics and is not acting for a company or profession.
  4. Offer: Any offer of goods, including the appropriate conditions, as shown on the Amsterdam genetics website, catalog leaflets or otherwise offered.
  5. Price: The price of the offered goods, not including additional costs, shown or discussed separately.
  6. Remote sales: The system organised by Amsterdam Genetics for remote sales or services, where only techniques for remote communication are used to come to an agreement.
  7. Agreement: Any agreement regarding remote sales.
  8. Trial period: the period in which the consumer can exercise their right of withdrawal.

Article 2. Applicability

  1. The present terms and conditions are applicable to any offers, quotes, agreements and deliveries of Amsterdam Genetics of any kind, unless said applicability is completely or partly excluded by written conformation, or explicitly agreed differently.
  2. Any terms and conditions set by the buyer are explicitly declined. Exceptions and additions to the terms and conditions are only applicable if and when they are explicitly agreed to in writing.
  3. When Amsterdam Genetics, tacitly or not, for shorter or longer time allowed derogation from present terms and conditions, this leaves unaffected her right to demand immediate and strict compliance of these terms and conditions. The buyers cannot derive any rights from the way Amsterdam Genetics applies present terms and conditions.
  4. Current terms and conditions are also applicable to any agreement with Amsterdam Genetics, for which services of third parties have to be employed.
  5. In case one or more of the conditions from current terms and conditions or any other agreement with Amsterdam Genetics are found in breach with compulsory law or any applicable legal provisions, said condition will elapse and will be replaced by a new, comparable condition set by Amsterdam Genetics.

Article 3. Offers and Orders

  1. Any offers made by Amsterdam Genetics are revocable and are non binding, unless explicitly otherwise specified
  2. A combined quote does not bind Amsterdam Genetics to the delivery of part of the goods for an equal pert of the agreed price.
  3. The size of the delivery is exclusively determined by the description of the delivery given in the quote and the order confirmation.
  4. The prices in the offers of Amsterdam Genetics are excluding VAT and other government levies. Also excluding any costs that are made relating to the order, including packaging and shipment fees, and possible costs for insured shipping, unless otherwise specified.
  5. An agreement with Amsterdam Genetics is only established after an order is accepted or approved in writing. The conformation of the order is deemed to represent te agreement completely and correctly, unless the buyer formally and immediately protests in writing.

Article 4. Delivery and Terms

  1. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery occurs from the company or warehouse of Amsterdam Genetics.
  2. If the delivery of goods occurs on an address specified by the buyer, the buyer is obliged to accept the purchase on the moment when these are made available to him.
  3. In case the buyer declines the purchase or is negligent with the provision of information or instructions necessary for the delivery, the goods that are destined for that delivery will be stored on the risk and costs of the buyer. The buyer will then owe additional costs.
  4. If Amsterdam genetics requires any information from the buyer needed for the execution of the agreement, the delivery time will commence after the required information is made available to Amsterdam Genetics.
  5. If Amsterdam genetics has provided a period for the delivery or execution of the agreement, this is to be seen as an indication. A given delivery time can never be seen as a firm time. In case of exceeding of a period, the buyer needs to default Amsterdam Genetics in writing. Amsterdam Genetics then needs to be offered a reasonable period to comply with the agreement.
  6. Depending on the supply situation on the market, Amsterdam Genetics reserves the right to postpone the delivery.
  7. Amsterdam Genetics reserves the right to employ third parties in the execution of (parts of) the agreement.
  8. Amsterdam Genetics is entitled to deliver orders in parts and to charge each part separately.

Article 5. Trial Period and Revocation Rights

  1. The buyer is obliged to inspect the delivered goods directly after receipt. If the delivered goods are not in accordance with the agreement, the buyer needs to report the defects or incorrectly supplied goods to Amsterdam Genetics within 5 days after the discovery.
  2. In case of a remote sale as meant in art. 7:46a sub b BW (“Burgerlijk Wetboek“; Dutch Civil Code) the offer will include a trial period of at least fourteen (14) workdays, starting on the day of reception of the goods by in on behalf of the costumer, unless otherwise agreed. The sale will only be final after the fourteen (14) days have elapsed.
  3. during the trial period the consumer has revocation rights, which gives him the possibility to return the goods without any requirements other than the direct costs of the reshipment.
  4. The consumer can only use his revocation rights by informing Amsterdam genetics within a period of fourteen (14) days after reception of the goods of his intent by letter or email.
  5. In case a consumer uses his revocation rights, Amsterdam Genetics will repay the possibly made payments by the consumer within a period of thirty (30) days.
  6. The consumer can only exercise his right of revocation when the goods are returned completely, undamaged, unused and in their original container. The consumer is required to return the goods within fourteen (14) days after the use of his revocation rights to Amsterdam Genetics. The costs of the reshipment are for the consumer
  7. Any custom made orders are excluded from the trial period and the right of revocation.

