CBD Coffee Peru (312mg CBD)


For approximately 30 cups of fresh CBD Coffee with 10mg of CBD per cup.

Get the best of both worlds in one brew with CBD Coffee in two delicious varieties. Our experts ventured out to find the very best coffee beans in the world. They selected a pair of candidates to create a remarkable new product: your very own fresh cup of CBD Coffee. Enjoy all the goodness you already knew from our CBD supplements, only infused into carefully roasted, single origin coffee beans. Every CBD Coffee variety is sustainably produced under Rainforest Alliance certification. That’s good for the forest and good for farmers, but most of all, CBD Coffee is good for you!

Product description

Every day, coffee helps millions of people stay sharp and alert. Still, for most coffee lovers, it’s also a moment to just enjoy. As the aromas rise up, you feel the warmth in your hands, announcing the lovely full palate of flavours that completes your little pick-me-up. Now, that boost is made complete with the introduction of our Peru CBD Coffee!

Single Origin Peru CBD Coffee Beans

And yet, the joy of coffee can be improved even further by combining it with the natural potential of CBD (cannabidiol). While coffee keeps us awake, happy, and focussed, CBD helps our body and mind retain their natural balance. Many people use CBD to get a grip on a wide range of health issues. Now CBD, that very same active ingredient of the hemp plant, is also available in your freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Don’t be alarmed by the word ‘hemp’, however: CBD is non-psychoactive. That means you don’t feel any mental effects, also known as a ‘high’, commonly associated with cannabis and hemp plants. CBD Coffee is suited for use by adults, except pregnant and breastfeeding women, and children over four.

Savour a cup of CBD coffee in the comfort of your home, with your own carefully selected and roasted CBD coffee beans. Pick your personal favourite from two superb Medium Dark coffee variations, each with a unique taste of its own.

Cajamarca CBD Coffee Beans From Peru

Cajamarca coffee beans grow high up on the Peruvian mountain slopes of Peru. There, mild, dry, and sunny conditions help express flavour and character to maximum effect. Their flavour subtle yet full, Peruvian Cajamarca beans are grown according to strict Rainforest Alliance standards. These carefully selected beans make the perfect foundation for our Peru variation of CBD Infused Single Origin Coffee Beans.

Your Own CBD Coffee Ritual

In the morning when you wake up, at noon over lunch, or after dinner in the evening: there’s plenty of opportunity to create your own CBD coffee moments. It’s your daily cup of pleasure, and at the same time, it’s the most agreeable way to get your daily dose of CBD supplements. This is your ticket to your personal CBD Coffee ritual: a moment of peace that provides natural support for your health and wellbeing.

Sustainable Rainforest Alliance Coffee Beans

Of course, if we create CBD Coffee, we don’t just pick any regular coffee bean. Both flavour variations are made of sustainable, responsible coffee beans with Rainforest Alliance certification. For thirty years now, Rainforest Alliance has worked to increase biodiversity, promote sustainable farming, and protect farmers’ rights in over seventy countries all over the world.

Knowing this, you are free to fully enjoy your deliciously sustainable CBD Coffee every day, worry-free, relishing the most tasteful way to support your health the natural way.

If you enjoy your Peruvian Cajamarca CBD Coffee, be sure to also try our delicious Santos CBD coffee beans from Brazil!


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