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Ask Questions About Your Outdoor Cannabis Grow

When you are starting your first cannabis grow project, you are likely to have a million questions about your outdoor cannabis grow. Any grower just getting into the cannabis gardening hobby will recognise the feeling. Even though a humble cannabis seed contains everything it needs to germinate, grow, and flower into a full harvest of home-grown weed, you’ll still want to avoid making mistakes that could ruin your project. That’s why most new growers search for information online, but that’s where things can get complicated fast.

An Information Jungle

It is easy to be overwhelmed by all the information available on how to grow weed at home. There’s just so much out there; and to further complicate matters, every experienced grower seems to have their own individual tips, tricks, and best practices to share.

So how do you find out which tips, techniques, and hacks will work for you? You could of course use a trial-and-error approach and see where it takes you, but that would risk wasting your precious cannabis seeds. If you’re an outdoor grower, making mistakes could force you to wait for next year’s outdoor season. 

Fortunately, there is no need to take that risk. The best alternative to simply roughing it is asking questions about your cannabis grow and inviting the worldwide community to provide answers. If you know where to direct your questions, you are bound to receive useful answers that help you become a veteran home grower yourself.

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Where To Look For Great Grow Solutions

Online information sharing has become one of the mainstays of the global cannabis grower community. And what a friendly community we’ve become! The (fading) atmosphere of taboo, criminalization, and even outright hostility ganja gardeners still face today has driven us into each other’s arms online. Turn to familiar platforms like Reddit or Instagram and you will soon discover a wealth of information provided willingly by growers from all over the world. Blogs, vlogs, and YouTube instruction videos are all over the web. Many growers will be happy to provide you with answers to the questions about your outdoor cannabis grow.

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On top of that, we have our own Amsterdam Genetics customer service waiting to help you solve any grower issues. You can ask us all of your questions about growing weed, and we will do what we can to give you fitting answers. And that’s just for the rare occasions on which our extensive blog section doesn’t answer your queries straight away. Many novice growers struggle with their first germination process, for instance. Rest assured that we have expert info on popping those seeds waiting for you among dozens of useful Grow Blogs. Not sure on how and when to water your precious plants? No worries – we’ve got you covered. No matter what cannabis conundrum is on your mind, please feel free to ask us any questions about growing weed you may have!

Why You Should Ask Questions About Your Outdoor Cannabis Grow

When you start growing weed, you wil l soon realise that you are working with natural materials. That’s actually great news, because there is so much to learn as you watch the result of millions of years of evolution unfold before your eyes. On the other hand, nature can be fickle: there are many things that can go wrong before harvest time if you don’t recognise the first signs of trouble.

The best way to deal with these natural challenges is by asking your fellow gardeners for advice. Don’t be shy: ask the community to help you rule out possible causes of emerging problems. Solving problems through a process of elimination is usually the best way to proceed, and there are always growers who are happy to help you tackle your green issues.

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Tips For Asking Helpful Questions About Your Outdoor Cannabis Grow

If you are new to growing cannabis, it can be hard to ask the right kind of questions that will get you adequate solutions fast. To help you get the right answers to your cannabis growing questions, provide the community with the following information to help them identify your problems:

  • What seeds are you using (feminized/ autoflower/ regular), and what is the strain name?
  • What is your grow location (tent/ grow room/ garden /greenhouse/ balcony)?
  • What is your grow medium (soil/ coco/ hydro)?
  • How often do you water your plants, and how much water do you use?
  • Are you using additional nutrients? Which kind (brand) and how much?
  • What kind of grow lights do you use (LED/ HPS/ other) and what is their intensity?
  • What is your current lighting cycle (12-12/ 16-8/ other)?
  • What is your grow environment (temperature/ humidity)?
  • Nutrient water supply: what is your pH, EC, and TDS?

GrowDiaries Is Perfect For Asking Cannabis Growing Questions

One community platform that deserves special mention here is Here, marijuana growers of all nationalities and experience levels keep and share their online diaries featuring detailed information about their past and current grows. You are welcome to create an account and log your own personal grow projects here, including your photos, strain names, pH values, lighting cycles, grow behaviour, and so on. 

The best part about is its option to ask fellow growers for personal advice. It is probably the most accurate way to get tips that work for your unique situation, because anyone can access all the detailed grow info you choose to share. That enables expert growers to analyse your methods and visually inspect your plants from a distance. In a sense, this makes GrowDiaries the biggest online peer-to-peer weed helpdesk in the world.   

As you can see, there is no reason to wait any longer before you start to grow your own weed at home. You have the power of nature on your side; and if things do seem to south somehow, you can always ask your cannabis growing questions to the vast and awesome online gardening community that is always glad to lend a hand! 

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