Article 6. Price Alterations

  1. In case one or more cost-factors undergo an alteration after the making of the agreement, but before the delivery of the goods, Amsterdam Genetics is entitled to alter the agreed price accordingly. Amsterdam Genetics are in any case authorized to apply extra costs in case there are conditions that increase the costs, which could not reasonably be taken into account by Amsterdam Genetics, cannot be hold accountant to Amsterdam Genetics or are significant in relation to the price of the goods.
  2. In case Amsterdam Genetics has come to the conclusion that cost increasing conditions have occurred, they will inform the buyer immediately in writing
  3. In case Amsterdam Genetics increases the price within 3 months of the formation of the agreement, the buyer is entitled to terminate the agreement with Amsterdam Genetics, unless Amsterdam Genetics indicate they will carry out the agreement for the original price. If the buyer wants to terminate the agreement in case of a price increase, the buyer needs to formally make this known by means of a registered letter within fourteen (14) days after the notification of the price increase.

Article 7. Invoicing and Payment

  1. Unless otherwise specified, payment of goods occurs in advance and in one.
  2. If, in derogation of section 7.1, it is agreed that payment of the goods shall happen after delivery, by use of an invoice, that invoice shall be paid within fourteen (14) days after said invoice, by method specified by Amsterdam Genetics and in the currency specified on the invoice.
  3. After the payment term has elapsed, the buyer will be in default, without any notice of default on the part of the other party being required, without prejudice
  4. From the moment of default, the buyer is due to pay an interest of 1% a month, unless the statutory commercial interest is higher, in which case the statutory commercial interest is valid. Any (non) legal costs needed by Amsterdam Genetics to obtain payment, will be for the buyer from the moment of default. in that case the buyer will be charged 15 % of the expenses incurred, with a minimum of 75 euros. If the expenses exceed this amount, the additional costs are also qualify for compensation
  5. in case the buyer does not fulfill his payment obligation in time, Amsterdam Genetics is allowed to postpone their obligations to the buyer up until the moment payment is done or proper security or surety for the payment is made. This is also the case before the lapse of the payment term, when Amsterdam Genetics has reasonable doubt about the creditworthiness of the buyer.
  6. in case of liquidation, bankruptcy, debt restructuring or suspension of payment of the buyer, or a request thereof, the claims of Amsterdam Genetics and the obligations of the buyer towards Amsterdam Genetics are immediately payable.
  7. Payments made by the buyer shall in any case be applied first against all interest and costs owed, and secondly against the oldest outstanding invoices, even id the buyer has specified the payment is in relation to a newer invoice.
  8. Amsterdam Genetics is entitled to refuse the principle amount, if the amount is not sufficient to cover any costs and interest due.
  9. If more than one person or company is indicated with the term the buyer, each will be severally liable for any obligation against Amsterdam Genetics.

Article 8. Reservation of Ownership

  1. Any goods delivered or to be delivered by Amsterdam Genetics remain the property of Amsterdam Genetics, up until the buyer has fully fulfilled his payment obligation towards Amsterdam genetics toward any agreement about the delivery of goods, the carrying out of work or services. This includes any claims towards failing to meet any obligation in such agreement
  2. A buyer who is acting as a re-seller will be allowed to sell and distribute any goods that are subject to the reservation of ownership of Amsterdam Genetics, for as far as this is customary as part of the normal execution of his company. Amsterdam genetics will acquire an undisclosed pledge for any claims the buyer acquires towards his costumers from the resale of any goods delivered by Amsterdam Genetics under reservation of ownership in a manner described in art. 3.239 BW (“Burgerlijk Wetboek“; Dutch Civil Code).
  3. In case the buyer forms a new business from goods (partly) supplied by Amsterdam Genetics, buyer only forms this business for Amsterdam Genetics and the buyer will retain the business for Amsterdam Genetics up until the buyer has fulfilled every obligation and all amounts of the agreement. Amsterdam Genetics will have in that case all rights as owner of the newly formed business up until complete fulfillment of the agreement.
  4. Any rights will be, where appropriate, given to the buyer under the condition that he will pay any agreed amount fully and timely.
  5. The buyer is not allowed to grant limited rights on any goods that are subject to reservation of ownership of Amsterdam Genetics. In case third parties wish to obtain limited rights to any goods that are subject to reservation of ownership, the buyer will inform Amsterdam Genetics immediately.
  6. On any delivered goods that have changed ownership to the buyer by means of payment, and are still held by Amsterdam Genetics, Amsterdam Genetics reserves the right of non-possessory pledge as additional security for claims, other than described in art. 3.92 part 2 BW (“Burgerlijk Wetboek“; Dutch Civil Code), that Amsterdam Genetics might have towards the buyer.
  7. The buyer is obliged to keep any delivered goods under reservation of ownership separate from any other goods, with due care and recognizably the property of Amsterdam Genetics.
  8. The buyer is obliged to insure any goods under reservation of ownership against fire- explosion and water-damage, also against theft, and to make the policies of these insurances available to Amsterdam Genetics at first request. Any claims of the buyer on these insurances will be, if so wished by Amsterdam Genetics, negatively pledged to Amsterdam Genetics, as additional security for any claims of Amsterdam Genetics towards the buyer.
  9. In case the buyer dos not meet his obligations, or if there is reasonable doubt he will meet his obligations, Amsterdam Genetics is entitled to remove or have a third party remove any goods under reservation of ownership from the buyer or third parties keeping the company for the buyer. The buyer is obliged to give his full cooperation on penalty of 10% per day of the owed amount.

