CBD Candy Tablets (200 mg)


CBD Candy changes your daily supplement into a yummy treat you’ll take with ease and with a smile. SupMedi CBD Candy is a 100% natural product, made using extracts of the finest hemp and fruit powder. Evert piece of candy is lactose-free, halal, and suited for vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. The luxury reusable storage tin packs 40 pieces of CBD Candy containing 5g cannabidiol each, with added vitamin C for faster absorption into the bloodstream. Their delicious soft strawberry flavour makes it easy for you and your whole family to get your daily dose of CBD every day.

Product description

Using a supplement to support and restore your body’s natural balance is a fine way to promote a healthy lifestyle. Obviously, that only gets better if you take that supplement as a delicious strawberry-flavoured treat – and that’s just what you’ll do by taking SupMedi CBD Candy.

Each piece of CBD Candy contains 5mg premium cannabidiol, harvested from specially cultivated fibre hemp plants. They also have added vitamin C at 10% of the recommended daily dose. That’s a source of extra vitamins, but it also helps the body absorb CBD faster and more efficiently. SupMedi CBD Candy is made of fruit powder that makes this supplement delicious as well as halal and dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan.

Although CBD comes from hemp plants, CBD is non-psychoactive: it won’t get you high or negatively affect your driving skills or school and work performance. The few known side-effects are all mild, and dependency or addiction are wholly out of the question. Nonetheless, these CBD treats grant all the positive potential cannabidiol can offer for your physiological and mental balance.

People increasingly use CBD for an expanding range of conditions, symptoms, and other purposes, including the following:

  • Better sleeping;
  • Less stress and tension;
  • Improved control over (chronic) pain;
  • Immune system support;
  • Protecting nerves and blood vessels;
  • Stopping inflammation;
  • Improved sports performance including muscle and injury recovery;
  • Countering allergies, asthma and hay fever;
  • Soothing dry skin,. Eczema, and other skin issues,

The list of application grows steadily every month, as all over the world, research teams are mapping the full potential of CBD. This allows ever more people to experience for themselves what cannabidiol from high-quality hemp supplements can do for them. The most common form of such supplements is CBD Oil, also known as hemp oil or cannabis oil – but why not make your daily supplement a handy and totally delicious candy treat instead?

CBD Candy gives you the everyday source of support you’re looking for. These treats are easy to dose and come in an attractive and sustainable storage tin. It’s your ticket to your personal balanced lifestyle as well as that of your whole family!

One luxury tin of CBD Candy contains 40 pieces in total. Each piece of CBD Candy offers 5mg first-grade CBD. Their strawberry flavour makes CBD Candy the ideal way to treat not just yourself, but your children as well (aged 4 or above).

CBD Candy is ready to order fast and secure from our online store. You’ll get the high-grade, lab-tested quality of SupMedi CBD, topped off with great strawberry taste and convenience that’s impossible to resist!



Natural dextrose, glucose syrup, citric acid, magnesium stearate, natural aroma, ascorbic acid, fruit powder.

Important information:

Not suited for children below 4 years of age

Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding

Are you using medication? Consult your doctor first

Keep out of children’s reach

Store in a cool, dark, and dry place


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