Article 9. Suspension and Dissolution

  1. In the case the buyer defaults, and does not fulfill his obligations in the contract, Amsterdam Genetics is, notwithstanding that what is determined on that subject in the agreement, entitled to terminate the agreement extra-judicially by means of a registered letter. The termination will take place after the buyer is issued notice of default and is given a reasonable period to clear the default.
  2. Furthermore Amsterdam Genetics is entitled to, without any notice or written reminder, terminate the agreement fully or partly by means of a registered letter and to take place immediately, in case
    1. the buyer requests (preliminary) suspension of payment or is granted (preliminary) suspension of payment.
    2. the buyer requests his own bankruptcy or is declared bankrupt
    3. the buyer requests legal debt restructuring or when the Debt Restructuring for Natural Persons Act applies to the buyer
    4. the company of the buyer has been liquidated
    5. A substantial part of the company of the buyer is overtaken
    6. the buyer terminates his company
    7. To no fault of Amsterdam Genetics, a substantial part of the assets of the buyer are being confiscated, or when the buyer in any other way is no longer deemed able to carry out the obligations of the agreement.
  3. The buyer only is entitled to suspend or terminate the agreement with Amsterdam Genetics for as far this entitlement is regulated by law. If the buyer has, at the time of termination, already received any goods or services out of the agreement, he can only partly terminate the agreement, exclusively for the part of the agreement that is not yet conducted.
  4. Any amounts billed by Amsterdam Genetics before the termination, regarding any services already rendered for the agreement, remain fully due to Amsterdam genetics by the buyer and will be immediately payable at the moment of termination.
  5. If the buyer, after being noticed of default, does not fulfill any obligations fully and timely, Amsterdam Genetics is entitled to suspend any of their obligations towards the buyer, without being held towards any compensation towards the buyer. his is also the case in the circumstances listed under part two of this article.

Article 10. Liability

  1. In case Amsterdam Genetics is liable to any damage, this liability is confined to compensation of any direct damage and to the maximum of the billed amount of the agreement, as far as the part of the agreement that corresponds with the liability. Direct damage is solely determined as:
    1. the reasonable costs made to determine the cause and extent of the damage, as far as the determination is related to damage in the meaning of these terms and conditions.
    2. Reasonable costs made to prevent or mitigate the damage, as far as the buyer can show these costs have contributed to a mitigation of the direct damage in the meaning of these terms and conditions
    3. Amsterdam Genetics is never liable to indirect damage, including personal injury, consequential damages, lost profit, missed savings, damage by business interruption or damage stemming from any fines or taxes
      Amsterdam Genetics is not liable for damage of any kind whatsoever, stemming from using incorrect or incomplete information supplied by the costumer
    4. Mistakes or deviations in assumptions, profit calculations, payback calculations, amounts of subsidy and any other factors on which the costumer based his decision to come to an agreement – whether or not known to Amsterdam Genetics – are at the costumers expense.
    5. The limitations of liability that are listed in present terms and conditions do not apply in case the damage is due to intention or gross fault of Amsterdam Genetics.

Article 11. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Amsterdam Genetics is and will remain owner of any intellectual property that are on, or connected to, any goods delivered by Amsterdam Genetics, including, but not limited to, brands (including design and colour schemes), trade names, packaging and documentation.
  2. The exercise of the rights listed in part one of this article are solely reserved to Amsterdam Genetics, both during and after the execution of an agreement. The buyer is not allowed to publish, multiply or use in any other way these rights, unless with explicit written approval of Amsterdam Genetics
  3. Any drawings, technical descriptions, designs and calculations made by Amsterdam Genetics or by a third party at their request, will remain property of Amsterdam Genetics. The buyer is not allowed to hand out, or show these to a third party.
  4. Amsterdam Genetics preserves the right to, in the event of a breach of current article, claim any damage that stems from the breach.

Article 12. Quality and Conformity

  1. Amsterdam Genetics shall see to it that all of the goods delivered are of the usual quality, suitable for their purpose, and meeting any reasonable demands, or such demands as are mutually set in the agreement.
  2. Any drawings, technical descriptions, samples, pictures, flavours, colours, sizes and material descriptions, including information regarding quality and yield (period) are provided in good faith by Amsterdam Genetics, with maximum possible accuracy. Such informative data is not binding. Any deviations in the delivered goods within the margins commonly used in the sector are to be accepted and do not give the buyer any right to reclaim, replacement, compensation or any other rights, unless a smaller margin is explicitly agreed upon.

Article 13. Product Liability

Solely if, and only insofar as, allowed by law the buyer indemnifies Amsterdam Genetics from any claims towards product liability regarding the delivered goods, and will refer the matter to the relevant supplier of Amsterdam Genetics.

Article 14. Indemnification

  1. The buyer indemnifies Amsterdam Genetics from any claims made by third parties, including (local) governments:
  2. that suffer damage stemming from the execution of the agreement and of which the cause is attributable to parties other than Amsterdam Genetics;
  3. in case the buying and selling, transport, import, processing or possession of the goods to be delivered is illegal at the destination of the delivery;
  4. In case the delivered goods are used to produce prohibited drugs or medicines, or drugs or medicines for which a permit is needed;
  5. In case Amsterdam Genetics is held liable by a third party on any of the grounds in section 1 of the present article, the buyer will be held to support Amsterdam Genetics in court or otherwise, and to immediately act in accordance with expectations. In case the buyer fails to take adequate measures, Amsterdam Genetics is entitled to take said measures on themselves. Any costs and damages incurred by Amsterdam Genetics and third parties resulting from such activities will be solely at the buyer’s expense.

Article 15. Cancellation

Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, the buyer is not entitled to annul the agreement with Amsterdam Genetics or otherwise end it. The gaining of subsidy, finances, or any other unforeseen circumstances are never arguments to annul or terminate an agreement with Amsterdam Genetics.

Article 16. Force Majeure

  1. Unforeseen circumstances of any kind, including mobilisation, threat of war, government regulations, strikes, company lock-out, strike of transport services, fire, flooding, the not or not timely performance of third parties on which Amsterdam Genetics is depending for a proper execution of the agreement, because of which the agreement cannot be fulfilled timely or not without objectively disproportionate effort or cost, shall count as force majeure for Amsterdam Genetics. This is also the case if Amsterdam Genetics is confronted with sudden illness or accident of their personnel or third parties, whose replacement cannot reasonably be foreseen in the near future.
  2. In case any of the circumstances as described in part one of current article occur, the buyer will allow Amsterdam Genetics to comply with the agreement within a reasonable period of time
  3. In case of force majeure any liability of claims towards Amsterdam Genetics is explicitly excluded. Parties will not use their right to terminate the agreement in case of force majeure until after the course of two months after the force majeure, unless parties have agreed to adhere to the agreement for a longer term.
  4. If Amsterdam Genetics has already partly met the obligations in the agreement at the time of the force majeure event, or can only partly meet the obligations in the agreement, they are entitled to separately bill the partly delivered or to be delivered goods, and the buyer is held to pay this as if it were a separate agreement. This stipulation is void if the partly delivered or to be delivered goods have no stand-alone value.

Article 17. Applicable law and competent court

  1. Any agreement between Amsterdam Genetics and the buyer is governed exclusively by Dutch law.
  2. In the event of divergent content and/or interpretations between the Dutch version of the present General Terms and Conditions and any possible translations thereof, the Dutch version is binding and decisive in all cases.
  3. Any disputes, including those which are only regarded as such by one of the parties, arisen in response to an agreement on which the current terms and conditions apply completely or partially, or in response to other agreements issuing from such agreements, will be settled by the competent court in the judicial district of the business location of Amsterdam Genetics, unless a compelling legal provision opposes this. This leaves unaffected the right of Amsterdam Genetics to agree with the buyer to settle the dispute by independent arbitration.

These terms and conditions are drafted by Confirmo | Algemene Voorwaarden and cannot be, partially or completely be replicated or exploited without written consent of the copyright holder. For more information, see: